Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Fave In Jeans

My Fave: I love this outfit on Gwyneth Paltrow. It is absolutely perfect for the fall.

Kelly Ripa is famous for being a bad interviewer on her show. What gives? I wish that talk show host would ask open ended questions instead of lead on question or yes and no questions, but nobody is as bad as Tyra Banks who ALWAYS brings back the question for herself to answer.

It's official - Reese Witherspoon IS dating Jake Gyllenhaal.

Didn't realize Sandra Oh got some thighs on her!

Amanda Peet aka Jennifer Garner - just kidding! She is pretty plain though when not dressed up by her stylist!

Love Denise Richards' sweater. The trend for the fall is definitely long wrapped sweaters! She has beautiful daughters.

Emma Watson in an old lady top!

Janet Jackson's Weight Loss Works!

Whatever Janet Jackson is doing must be working because she looks better every time! I wonder why she doesn't have any kids!

It's hard to wear a dress this tight and still manage to look flawless. She's thin but not rextremely so. She's gone muscle!

Who's On Magazines Now

Seriously, I feel bad for Eva Mendes. She ate one burger too many and was reported as being pregnant. I don't think she looks pregnant in any recent pictures and especially not on the cover of this magazine even if it is a little photoshopped.

Is Maxim for real? Who believes this is Britney Spears? Her face...maybe!

Did Jennifer Garner forget to eat for ten days for this photoshoot? She looks rextremely thin here compared to her normal and boring self when photographed out and about.

What's Kim Basinger doing on the cover of a magazine? Does she even sell anymore?

That's Nicole Kidman on the left with a "fuller" (still very thin compared to a normal person) body. She's going to gain 20 pounds for some movie role. I bet she'll look like she did in Days of Thunder after gaining 20 pounds which means she'll still be very thin.

Maternity Fashion

I'm quite surprised that Nicole Richie has remained thin everywhere else but her belly. I would have expected her to pig out and look like she used to before the rextremely thin days. Oh wait, but then what would she be famous for?

Nicole Richie is getting ginormous! In the belly.

That's a mighty tight maternity dress on Halle Berry. Poor thing can't even joke about her Jewish cousin without having to apologize about it.

So far, Halle Berry's maternity style is my fave. Chic and trendy.

Very poor maternity dress for Melissa Joan Hart. She's about four+ months but looks to be about seven or eight because of her dress. I know it's a second pregnancy but still! Cute son!

See the difference between a dress that fits and one that is too big? Here Melissa Joan Hart looks a lot smaller and cute!

Pregnant Denyer - Christina Aguilera! She could be such a cute pregnant lady if she would actually wear maternity clothes!

Katherine McPhee Doesn't Diet

I love how celebrities talk about staying in shape by eating sensibly and how they don't "diet." Katherine McPhee is supposed to be a recovered bulimic.

If you watched her on American Idol, you would know that she was 30 pounds heavier.

For some reason, she reminds me a lot of a brunette Carrie Underwood except with a lot less talent.

Fashion Watch: Gwen Stefani

For once, I think Gwen Stefani looks a'ight here.

I believe she's wearing running pants with a leather jacket.

This outfit is normal for Gwen.

Trendsetter? I think not.

Wow, I have these exact pants except I wear it to run and pair it with running shoes. I do like her shoes though. Very trendy for the fall.

Fashion Watch: Carrie Underwood

I love, love this dress on Carrie Underwood but not a lot of people can wear it. Carrie still manages to look thin in a vertically striped SWEATER dress. What does THAT say about her weight?

Cute straps on an otherwise boring LBD.

This goes under "what was she thinking" fashion mistake. Jeans underneath a trenchjacket-like dress? That ugly belt? The only pretty thing here is her smile. Unlike a lot of Hollywood starlets who "smout," Carrie Underwood smiles with her teeth showing!

Celebrity Weight Obsession

This is Kelly LeBrock from Weird Science that was on Celebrity Fit Club. I can't tell if she's lost or gained weight with those massive shoulders!

Kirstie Alley looks slimmer here, no?

There was a time when Gwyneth Paltrow was a stick. She literally did not have any curves, but since being a mom, her weight has stabilized to normal.

Has Kirsten Dunst whittled herself down to rextremely thin proportions?

Kelly Clarkson rockin' in her normal or obese body?

Looks like Mel Brown borrowed a dress out of Kim Kardashian's closet to show off her slimmer body.

I don't care what anybody says, but Mariah Carey has not lost any weight. She's curvy if not a tad on the heavy side. I would never wear something to show off those wide hips.

Alicia Keys tend to show off her slimmer body when she's on the low end of her weight.

Here is Gemma Ward eating! Maybe that's why she's heavier now?

How would you like to look like Iman at age 52?

Jodie Foster has stayed in great shape after all these years, but those REI pull off shorts are ugly!

People are saying that Jennifer Love Hewitt is losing weight, but I think she's choosing better clothes to fit her body better so it LOOKS like she's losing weight.

My Fave Dress

Emmy Rossum once again steps out in a prom-like dress.

Heather Graham looks like a celebrity for once instead of some wanna-be. Must be the dress.

Megan Fox is everywhere! I don't know how I feel about her baby doll dress though. A little too simple?

And they call Eva Longoria curvy? Which part?

This has got to be my fave - I kid, I kid! Can you imagine living in this era and dressing like this all the time? No, thank you! Keira Knightly reminds us that it's good to live in the now!

I'm keeping an eye on this multi-color vest. Paris Hilton is wearing one here, but Jessica Simpson wore one this past summer.

Reena Hammer's yellow dress is super cute. Reminds me of Reese Witherspoon's Golden Globe dress shortly after she parted with Ryan Phillippe.

Minka Kelly adds a faux sash on her LBD with some trendy male loafer heels. She's too good for John Mayer.

Ordinarily, I would hate the ruffle on this dress, but Minka Kelly is totally working the dress!

Baby doll dresses are supposed to flatter a persons' body, but Tara Reid looks pregnant here.

Katie Leung needs to represent the Asian population correctly - they can dress! Or at least iron their dresses before they walk out in public.

Alicia Keys is a very pretty woman, but she almost always picks the wrong dresses to show off her curvy body as well as pretty face.

This is Brittany Snow - the one that played the "invisible" girl in John Tucker Must Die. I personally found it hard to believe that she could be invisible because she's blonde and kind of cute. They should have cast someone else for her part - Hilary Duff would have been a much better choice. Her dress is kind of old looking.

Is that a tablecloth that Cate Blanchet is wearing? Or materials for going outer space?

I feel bad for older celebrities like Cheryl Hines because they do not have any roles to help them come back to Hollywood.

My Fave: I love the daring orange color on Penelope Cruz' dress. Still think her sister Monica is prettier.