Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rextremely Thin Watch: Kate Moss

Just when I thought Kate Moss was looking healthier, she's back to her rextremely thin self.

Look at her bones protruding out.

Maternity Fashion

Jennifer Lopez must be up there with Halle Berry on the chic maternity factor. I think that once she admits that she is pregnant, she'll stop wearing these flowy dresses and start wearing clothes that will show off her bump like Halle Berry.

I love this maternity jacket on Julianne Marguilles.

Once again, Christina Aguilera looks horrible. Please find some maternity clothes.

Either that or Christina Aguilera is gaining weight too fast because everything she wears makes her look fat and not pregnant.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Elisha Cuthbert looks like she's back to her slim self but wearing an ugly shirt.

Looking smashing hot at 52, Iman and Alica Keys who is also looking slimmer.

Jacinda Barrett advises people who want to lose weight to exercise, exercise, exercise. She had a baby in August and already looks to be back in fighting form.

Rachel Hunter supposedly lost ten pounds recently, but she looks about the same to me.

Wow, I wouldn't walk out the door looking like Tisha Campbell-Martin and especially not with those red lips.

Rextremely thin at age 51, Bo Derek.

Is Beyonce gaining even more weight?

I think Bar Rafaeli is so much prettier than Giselle Bundchen. She's also not rextremely thin.

Carmen Electra looks horrible with bangs and maybe a few extra pounds?

Dinah Lohan looking slimmer than daughter Lindsay Lohan here.

Magazine Covers

I don't care how talented Amy Winehouse is, but she needs some teeth reconstruction and help with her drugs/alcohol problems.

They know how Chloe Sevegny is in Japan?

I think Natalie Portman will far in her acting career because she's hardly in tabloids.

They told made Natalie Portman look like a boy and a nerd here.

Did they whittle 20 pounds off of Oprah on her magazine?

My Fave In Jeans

Amanda Peet in casual jeans.

Monica Bellucci looks like a movie star even though she's in jeans.

My Fave: I love the white undershirt hanging over look on Reese Witherspoon.

Cute jacket on Marla Sokoloff, but it would have been cuter if it was green or blue.

The beautiful Heidi Klum. Watch for this black/grey jeans trend. It's making its way back.

Justin Timberlake's Rudeness Rubs Off on Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel has never been known as being rude to the paparazzi, but lately she's been written off as being rude and cold.

I know it's not raining, and since she's not Chinese and using the umbrella to ward off the sun to stay as white as possible, I'm assuming the umbrella is a weapon used against the paparazzi.

I love this green dress on her, but she needs to get rid of Justin quickly.

Look Up To Hilary Duff

If there is a Hollywood starlet that you want to emulate right now, look no further. Hilary Duff is normal, consistent, healthy (weight-wise), and working.

However, this outfit is ridiculous.

Random Post

This is the new Wonder Woman - Aussie Teresa Palmer. No matter whoh they cast, no one is going to be as good as Lynda Carter. I'm actually watching season 1 right now and though the acting and graphics are absolutely elementary, I adore Lynda Carter. She is so beautiful!

Michelle Ryan boxes to stay in shape to play Bionic Woman.

What is Meg Ryan wearing? Poor Daisy already has to wear glasses.

Bai Ling looks normal for once, but she needs to get rid of the red hair dye.

Britney Spears wore this outfit for her day in court. Gotta have her lucky boots, I guess.

Casual and normal, Courtney Cox out and about.

Leanne Rhimes in a music video with Bon Jovi.

Fashion Watch: Gwen Stefani

This dress looks like what I wrap myself around when I vacation in Thailand with a sarong.

Are my eyes deceiving me, but is Gwen Stefani wearing something classic and looking normal for once?

Black and white is definitely her trademark, but what kind of shoes are those?

Warning: ugly plaid pants underneath.

Ashanti Off Diet?

It's hard to tell in this picture, but her arms look bigger than she did shortly after her fast.

Ashanti reminds me of Gabrielle Union for some reason.

Fashion Watch: Carrie Underwood

I know she's covered up by two bags and she's wearing some ugly sweats, but Carrie Underwood looks like she did when she first entered American Idol.

Love, love this ruffled one-shoulder dress on Carrie Underwood.

Look it's Lindsay Lohan! No, it's actually Carrie Underwood on a date? with Chace Crawford wearing Lindsay Lohan's trademark outfit: tights, large top, and flats.

When she goes casual, Carrie Underwood can still look pretty glam.

For the most part, her style is pretty mainstream. Nothing crazy or eclectic.

Fashion Watch: Victoria Beckham

Looking business casual, Victoria Beckham hides behind her shades.

Her rextremely thin frame can barely hold up her pants.

First promo picture for the Spice Girls reunion. So fake. So The View.

She supposedly has a size 23 inches waist and wears a size 00. That is ridiculously tiny!