Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Cute bubble dress. Glad to see that she has not stepped into a club yet.

Those tights are back. Cute scarf.

She looks heavier here. It's probably just the tights.

Halloween Reveals True Hollywood Personalities

This is what Teri Hatcher actually is all the time, but she dresses like a normal housewife all year round.

Like I said, Paris Hilton truly revealed.

Rumer Willis as Xena? She's gained back some weight she lost.

My Fave LBD

My Fave: Simple and classy, Ciara. Has she lost some weight, too?

With crazy 80s hairdo, Denise Richards. Doesn't she realize that nobody likes her anymore?

She's as fierce as her father, Ivanka Trump.

In a very short LBD, Jewel.

I really want to know who buys clothes from Nikki Hilton. I mean she's sisters with Paris. Ew.

My Fave Casual Dress

First of all, I'm totally jealous that L.A. is still warm enough for Cameron Diaz to wear a dress like this. Love the silver color ensemble.

Demi Moore looks like the ever protective mother, ahem, I mean wife.

My Fave: Call me crazy for absolutely loving this funky print and style dress on Janice Dickenson. Who knows how she stays in such great shape for being so old, but she looks good minus her face!

Vanessa Hudgens in plain and simple blue.

Olsens Fashion Trends

No matter what Mary-Kate Olsen wears, it almost always dwarfs her. And, what is the deal with the greasy hair all the time?

Ashley Olsen donning the 80s tight mini skirt. It's making a comeback, so watch for it. I wore this in high school!

I know that they are supposed to be twins, but Ashley Olsen is definitely the prettier one. She dresses better, too.

Here is Mary-Kate wearing boot-cut jeans while everybody else is wearing skinny or wide-legged jeans.