Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do We Still Need to Watch 'Sex and the City?'

Here's the storyline as I see it from the Blogosphere world: Carrie Bradshaw sees Mr. Big again on a chance meeting, decides he's the "one" that was let go, gets together with him, gets engaged, Carrie freaks out, dreams about the her married life, freaks out some more, talks to her three friends - Kristen Davis who is happily married and settled down, Miranda still free as a bird but very lonely, and the redhead - she also finally finds her Mr. Right but refuses to get married, and at the very end, she decides to take the step of faith and marries Mr. Big.

I'm assuming these ugly outfits are from her dream.

Cynthia Nixon has lost a ton of weight. How does she do it?

More ugly outfits from her dream.

The ugliest outfit of all.

She's freaking out here in the real wedding.

We'll see how right I am when the movie comes out.

Jessical Biel Wears Jeans Everywhere!

Well, in this post anyway! The ugly boots are back with the dark hair!

Compared to Cameron Diaz, she is very down to earth.

Maybe that's why Justin Timberlake is into her?

Fashion Watch: Kim Kardashian

If Kim Kardashina can be praised for anything is that she has kept her weight very stable and she's not in the rextremely thin club. She wears this dress very well.

The color on this dress is very trendy, but her boobs look like it's about to pop out any minute.

Models should have bodies like Kim Kardashian's because she represents the "real" woman.

A new take on the "track suit" trend.

"Oh, yeah, I've got a GINORMOUS one!"

Again, Kim really knows how to dress to her advantage.

The Great Cate Blanchet

Rumor has it that Cate Blanchet is pregnant. Maybe that explains her little weight gain?

I absolutely love this dress on Cate Blanchet. She looks so stinking regal here and I don't know if anybody else can pull off a dress like this. I wonder how her boobs stay put though.

I'm not too crazy about this ensemble. The middle section look like curtain tassels to me. It's like the dress can't make up it's mind - to be Greek or just another dress.

Are my eyes deceiving me or is Cate Blanchet not as emaciated as per her usual? Her legs look fuller.

Has Kirstie Alley Fallen Off Of The Jenny Craig Bandwagon?

Ha, ha. I kid, I kid. I would hate to be Kirstie Alley because people are ONLY photographing her to see if she's gained or lost weight.

I can't really tell from these pictures, but she looks about the same to me as always. Possibly a little bigger than her bikini baring body on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Cool computer bag. I bet I can get a local tailor to make one since that Chinese silk fabric is stinking cheap here.

Fashion Watch: Jessica Alba

I don't know why, but I kinda like Jessica Alba's frilly/feminine dress with these cowboy boots. Her boyfriend Cash Warren's outfit, however needs to be donated to Goodwill ASAP.

I also love this ensemble - the bermuda shorts with tank top and scarf wrapped around works.

My Fave Casual Dress

Wrap dresses flatter most bodies so it's not surprising that Heidi Klum looks exceptionally good in it.

I love the fun black dress with red boots on Rachel Bilson, but she doesn't look happy to be photographed.

Kate Hudson still with him? Her sweater dress would be a lot cuter with a wide belt.

My Fave: Call me crazy but I am loving this dress on Victoria Beckham. Melanie Brown, on the other hand is too matchy-matchy for me.

I think Amanda Peet and Jennifer Garner have the same stylist or lack thereof. Both tend to look a little off except on the red carpet. Take this brown dress for example. What is it supposed to be? And would it kill her to do something with her hair? Good to see Friends alum Lisa Kudrow still out and about in Hollywood.

The Original Rextremely Thin: Calista Flockhart

Even though she is not as rextremely thin as she was during her Ally McBeal days, she looks worse for wear with age. Maybe it's all those years of malnutrition is finally catching up with her.

And probably botox? What does Harrison Ford see in her?

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Joss Stone has slimmed down a lot since she first became popular. She has forsaken her jazzy/rocker/alternative look and now fits right into the Hollywood mode.

It must be the bangs because Kate Moss doesn't look emaciated or drunk here. Cute dress as well.

Maria Cross probably still thinks she's got some weight to lose because she keeps wearing clothes that try too hard to show off that she's indeed losing weight.

Like many celebrities, Sandra Bullock's weight fluctuates with her movie roles. When she's filming, she tends to be slender. I'm assuming she's between movies based on this photograph.

It's hard to imagine that this is the same Vivica A. Fox from Independence Day that launched Will Smith's movie career. While his status continues to rise, hers only seems to fall lower and lower.

Adrianne Lima looks nothing like a supermodel here especially with a bottom like that!

Another day for another celebrity to join the rextremely thin club - Brittny Gastineau. She's supposed to 5'11" and weighs only 105 pounds. Now that's emaciation!

Fergie has been looking great lately even though I'm not too crazy about the tiara and the school girl outfit.

And this is why they pay Giselle Bundchen the big bucks. With a perfect body like that...she can probably get any work!

I am impressed that Jack Osbourne has been able to keep his weight off after all this time. He runs and eats better to stay slimmer. Maybe his sister can learn a thing or two from him?