Friday, November 23, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Isla Fischer looks darn good for having just delivered a baby not long ago. I hope she will take the time to lose the rest of it.

Piper Perabo is odd looking and a little thinner.

So I finally watched American Pie I and II and I have to say they are incredibly stupid! Tara Reid lost a lot of weight from I to II. Here she is showing off her "II" body.

Vanessa Marcil and son Kassius (with Brian Austin Green of 90210) looking rextremely thin.

I guess the pregnancy rumors can be laid to rest because I see no bump whatsoever on Vanessa Minillo.

Looking saggy in jeans - Julia Roberts.

Besides picking up Victoria Beckham's hairstyle, she also took on her rextremely thin body.

I thought Lily Allen was supposed to be on her hynosis diet.

Mariah Carey is in denial about her weight.

Ali Larter has definitely gotten thinner because she's comfortable enough to wear this to picket.

Looking yet again healthier, Amy Winehouse. I would never let my daughter look up to someone like her let alone have hair like hers.

It must suck to have old age and weight sneak up on you - Cindy Crawford.

Original Rextremely Thin Queen doing her good deed of the year - Calista Flockhart.

Must be martial bliss because I've never seen Ellen Pompeo look healthier or happier. Of course it's hard to see under that ginormous sweater, but she's smiling at least.

My Fave Coat

'Superstar' Molly Shannon looks pretty in blue and white, but is she wearing pantyhose. I didn't realize people did that anymore except for grandmas.

Two cute coats - Kristen Bell and Hayden Panetierre.

Too shiny for my taste - Sharon Stone.

Rextremely thin Thandie Newton in weird hat and shoes, but her coat looks normal.

Ew to the boots and ugly buttons on Ashley Tisdale's coat.

Not a fan of the big collar on Fergie's coat.

Opting for warmth over style - Jennifer Connelly.

What's the deal with wrapping the scarf inside coats? Jennifer Garner looks preggers.

As per usual - sweet and innocent - Jordin Sparks.

Britney Spears Normal?

Spending time with her boys, but can that car take her weight?

She looks clean here.

I see she's back to the short dresses without pants and those boots. I do like the dress though.

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

I usually like Hilary Duff's ecclectic style, but this multi-color dress with gold heels puts me off.

I sincerely hope she does not go back to being rextremely thin because of what some sites are saying about her weight because she looks great!

Cute purse but ugly hat.

They Don't Call Her Trendsetter For Nothing!

Trendsetter Gwen Stefani often steps out in more disasters than I can remember, she sometimes does have a hit. This one is not.

This is a hit.


My Fave Dress

My Fave: Gossip Girls Nicole Fiscelle and Leighton Meester look a lot older than high school girls, but I love Leighton Meester's dress.

If she didn't have the two cut-outs on her hips, Kimberly Stewart might have passed for classy here.

Sarah Jessica Parker has the thin body frame to look good in clothes, but that REALLY is about it.

Funky pose - Ashley Tisdale.

Forever young - Demi Moore.

Sparkling in pink - Mrs. Tony Parker, Eva Longoria Parker.

I'm not a fan of big bows on dresses - Julianne Hough.

Tight and shiny - Kim Kardashian.

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

I wonder why the press only single out Hayden Panetierre out of the whole Heroes lot. The success of the show is not soley hers.

I do like this ensemble.

Cute white coat, but I could never wear white in China. It would turn grey due to the pollution alone.

Blonde in yellow is always a good combination.

My Fave LBD

Ivana Trump sure knows how to keep her bod in shape, but she should pick dresses that is suitable for her age.

I think Parminder Nagra is a pretty girl, but she doesn't quite know how to throw an outfit together.

Say what you will about crazy Sharon Stone, but she looks smoking hot for her age.

My Fave: This is a summery LBD, but it's not half bad on Teri Hatcher sans the shawl.

Random Fashion Post

Ever since Latinas like Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria's careers took off, Hollywood has been primping others like them like crazy. This is Rosalyn Sanchez - first popular in Rush Hour 2. Having said that, I have to say I can't stand her. She's currently on Without A Trace - and I can't understand her English. It's not that she can't speak English - she kind of speaks with some spit in her mouth.

Who didn't grow up watching Dynasty? Now that was drama, scandal, backstabbing and all without racy semi-pornographic scenes on TV - the Queen of Evil Drama - Joan Collins. She looks great by the way.

This is Jessica Stam - the chick that D.J. Am dated after dating Mandy Moore. How does he get these girls? She kind of reminds me of Nicole Richie (whom he dated and was also engaged to).

I love this outfit (especially the sweater) on Katherine Heigl.

Jacket dresses are so in right now - Miranda Kerr.

Meg Ryan is a prime example of why you should not have plastic surgery. It has totally taken away her 'America's Sweetheart' image.

Looking chic in trousers - Amy Adams.

Proving that she's not just another pretty face - Alicia Keys performing live.

Cute dress, but Blake Lively looks like she's about to strangle that poor dog.

Besides the ugly plaid bag, Fergie looks all right here, I guess.

Still together - Jessica Alba with Cash Warren.