Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

I hope Renee Zellweger re-watched herself in Jerry McGuire and remembers her natural self before all the yo-yo weight fluctuations and see how good she looked then.

Salma Hayek shopping in her post pregnancy body.

Rexi skinny as usual, Thandie Newton in a very frilly and very pink dress.

Has Kristin Cavallari gained weight overnight or is it just the angle?

Keri Russell hiding her rexi skinny body behind a ginormous coat.

Lily Allen out with new boyfriend in a funky looking outfit.

I believe Marcia Cross has lost all of her baby twins' weight and then some.

My Fave in Jeans

Jennifer Aniston is the ultimate "girl next door."

My Fave: I know that Rose McGowan is kind of wacky, but I love this whole ensemble. From yellow shirt to dark jeans with a pop of red is awesome.

Vanessa Minillo is too matchy matchy red for my taste.

My Fave Dress

I know Charlize Theron thought that she was wearing a rose, but it looks like somebody scrunched a whole bunch of fabric together and sewed it on.

My Fave: I love the color and style of this dress on Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze. I especially love her hair.

I don't really think Kate Hudson is wearing a dress per se, but she does look cute especially with a baseball hat to her beach cover-up. She epitomizes the young celebrity mom well.

Leelee Sobieski needs a stylist because almost everything she wears is under the category of "what was she thinking?"

Is Pamela Anderson wearing a towel?

Alyssa Milano looks like she's star struck here posing with Milo Ventimiglia.

Eva Longoria Parker wearing the trendy purple color dress with yellow shoes.

What has happened to Mena Suvari? She used to be so pretty.

I believe Michelle Trachtenberg made this dress out of somebody's curtains.

Why is Natalie Dormer posing like she needs to go to the bathroom?

Mariah Carey and the Hills' Ladies

When did Mariah Carey lose weight? She looks a lot thinner here especially in her legs.

Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Mariah Carey and Whitney Port. Why is Mariah Carey happy to be posing with them?

Demi Moore Forever Fabulous

Demi Moore's secret to staying young and fit is a leech. Here is what she says:

"You feel [them] bite down on you, and you want to go, ‘You bastard!’ and then you relax and watch it swell up. They have a little enzyme that when they are biting down in you, it gets released in your blood and generally you bleed for quite a bit – and your health is optimized. It detoxifies your blood – I’m feeling very detoxified right now.”

How far would you go to staying young?

Even without make-up, Demi Moore looks great.

At 46 years old, Demi Moore is growing old gracefully and beautifully.

It's sad that none of her daughters inherited her good looks.

Here is Demi Moore looking fabulous as usual with daughter,Tallulah.

Lauren Conrad Takes The Hills to Higher Ratings

I have never watched an episode of The Hills, but it supposedly premiered to its highest ratings ever. What do you think caused it? Audrina Patridge's naked photos?

I love her in this picture. Lauren Conrad totally looks cute and preppy. Love the red purse, but yellow and purple is all the rage right now.

The trend now is also to wear leather jackets with dresses. Not sure how I feel about this trend right now.

I personally think this dress is a bit too short to wear alone.

I feel like sometimes Lauren Conrad looks really thin and then other times, she looks like this (in grey sweat pants).

Debra Messing's Airport Style

I don't know why I like Debra Messing, but she just radiates "I'm cool."

I love this dress on her.

Check out her cute flats with the dress. Debra Messing has obviously lost some weight recently.

Nicole Richie is a Healthy Looking Mommy?!?!

Even though Nicole Richie is thin, she appears to be a lot healthier these days. I love this dress on her, but again, only thin people can pull this shapeless dress and make it look hot.

Even in skinny jeans, Nicole Richie appears to have some meat on her thighs.

Naomi Watts is Thin

The Hollywood craze now for celebrity moms is to be thinner after giving birth. Take Victoria Beckham, Keri Russell, Katie Holmes, and now Naomi Watts for example. They were all noticeably heavier before they became moms. I'm not saying they were fat by any means, but they ALL look a lot thinner AFTER becoming moms.

I wonder why Naomi Watts is not married to Liev Schrieber. Who am I kidding? It's Hollywood!

Kate Beckinsale Doesn't Like Sushi

By now, you've probably already heard/read about Kate Beckinsale's stupid comment about preferring vagina over sushi. Is she really that desperate for attention?

For some odd reason, she reminds me of Katie Holmes.

At this angle, Kate Beckinsale doesn't look as skinny as in the red dress above.

Who Cares About Britney Spears?

So, if Britney Spears only has about half a dozen paparazzi following her around, who still cares about Britney Spears?

The first thing Britney Spears should do is throw away these boots and get some new clothes. How many times has she worn this dress? It's cute and all, but come on!

Cameron Diaz in Get Lucky

I believe that Cameron Diaz used to be a pretty good actress when she was an unknown, but since she's become more famous, her acting has become very one dimenstional. She usually plays the pretty and ditzy blonde. I have no idea what this movie is about, but if it's anything like what she's been doing, it should be about the same caliber of acting. Besides, Ashton Kutcher is in it. How good can it be?

She does have some nice legs.

She looks a little heavier here.

Gold color looks good on Cameron Diaz because she's blonde.

I don't understand how anybody can wear dresses as short as this one on Cameron Diaz. What happens when you sit down?

Getting divorced?

"I'll give you your ring back!"

I like this outfit.

In order to pull off the cap sleeved look, your arms should be thin.