Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Fave Dress

What's wrong with Vanessa Hudgens' face in this picture? She looks poofy all over.

Plastic doll Victoria Beckham looks barely there in a tan dress.

Sarah Michelle Gellar favors off the shoulder dresses.

Stacy Kiebler plain and simple.

Lauren Conrad looks like those beads hanging in restaurant doors as dividers in this dress.

I like this dress on Heidi Montag, but why is she going rexi on us?

Still don't know what the big deal is about Hayden Panetierre. Can't act. Her looks are okay.

Jennifer Aniston is pretty in pink on movie set.

Jennifer Garner is plain looking even though she's in a very cute dress.

Katherine McPhee kinda looks trampy in this dress. Rumor is she's engaged.

Danika McKellar aka Winnie Cooper has grown up to be really pretty.

Would someone please tell Dita von Teese that she should get some sun?

Emmanuelle Chiqri (or something like that) looks shiny and trendy in this dress.

Emmy Rossum looks like she can hardly breathe in this dress.

My Fave: I love this dress on Emma Roberts even though it's a sized too big on her.

Crazy Adrianne Curry glows in orange.

Not feeling this ripped look on Ali Larter.

Amy Smart in skin tight dress.

Bai Ling looks normal for once.

Britney Spears Is #1 and Thin?

There are a lot of rumors about Britney Spears' crazy diets and eating habits, and all the VMA coverage of her flabby body has gotten her to lose weight really fast. For her sake, I hope she gets some help. Having an eating disorder can weigh you down. Congrats though on her single "Gimme, Gimme More" being #1 on Itunes.

Random Fashion Post

I know Katie Holmes lost a lot of fans after her bizarre marriage to Tom Cruise, but I think she's maturing into a fashion icon like Jacqueline Kennedy - classy yet trendy.

Some people look great without make-up, but Kelly Ripa is not one of them. What's the deal with her muscle arms?

Seriously, this sweat suit trend needs to be packed away Paris Hilton!

Renee Russo is over 50 years old, but she still looks incredible!

Rumer Willis looks like a washed up doll gone awry in a grandma outfit.

Rextremely Thin: Angelina Jolie

I bet Zahara is gonna have the "princess complex" where she thinks the world revolves around her.

Look at her arms. Something is not right. Am I the only one that thinks Shiloh is looking more and more like Brad Pitt (sans lips)?

She is definitely rextrememly thin.

Isn't that a lingerie top?

Sex In The City Fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker

What in the world is she wering here? Are her pants rolled up? Cute ballet flats though.

The 80s is definitely back with a vengeance on the set of Sex in the City because this dress that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing definitely needs to stay in the 80s.

Dark hair looks good on Sarah Jessica Parker. I see she's gotten herself a bodyguard.

I don't know why, but I'm totally feeling this outfit on her. It's so ecclectic!

The print on the skirt is not so great, but the whole ensemble is pure genius! Okay, maybe just off the wall genius.

We Call It A "Dongxi" Bag In China

Kelly Osbourne is holding the new Louis Vitton bag that is valued at USD $2500. China sells this bag all over the place and it is called the "dongxi" or "stuff" bag for 50 cents. Kelly got ripped off! Does she look like she's gained some weight?