Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ugly Betty's Ugly Dresses

Of all the Ugly Betty castmates, I must admit that Vanessa Williams dress is the least ugly. Love the blue color, but what is up with the black neck line?

Is that Kim Kardashian? No, it's Ana Ortiz. She plays Betty's sister, Hilda. Anyone who can be mistaken for Kim Kardashian is a definite disaster.

Okay, so not everybody showed up with an ugly dress, but since Ashley Jensen is a part of the the show, she got lumped together. My complaint for her? Too boring.

I actually think if America Ferrera wore this dress as a part of her Betty character on the show, it would fit. Is that a crochet sweater thrown over a black dress? I thought you said you were nothing like Betty on the show, America!

Besides Mark's character, my second favorite character is Amanda played by Becki Newton. However, this dress made me laugh when I saw it. I bet a five year old can sew this dress together. Find some satin fabric and iron it on in the front and make sure it is uneven with the rest of the black dress. Voila! You have Becki's dress.

There are several things wrong with Rebecca Romijin's dress. First, what kind of pattern is this dress? Is it tye-dye? Bleached job gone wrong? Secondly, is it a bubble dress? Even with a slammin' body like Rebecca, it completely deshaped her body. Thirdly, how many necklaces does she have on? It doesn't match her dress. And lastly and the worst disaster of all, does she think she's Pocahontas by showing up with a single braid - to the side no less?

What is your least favorite dress?

My Fave Dress

Either Vanessa Hudgens is losing weight promoting High School Musical 2 or her stylist ordered her dress a size too big. I'm not a fan of the mustard yellow color or print.

My Fave: Trend alert: big floral print is making a comeback with a vengeance. Heather Mills reunites daughter with Beatles dad, Paul McCartney.

Catherine Zeta-Jones looks slimmer every time I see another picture of her. She's almost back to her Mask of Zorro days.

Hayden Panettiere looks sweet and cute in this black dress to finally celebrate her 18th birthday!

I hope Jennifer Lopez is wearing this dress for a music video because she sure looks dressed up compared to the guy standing in front of her. Now, that's a low cut dress.

Kat DeLuna standing awkwardly and smiling weirdly.

One To Watch: Ruby Lin 林心如

I've seen Ruby Lin in several Chinese TV shows and I really like her. She's only 21, so she's really young! I see a ton of potential in her. Originally, when I watched 情深深雨蒙蒙 also starring Vicki Zhao, I favored Vicki. After watching Ruby in other shows, it was hard not to root for her. This TV drama series is a tear jerker and is continually being shown on the TV in China. I don't think I ever watched this show from beginning to end, but it has a good story line intertwined with a love triangle and it also includes some history of the war between Japan and China.

Sixteen Years Later: 无线五龙

Sixteen years ago, these five Hong Kong male actors dominated the screen. They made movies together, they made movies by themselves, and it was always a hit. From left to right, Wang Ri Wah, Andy Lau De Hua, Miao Qiao Wei, Tang Zhen Ye, and Tony Leung Chiu Wei. They are making a movie together called Brothers. I can't wait to see it. As you can see, there are Chinese men out there that are not gay, drug dealer, geeky, or ugly.

Better Late Than Never

This is Tony Leung Chiu Wei, Hong Kong actor that played the role that won Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar nomination for his role in The Departed. What you don't know is that the movie was a remake of the Hong Kong hit, Infernal Affairs.

Matt Damon does not hold a candle to Andy Lau in the movie. Andy's been acting for much longer than Matt Damon. I've always called him the Chinese Tom Cruise (back in the day when Mr. Cruise was not a Scientology nutcase). I actually saw him in concert in America when I was 14 years old - my first concert ever!)

Shame on Martin Scorcese and Hollywood for not giving credit where credit is due. They should have never given them the rights to the movie. If you haven't seen Infernal Affairs, you are definitely missing out!

Celebrity Working Out: Zac Efron

I'm not so sure why Zac Efron is attracting so many fans. He looks like a younger Clay Aiken to me. I've never watched High School Musical, so I don't know the draw. But, it is good to see that he is running to the gym to work out.

Fashion Disasters

I feel bad for celebrities after their "time" is over. They grow older, fatter, and uglier? Okay, maybe not uglier, but they definitely dress uglier. Take for example, Rachel Hunter. She used to be a supermodel. Once married to Rod Stewart. Okay, that's not so impressive. But, still. Why would someone add floral and animal patterns together? Is she Wilma Flinstone or a fashion model? Obviously, neither.

Once again, we have a case of the curtain material dress from the 70s. While I applaud Scarlett Johanssen for keeping her healthy figure stable, I find her sense of style appalling.

Just another reason why I find Lily Allen annoying. She blogged today apologizing (backtracking is more like it) about her sadness over not being able to come to America to perform by stating that she hates President Bush. She called him many names that I will not repeat here. Why is she talking trash about our American President? I, for one hope that she will never come to America.

Fergie is trying so hard to bring the mom jeans back by "updating" the look. Purple has definitely been worn a lot by celebrities, but high-waisted pants with a black belt buckled beneath the waist? I am speechlesss...

