Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Whoah! When did Debra Messing become Grace again? She is definitely back to her ultra skinny days.

Marcia Cross dresses so plainly, don't you think? She lost the weight pretty quickly, too.

I do believe Milla Jovovich is losing weight a little slower than the other celebrity moms. Perhaps that's why she's happy? I heard once that "skinny people are mean."

It's probably just the angel, but Nicole Scherzinger looks to have gained a few.

Looking fabulous and elegant, Salma Hayek. Her diet secret? Breastfeeding and pumping breast milk.

The cabbage soup diet keeps working for Jaime Pressly.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian both look a little thinner.

Kelly Osbourne looks like she's lost some weight, too, but I don't think she's ready to wear dresses at this length.

Has Lily Allen lost some more weight?

Madonna is the buffest celebrity.

Ashanti must still be on her fast.

Looking slightly healthier, Amy Winehouse.

Christina Aguilera proudly shows off her post-baby body as she should!

Isla Fischer looks gorgeous here! How in the world did she do it?

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt stuck in the 70s? Why would anyone willingly choose to wear this outfit? By the way, I saw a movie of hers in Thailand called If Only. It was surprisingly touching. She was a lot thinner then.

Fashion Watch: Mischa Barton

I feel bad for Mischa Barton. Ever since she was fired from the O.C., she's been parading through the town with nothing to do. Somebody give this girl a job!

She seems to be thinner here. Love her flats.

She just won't give up the high waisted jeans aka "mommy jeans."

Random Fashion Post

I know Nikki Hilton is getting some flack for losing a lot of weight recently, but I think she needs to be in the spotlight more for knowing how to dress so well. I absolutely adore this outfit on her. Her matching works for her instead of her sister, Paris.

Natalie Portman is a very pretty girl, but she comes across very "homely."

Now, that's what I call a RED belt! Rachel Weiz is as pale as a ghost, but at least she's very pretty.

Tang Wei of the controversial movie Lust. I watched it and was very disappointed.

Britney Spears getting out of a car in pants?

Cute little coat on Lauren Conrad.

I have no idea what Charlize Theron is wearing. It would have been cuter with tights.

I believe that's a ginormous bow on Elisha Cuthbert.

I want Jessica Simpson's yellow purse.

Fashion Watch: Fergie

I think Fergie has finally learned to be comfortable in her own style. This look is definitely GLAMOROUS!

You have be to as thin as Fergie to pull this look off, otherwise you will end up looking either very boxy or with rolls showing everywhere.

Maternity Fashion

I'm assuming that Halle Berry is letting her weave go au natural because it's not good for the baby to use chemicals to straighten her hair. Halle looks great pregnant.

I have been surprised to see that Halle Berry doesn't seem to be gaining very much weight. I guess if my career depended on my body size, I would be careful to not overeat either.

Jennifer Lopez finally comes out of hiding. I personally think she is vain for not wanting to be photographed while she's pregnant because she doesn't like the way she looks. Many women would do anything to be pregnant!! Even though she's ginormous, she still looks very pretty.

I hope Jennifer Lopez remembers that she's carrying twins wearing those heels.

Famous because of the baby's daddy (Matthew McConnahay) - Camila Alves. Love the maternity top.

Gwen Stefani seems to be gaining weight slowly in her second pregnancy.

Kimora Lee pregnant with Djimon's baby.

Melissa Joan Hart looks really uncomfortable.

I don't think Nicole Kidman is wearing maternity clothes yet. I still can't see her bump.

Fashion Watch: Kate Hudson

That's a bold color for a jacket. I guess if you wear it as an outfit, it works.

I have no earthly idea what Kate Hudson is wearing here, but what is the deal with Matthew McConnahey?

I personally don't like Kate Hudson with bangs.

Love her in this dress.

Maternity Fashion: Jessica Alba

I'm not a fan of Jessica Alba, but I really like this dress on her.

Her bump has significantly increased!

I know that she hates being photographed by the paparazzi, but I would have chosen to wear better pants than these grey sweats that accentuate her wide hips.

She's smiling? Shocker!

Rihanna Can't Dance and Dress

Doesn't Rihanna know that you have to match your shoes to your umbrella?

What is she wearing here?

Rihanna was looking cute for awhile with the "posh" haircut, but now she's kind of funky looking.

I don't know if Rihanna has a stylist or not, but she really needs help. While she's at it, she should learn how to dance, too. I watched her on some music video channel in Thailand, and she didn't dance in any of her videos.

This dress is semi-okay, but the hair has to go!

I blame the designer of this dress.

I blame Rihanna for choosing this dress to wear.