Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fashion Watch: Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling not only lost her baby weight, but she looks sorta cute here in this dress. Again, it's a big floral print.

Is it Halloween already?

This is an outfit I would wear if I had a couple of pounds to lose.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

I can't believe Lindsay Lohan is not wearing tights here, but what on earth is she wearing? It's like Kate Moss with some bad 80s clothes.

Miss Lohan also looks to have slimmed down quite a bit.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Courtney Cox-Arquette's weight has stabilized since her Friends days. She did admit to being rextremely thin, okay just too thin on the show and hopes to be healthier now.

This Nicole Eggert, the older sister of Charles in Charge. She has definitely gained weight through the years.

I don't remember Ali Landry being this "curvy" before, so she must have gained some weight?

Christina Ricci looking normal and healthy weight wise and thank goodness she clipped up some of that bowl hair.

If you had a body like Fantasia of American Idol, would you wear a bikini like this? Pose like this?

Naomi Watts looks good here, but she's definitely bigger than her pre-pregnancy days. Bigger but still thin.

It's hard to imagine that Star Jones used to weight close to 300 pounds. Does this woman have make-up on her chest? Her TV show, Court something is rumored to be cancelling due to poor ratings. Why anyone would hire in the first place is beyond my understanding.

Fashion Disaster

When celebrities try to go incognito, their fashion sense somehow goes out the window. Here is Anne Heche doing her best job at trying to hide from the paparazzi in an ugly outfit.

Amber Tamblyn reminds me a bit of Avril Lavigne in that she's a little lost in her own sense of fashion identity. Is she a punk rocker or a strait-laced girl? This pink dress is an oxymoron.

Bai Ling in a disaster post? You don't say!

If Pamela Anderson didn't know why people call her a slut/whore, she can look no further than her the wedding dress of HER choice.

Maternity Fashion

Christina Aguilera just needs to admit that she's pregnant and start wearing maternity clothes instead of just looking fat in regular clothes.

See note above.

Now, this is the way to look classy and pregnant. Halle Berry looks flawless here.

Nicole Richie isn't looking bad either, but the tan line is kind of tacky.

Britney Spears Gains Even More Weight?!?

From the angle of this picture, it looks as though Britney Spears has gained even more weight since her infamous VMA performance.

Kellie Pickler Lost Even More Weight

Some people look a lot older when they lose weight. Kellie Pickler sported bigger boobs and a fuller body when she appeared on American Idol season six, but she has definitely lost the weight.

Of course, the standard Hollywood pose adds to the svelte frame. I'm not a fan because I feel like she's a Carrie Underwood wanna-be.

Hilary Duff At Healthy Weight

Hilary Duff has really grown up into a mature and sophisticated actress. It's also good to see that her weight has stabilized and that she's no longer rextremely thin.

I can't wait to watch her in this movie because her fashion looks really quirky.

If I saw someone on the street wearing this, I would probably look twice and think, "She's trying SO hard to be different."

And "ew."

Fashion Watch: Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley looks great for a woman over 40. As you may remember, she was the face of Estee Lauder for a long time.

If you didn't believe it before, big floral print is definitely in although this dress is rather ugly.

She's not as thin as she was when she was modeling, but I would love to look like her at any age!

Jaime Pressly Lost Her Baby Weight

It looks like Jaime Pressly has already lost all her baby weight. She was on the cabbage soup diet which a lot of anorexics put on their websites. I hope she's not nursing her baby because that has almost zero calories in it.

To me, admitting that you're on the Cabbage Soup Diet basically tells me you have some kind of eating disorder. Because it's mostly liquid and vegetables, it does not have enough calories to be considered real food.

With all the weight off, she also kind of looks like she got some plastic surgery.

My Fave Dress

Thandie Newton looking slightly better healthwise, but this tie-dye inspired dress is tacky.

Ever since Nicole Kidman starred in The Stepford Wives, I feel like she dresses like one all the time.

Love Vanessa Williams wedding dress and Rebecca Romijin's bridesmaid's dress on the set of Ugly Betty.

Dita von Teese again wearing something that's very off the top in her pale white skin standing next to that oaf - Perez Hilton who blogs about everybody else and got famous.

Emmy Rossum looking dainty and innocent in this white number.

Kylie Minogue shows the rest of Hollywood how to sparkle and shine.

Nikki Hilton walking the runway of her fashion line, Chick wearing an unfortunate three year old girl dress.

My Fave: I don't know why, but I am totally feeling Parker Posey's loose dress. It looks comfortable yet very trendy right now.

Suri Cruise Shows Katie Holmes How To Dress

Am I the only that thinks Suri Cruise is so stinking adorable? Look at her! I love the cropped sweater look with flannel shirt hanging out. But most of all, I love that she's holding on to not only one but two bottles of milk. I don't understand why parents still give their toddler milk in bottles. Obviously, they can suck now from a sippy cup.

Those jeans on Ms. Holmes is a little too tight!

Fashion Watch: Angelina Jolie

She really should stay under the "Rextremely Thin Watch," but she'll be on it for the rest of her life, so I'll just comment on how boring her fashion is. Wearing all black must get old, doesn't it?

If she threw on a colorful long scarf, it would do wonders for her.

Here she is on the movie set eating!! She looks really different.

Fashion Watch: Jennifer Garner

She's wearing that ginormous scarf again. You know, Jennifer Garner seriously needs a stylist because when she's casual, something is usually off. Here she is in the long scarf trend, but it's in one color and it's SO boring. You can't see in this picture, but her grey sweater/shirt is very grandma -like.

Need I say more?

Her stylist obviously dressed her here because she actually looks like a celebrity.

Here's the granny sweater/shirt, but poor thing wore thongs that was captured by the paparazzi.

Shapeless, boring, and those stupid pockets on dresses!