Kate Beckinsale is a pretty woman, but I think she's a little confused in this outfit. Leggings that look like they are really work out pants? See through shirt that's really a dress? If I were her, I would leave my hair shaggy, too to cover up my face.

Paris Hilton, please remember that a lot of people have already seen you naked. This dress that is actually a nightie looks tasteless and classless. Just like Ms. Hilton herself. Adrien Grenier - please stay away from her.

Just Because She's Asian: Vicki Zhao

Can you tell which one is the wax version of Vicki Zhao? Here she is standing proudly next to herself at the Madame Tusseau's Wax Museum in Shanghai. Miss Zhao was one of the few Asians that was featured in last year's 50 most beautiful in People magazine.

Weight Watcher: Helen Hunt

Looks like Helen Hunt has fired her stylist and hired a nutritionist. She looks very thin in these pictures.

She's already in her 50s. If she doesn't watch it, she'll be one of those old ladies that will be thin and frail.

Weight Watcher: Star Jones

Here's Star Jones channelling Victoria Beckham's hair. Dare I say that she actually looks human here?

The blue dress looks good on her and for once her body is not sagging everywhere.

I wonder how her former View castmates feel about her weight. I remember Barbara Walters commenting on her weight loss while she was still on the show saying that she's "lost too much weight." I can totally relate with Ms. Walters' sentiments. For some reason, women who are used to relating with one another on a certain weight level begin to feel uncomfortable when one changes. Like when your "fat" friend suddenly becomes the "skinny" one? There's something unnerving about that. Can you relate?

The Office Runs

Here's the cast of The Office filiming one of their episodes entitled "Fun Run." I wonder if any of them run. Steve Carrell actually looks like he's sweating. Maybe that's how he lost so much weight from season 1 to 2 and has managed to keep it off?

Weight Watcher: Kelly Clarkson

Not feeling the blazer on her. Too 80s for me. Love her new hair color and cut. Very fresh.

On the top picture, she looks to be about the same weight as in the past. In this picture, she looks slimmer. What do you think? Has Kelly Clarkson lost some weight? I hope she'll continue to be content with her single life and weight and start making some more great music.

Weight Watcher: Christina Ricci

Ugly dress! Not a fan of the big bow around the neck and shoulder area. Didn't she learn anything from Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman? They both made the Oscar disaster list (Charlize was for Golden Globes).

She looks really, really thin in these pictures. I'm not sure when they were taken, but Christina Ricci admitted to struggling with anorexia in the past. I know people say that you never recover fully from an addiction, but I wonder if she still has relapses every now and then. Also, doesn't she look like Rose McGowan in this picture?

Weight Watcher: Lindsay Lohan

Rehab seems to be working for Lindsay Lohan...again. She's out exercising and enjoying the sun.

I really hope Lindsay gets her act together. It would be a tragic for her to end her career at such a young age. She looks good at this weight. Much better than thet skeletal skinny days.

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

Okay, I get that Nicole Richie wants to make sure the world knows she's pregnant, but does she really have to wear a see-through shirt?

However, most of her maternity fashion choices have been chic and trendy. Gone are the days of overalls and men's shirts.

How Old Is Too Old For A Stroller?

Kate Hudson and Dax Sheppard are enjoying an intimate moment together because her son is hidden in the stroller. My question is this: how old is too old for children to continue riding a stroller? Ryder turned three in January, so he's a little over three and a half. The other thing I noticed about moms in America (I live in Asia now) is that jogger strollers are used often in place of a regular stroller. I always roll my eyes whenever I see a mom do that. Maybe it's because I'm a runner and I actually use my jogging stroller for running that makes me snicker at moms who only use it for shopping.

Is This How Star Got Thin?

Ha, ha. Yes, I know Star Jones did not lose over 150 pounds by doing lunges. She had gastric bypass surgery, but she has been able to keep it off probably from working out and doing lunges.

My Fave Dress

Maggie Grace looks sweet in this dress. Not sure I'm feeling the beaded look around her chest area though.

The pattern on is a little funky even for Carmen Electra.

Boring and dull dress on Christy Turlington.

Has Haylie Duff being drinking on the pounds? Those "pinchers" on her chest look weird.

My Fave: Once again, Hayden Panettiere dons a strapless dress. Cute way to put two trendy colors together even if it is a little bright.

Does Vanna White Age?

Here is Vanna White attending Merv Griffin's funeral. She looks the same to me. Kudos to her for being able to keep her body in great shape after all these years. After all, it takes some serious muscle to turn those letters over.

My Fave Casual Dress

Rebecca Romijin looks like an amazon woman to me. This dress usually flatters all body types, but something is off on her.

No matter what Eva Longoria wears, I just can't over the fact that she's just annoying.

If Halle Berry is trying to dispel those pregnancy rumors, she probably should stop wearing these baby doll dresses. Otherwise, cute dress if a tad short.

Heather Graham actually looks fab for once without looking like a hooker!

My Fave: I love this dress on Stacy Kiebler. In fact, my tailor is making it for me as we speak. If you are interested in having a tailor made dress, let me know how I can help you.