Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fashion Disasters

Is that a Banana Republic bag Katherine McPhee is holding? I'm sure she didn't buy that dress from BR because it looks horrible. The light green and yellow stripes on her already striped dress looks off. Good thing she has a pretty face.

First of all, I think big flowers are making a comeback in a big way. Unfortunately, only Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are trying to make it comeback. Kim should have orderered hers in a granny size because she is busting out everywhere.

When I first saw this dress on Paris Hilton, it reminded me instantly of that tri-color ice cream that you can only get from an ice cream truck. Then, I noticed that the very first color is a pale pink. I think I know what Ms. Hilton was trying to get at here, but she really doesn't need to try that hard. We all know she is trailer trash...albeit an expensive one.

I am sure Kathie Lee Gifford has been kicing herself ever since she left Live with Regis and Kathy. Here she is trying to look young like her younger star that stole her job and made it better. At least according to ratings. She's supposed to be a guest on an upcoming show. I wonder how Kelly will treat her.

If you are slowly looking down from her face, it actually looks pretty good. Then, you look at her sides and you think, "are those wings?" And, why on eaerth are they longer than the dress itself? Ashley Tisdale is trying too hard to be a movie star.

You can't really tell the style of Cindy Crawford's dress here, but you can definitely see that the print is made to be used by the elderly as handkerchiefs. She does, however produce beautiful children.

Anybody a Lily Allen fan out there? I can't stand her. She's like the British version of the Canadian Avril Lavigne (so glad she's not American). Rude, crass, and a natural fashion disaster. It simply means that no matter what she wears, it somehow always looks a little off.

Doesn't Kim Kardashian that the camera adds ten pounds? And that white pants add another 50? Why would Kim even wear white skinny jeans when she knows that her derriere is ginormous? What kind of top is she wearing? It is screaming to me that it was bought at some small stall in Mexico.

Victoria Beckham Shows Enthusiasm For Husband

Victoria Beckham's husband just scores and this is what she looks like. What is she wearing to watch a soccer (sorry, I'm an American - it will always be called soccer and not football) game? Is that a leather dress? Even though Tom Cruise has been unsuccessful in converting the Beckhams to Scientology, I say Victoria looks more and more like an alien every day. Nothing in her body moves. She's probably been nipped and tucked so much that not even the greatest storm can move a muscle on her fatless body.

My Fave Casual Dress

My Fave: Jamie Lynn Siegler looks cute and innocent in this white mod dress. I am actually in the process of this dress made right now. A tailor made dress is going to cost me me about $3.50 USD. One of the many perks of living in Asia.

Doesn't Jill Hennessy look overdress for festivities at a park? And in black? Isn't she burning up?

It must be hard to look casual for supermodels. I feel like I've seen this belt before that crazy Naomi Campbell is wearing.

Loving Vanessa Williams on Ugly Betty even though she sorta plays the villain on the show. What beautiful children and totally cute dress!

Evan Rachel Wood is morphing more and more into Dita von Teese every day. But, I ask, why?

Katherine McPhee Knocked Up!

She's pregnant in the probably lame and stupid movie House Bunnies also starring Anna Farris. A lot of pregnant Katherine McPhee pictures are posted and are claiming that "this is how she would look if she were pregnant!" Obviously, those people who wrote that statement have never been pregnant before. While some women who are naturally very thin remain that way during their entire pregnancy (like Angelina Jolie), women tend to gain weight everywhere while they are pregnant. Katherine McPhee looks good as a pregnant woman in this picture because it's fake and she hasn't gained any weight.

My Fave Dress

My Fave: Even though I'm not a Matt Damon fan and find him not very attractive, I have been very surprised with his relationship with Luciana, the waitress. She has shown up to almost all his premieres looking classy and like a celebrity. This grey dress is no exception.

Anything with floral always reminds me of my grandparents. I can see why Vanessa Minello doesn't have a lot of fans. Look at her annoying face!

I, for one will not be buying the Dereon's affordable couture styles. Look at the Knowles women. Would you want to look like them? Beyonce has gold shoes on to match the gold on her dress. Can you say tacky?

I am surprised to find myself liking this dress on Britney Spears. Probably because it is covering most of her body without any transparency going on.

Wow - that was fast! Eva Herzigova is already back to her thin and slim self.

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

Love this dress on her. I'm so glad to see that she's gaining weight for the sake of the baby.

She's everywhere these days. This dress looks great and the cashemere shrug is a nice touch.

Not feeling this dress. She looks pale and sickly here.

Weight Watchers

Maybe it's because Ashlee Simpson has to promote her cover page for Seventeen magazine, but she is looking thinner these days.

Has Beyonce lost weight? This dress is tight enough to wring the life out of anybody.

Ivanka Trump looks like she's lost some weight here. Her arms are noticeably thinner.

Jennifer Lopez who has repeatedly said that she's happy with her size 6 figure, but my question is, does this body look like a size 6?

Marla Maples, ex-wife of Donald Trump is growing old gracefully. She looks pretty thin here as well. She must have received a huge settlement after her divorce.

Fashion Disasters

This dress actually isn't all that bad, but when you combine the heavy make-up, strange updo, and totally the wrong type of shoes together, it just doesn't look right.

Nicolette Sheridan, you play a slut on a TV show not in real life. You can afford a shirt that actually fits you without showing off every inch of your body. And, you should get some lining for those white pants. If you can the pockets, then there's nothing else left for the imagination.

I feel like Rihanna is getting into her own style and actually start looking pretty fab. But, this yellow vest thing is too big, and looks like it should be worn by her grandmother.

Lauren Conrad wore this on her TV reality show, The Hills, but it still reeks disaster all over the place. The style and color just looks tacky. Maybe that's why she's on reality TV.

Lindsay Lohan, you are supposed to be in rehab, again. Why are you wearing your lingerie out? Tasteless and classless.