Friday, March 14, 2008

Jamie Lyn Spears Pregnant Belly

Here is Jamie Lyn Spears out recently with her baby bump. You can't see it because she's obviously trying to hide it.

I hope that this pregnancy will be a wake up call for her.

She looks to have gained some weight, but she's young enough to still have her metabolism.

I wonder if sister Britney Spears is giving her any advice about pregnancy.

Angelina Jolie in Same Dress Different Color

This must be the "it" maternity dress because Angelina Jolie wore it in a light pink recently and Katie Holmes wore it in dark green.

It's good to see Angelina Jolie gaining some weight.

She looks huge here. Wonder when she's due.

Britney Spears in Pink

Britney Spears looks a little down here. Maybe it's because her hair looks unkempt and she's got only one pair of boots? I kid, I kid. Hope she's getting the help she needs.

America Ferrera is Thinner?!?

I must say that America Ferrera looks totally different on the red carpet than her role as Betty in Ugly Betty. She looks a little thinner here as does Milo Ventimigalia's ex, Alexis Beidel (she's so much prettier than Hayden Panetierre).

I hope America Ferrera will never become rexi skinny. She's so pretty that way she is!

Kate Bosworth Doesn't Have a Stylist?!?

Here is Kate Bosworth looking good. Obviously, her stylist dressed her. And may I say that she looks a lot healthier? She's definitely not rexi skinny here.

Here her stylist quit. Kate Bosworth decided to piece together her own dress.

Paris Hilton Loves Herself

Besides the atrociousness of the leopard and skin tight shorts and weird position of the belt and faking the new romance with Benji Madden, check out her shirt.

I believe it's a picture of herself. How vain can she be!