Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random Fashion Posts

I don't know why, but I'm not into skirts nowadays especially this one on Melanie Brown.

I'm surprised to see that Megan Fox is still dating 90210 alum Brian Austin Green. I get that she's pretty, but her acting is only mediocre. Love that she can dress casually though.

"Is that the way to get my picture taken?" asks Paris Hilton. I can't help but imagine her doing the John Travolta disco move in this outfit.

And they say that Britney Spears is not popular anymore! Look how she elevated Alli Sims! She's at Paris Hilton's beach soiree and getting photographed by the paparazzi.

Heidi Montag.

Naomi Watts already looking slim after giving birth less than a month ago.

Ivanka Trump looks about the same here weight wise. She looked a lot thinner on the last post.

My Fave Dress

Tyra Banks wears her mood in a grey dress for a rainy day in New York. Her weight looks to be able the same.

My Fave: Cindy Crawford rockin' the short mod dress. After all these years, she's still got it. Once a supermodel always a supermodel.

Mena Suvari doesn't wear the bald look well. Even with an ultra femine pink dress, she still looks tough!

What? Not a strapless dress to celebrate your 18 years of life so that you can buy porn and cigarettes? (did you all watch her on Letterman - yet another reason why I'm not a fan).

Matt Damon said recently that he hates marriage but loves being married to Luciana. I think that's sweet. Whoever her stylist is, Britney Spears needs to hire her!

Not a bad dress for Miss Paris Hilton.

I also like this style on Nicolette Sheridan.

Two cute dresses on one post, Paris?

Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet) looks chic and pretty and all grown up.

Survivor: China

It's a good time to be living in China right now. I just moved to the Capital a little over a month ago and I am definitely getting the "Olympics" rush. Recently, they did a trial run of restricting cars to drive on certain days. Last license number that is either odd or even were assigned days to drive on certain days. Not sure if it will help the traffic congestion come Olympics time, but we shall see. Now, I find out that the next Survivor is in China. How crazy is that? I will definitely tune in. There is one Asian chick on there that sounds like kind of annoying. Please don't misrepresent us!

Has Julia Stiles Gained Weight?

Don't get me wrong. Julia Stiles looks great here. I even like her overly floral long dress. It looks a little casual for a movie premiere, but I like that she's not all made-up. Her arms look bigger. I think she looks good at this weight. What do you think?

Maternity Fashion: Christina Aguilera

Did you know that Katie Holmes is a trendsetter? No, not in fashion. Since her pregnancy with Tom Cruise was always questioned, other celebrities who are now pregnant are wearing see-through clothing to let the world know that they are INDEED with child. Take Christina Aguilera for example. She hasn't officially announced that she is pregnant, but with an outfit like this, is there room for any doubt? Even if she ate a whole cake and then some for lunch, her belly would not be protruding like this. My guess is that she is around five months pregnant. She is probably due some time in the year of the prosperous Golden Pig...if you believe in stuff like that. I'll tell you what, 1.3 billion people in China definitely believe it. All of a sudden, there are pregnant woman everywhere!

Will The Real Kelly Clarkson Please Stand Up?

These pictures are her outtakes from some magazine shoot and are supposedly not photoshopped. My only question is how did she look like that to looking like this (bottom picture)?

Here's Kelly Clarkson at the MTV Canada. Who's the real Kelly Clarkson? I personally think she looks fine. She's pretty and very talented. So what if she's not a size OO? What do you all think?

Recovered Anorexic: Scarlett Pomers

I don't know why, but I really like this show, Reba. It was sad to watch a teenager get knocked up, get married, and then live with her parents, but some of the story lines were hilarious. My favorite character is actually Barbara Jean played by Melissa Peterman. Ms. Peterman's weight also fluctuated a lot on the show. I'm glad Scarlett is happy with her body now.

Bad Hair Day: Renee Zellweger

Do you think Renee Zellweger was going for Victoria Beckham's haircut when she chopped off her hair? Her face is too round to have her hair this short.

