Friday, December 21, 2007

Maternity Watch: Jessica Alba

I don't get why Jessica Alba is always hididng from the paparazzi.

She should be happy that she's even getting photographed because she's such a horrible actress.

Doesn't she know that it only makes her fans dislike her more?

Oh please. Get over yourself.

And when you do get her face, it's all in anger.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Fave Dress

My Fave: Call me crazy, but I'm totally feeling this dress on Venus Williams.

Rita Wilson is so underrated and underexposed. She's got so much talent.

Shakira's got some hips hiding under that dress.

Color fur is so ugly - Sharon Stone.

Tia Carrere looks great for being being almost 41.

Vanessa Carlton donning her holiday dress.

How does Mary Louise Parker not bend over and let the whole world see her behind? That dress is so short.

Not a fan of Michelle Trachtenberg.

I can't look at Nelly Furtado in blonde.

Rachel Melvin must have thought that she was living in the 80s wearing this horrific dress.

Another good holiday dress option - Rose McGowan.

I don't like how Fergie's dress hit around the hips. It adds like ten pounds.

Red belts are so out - Hilary Swank.

Jada Pinkett Smith in another good holiday dress.

Basically the same dress but in a different color - Kristen Bell.

Why does Leelee Sobieski insist on dressing like she's 40?

Alyssa Milano's dress is another great option for a party.

The scarf look with a dress is not a good mix - Diane Kruger.

Pretty bold dress on Diane Kruger, but what's the deal witht the tassels?

The cut out shoulder is too weird - Dita von Teese.

May all the pregnancy rumors finally be laid to rest - Eva Mendes.

I think after a certain age you should stop matching - Brooke Hogan obviously didn't get that memo.

Beyonce Knowles bottom half is too funky.

Too many lines on this dress for my taste - Brittany Daniel.

Celine Dion has gotten a lot thinner.

Cute take on the Grecian dress on Carmen Electra. Still think bangs don't look good on her.

My Fave Coat

Marisa Tomei hiding under her shiny coat.

Is Naomi Watts' coat warm enough?

I like the trimming on Roxanna Arquette's coat.

Too hippie for me - Rose McGowan.

Ashley Olsen's jacket reminds me of the 80s "barn jacket" from J.Crew.

Geri Halliwell's coat is also a tad too shiny for my taste.

Jennifer Lopez is supposedly going to hide because she's too bloated. Hello! It's called pregnancy!

If I didn't know this was Julia Roberts, I would not look twice at her on the street.

Choosing comfort and style - Kylie Mingoue.

Mena Suvari's hair is growing out nicely.

In all black - Ashlee Simpson.

My Fave: I love the pattern and style on Ashlee Simpson's coat.

Heidi Klum kinda looks like a bag lady here - but a rich one. Her daughter's ski attire is cracking me up.

Bold and shiny in blue - Hilary Swank.

Jenna Fischer needs to return this jacket to Sesame Street's the Grouch.

Who's Who In Magazines

The real southerne belle of country music -Faith Hill. Carrie Underwood is not bad either.

I'm assuming this picture of Fergie is photoshopped.

Food network queen Giada.

Alicia Keys must have some really bad blemishes to hide behind a bubble gum.

So very sad, but Jamie Lyn Spears is pregnant. Where in the world is her mom?

Kate Hudson - beautiful and hippie-ish.