Hospital Lesson In China

So you all have probably been wondering where I live in Asia. I am currently living in China. 1.3 billion people is a lot of people. I can't go anywhere in this country without feeling like my personal space is violated. Take for example my hospital experience this morning. I took my two daughters (5 and 3) to the local hospital after buying my fruits and vegetables at the "vegetable market" (this is another story for another post). Hospitals in China do not keep any medical records. You have to first buy a medical record book for yourself, pay for a number that tells you where you need to go, and then go to your specific area doctor. My husband and I are trying to have baby #3, so I decided to pay $1.50 and have it checked out even though I'm several days early. I'm pushing my younger daughter in an umbrella stroller with all my fruits and vegetables hanging on it while my five year old is walking beside me. A nice security guard comes and offers me some assistance after noticing that I was a little lost. He then proceeds to tell me that I must first pay for my number. I walk up to a nurse with a face mask on reading a book about the eight wisdoms of the world. I tell her in my broken Chinese that I want to find out if I am pregnant. She takes my 40 cents and hands me a piece of paper and sends me off to the second floor. I asked if there was an elevator around and surprisingly she said there was one around the corner. I arrived at the doctor's office with my paid number and they both ignore me for several minutes while they continue to eat their lunch and chew with their mouths open smacking their lips the entire time. The older woman doctor manages to ask me what I need and she quickly scribbles something on a sheet of paper and tells me that I have to go back downstairs to pay. I said, "I already paid!" Apparently, I only paid for the number and now I have to go and pay for the service. So, I turn around with my two daughters and all my fruits and vegetables and proceeded to wait for the elevator to go back downstairs. After ten minutes, I realized that they must have shut the elevator down for their "rest" time (they take a two hour lunch and nap time). I then turned around and asked my younger daughter to hop off the stroller so that I can carry it down the stairs. Finally, I pay for my service fee and promptly return to the doctor's office only to have her tell me to go back downstairs to pee in a flimsy plastic cup. She told me I could leave the girls in her office while I went downstairs. I readily agreed. I find a restroom with a squatty potty and tried to pee in a tiny plastic cup. It was a mess. After the deed was done, I attempted to wash my hands in the sink outside of the bathroom. Water never came. So, I'm dirty and holding onto my pee in a flimsy cup. Help? I ask someone walking by and he points to the basement. I walk carefully down the stairs to a ghost room. Rest time had obviously begun. My cup is getting flimsier by the minute, so I walk up to a window with a male doctor sitting behind a computer. He glances up for a second and points to the next window. I walk up to an empty window and slowly emerges a nurse. She takes my pee, dips a stick in it, and stands around waiting for something. She doesn't utter a single word to me. I try to find another sink to wash my hands. I found one inside some room and asked if I could wash my hands, and the Chinese man adamantly refuses to let me use it. I come back to the nurse and she hands me a sheet of paper. I tried to read the results myself, but I couldn't. I rush back up two flights of stairs into the doctor's office and saw a sink with antibacterial soap. I made a beeline for it and washed my hands without really asking the doctors for permission. She looks at me and says, "you're not pregnant." I left disappointed but so glad that the experience was finally over and thought, "why didn't I just do that at home with my personal pregnancy kit?" Oh, yeah. I live in China. They don't sell it in their drugstores. Note to self: next time I'm in America, remember to stock up on pregnancy kits.

Maternity Fashion Watch

Salma Hayek definitely prefers dresses for her pregnancy. I never did because I felt like it made me look even bigger.

Isla Fisher looking bigger and bigger everyday. She looks comfortable.

Nicole Richie chose to wear her nightie out in the day. It's good to see her in flip flops instead of her signature stilettos.

I can't imagine this dress being comfortable. Perhaps that is why she changed into the above nightie later in the day.

My Fave In Jeans

Sarah Jessica Parker continues to show the public that she is indeed just a mom and not Carrie Bradshaw by dressing way down.

Still not sure how I feel about boots in the summer, but Jamie-Lynn Sigler must be already feeling the chills in New York.

Plastic surgery queen, Lisa Rinna takes a stroll.

Scarlett Johanssen obstructs our view with her camera and mommy jeans. Is Penelope Cruz wearing a nightie?

My Fave: Despite dating John Mayer, Cameron Diaz still manages to dress super cute and comfortable. Doesn't she realize that he's a player who can't commit? Look what he did to Jessica Simpson.

Mommy jeans are ugly no matter who wears even if it is "can't dance worth a lick" Rihanna.

Weight Watcher: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is one of those actresses that tend to lose weight for her movie roles. Take Music and Lyrics for example. She was really thin in that movie especially compared to her on-screen sister Kristen Johnson. Here she is out with her new boyfriend at her normal weight. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Barrymore.

Rihanna Can't Dance!?!?

I just watched several of Rihanna's music videos and I have come to the conclusion that she cannot dance. In all her videos, she kind of struts back and forth with no actual dance movements. People have called her "little Beyonce," but Beyonce CAN dance! Anybody out there agree with me? As a side note, I totally love her Umbrella song OVER Mandy Moore's version. Very unique and catchy! I just wish she could have really DANCED!