Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Barry Manilow Is A Baby!

I usually don't like to comment too much on celebrity feuds, but Barry Manilow refusing to go on the View because of Elisabeth Hasselbeck is pure rubbish! He needs to grow up and be a professional. Since when does your host have to agree with all your views? How boring would the world be if everybody had the same views? While Elisabeth can come across a little strong sometimes, I respect her for standing up for what she believes in and for getting Rosie O'Donnell fired! That's right. They say that Rosie quit...but I think she was fired because she also couldn't be professional enough to disagree with Elisabeth. And now she's written some trashy book about it all. Rosie - you are a loser and Barry is an even bigger loser for standing by your side by not going on the View!

Fashion Watch: Short Shorts

Does Brooke Hogan have the legs and body to wear short shorts?

Heidi Montag and her new boobs parading around.

Jessica Simpson Diets Into Daisy Dukes

Here is Jessica Simpson leaving the gym. After working out...

She steps back into her daisy dukes. I'm guessing she's lost enough weight now to be able to wear those again.

My Fave LBD

Rumer Willis shows off her svelte body at the pre-Emmy party.

What happens when a 19 year old dates a wacko older man? Rachel Evan Wood.

Mira Sorvino's outfit isn't necessarily a typical LBD, but it's all black, so it will have to do. It's too old looking for her though. Is she attending a funeral?

My Fave: I don't know why I like Marisa Tomei's flying side wings LBD, but it's unique and flirty.

Nicolette Sheridan adds a little white to her LBD.

Naomi Watts showing off her post pregnancy body!

Ashlee Simpson's casual LBD is to die for!

Charlize Theron shines in her LBD.

Eve's LBD looks like an 80s dress I once had. I think it's still hanging in my mom's closet.

Jennifer Love Hewitt hiding her slimmer frame in her loose LBD?

Beautiful and flawless Mary Louise Parker.

Angelina Jolie Not So Rexi?

Her arms actually look like it's got some meat on it here. Brad Pitt is getting old, ladies!

Her legs still look like twigs though.

Doesn't she look a tad bit healthier? Don't get me wrong; she's still a toothpick!

Fashion Watch: Kate Moss

Typical in a tank top and skinny jeans, Kate Moss is out and about.

Kate Moss, the trendsetter of the vest and jeans.

No idea what she was thinking about when she put this outfit on.

You agree with me now?

This dress is tres ugly!

My Fave In Jeans

I'm not a huge fan of Kylie Minogue mixing different prints with this jean ensemble.

I don't know why, but Paris Hilton's jeans looks really old to me. Cute nautical top though.

Rachel Bilson shows off her slim legs in skinny jeans.

Scarlett Johanssen who has a pear shaped body should not be wearing high-waisted aka mommy jeans.

My Fave: Jennifer Aniston looks cool and casual.

Jorja Fox could use a stylist and a make-up artist.

Basking in the glow of her Emmy win, Katherine Heigl takes a cigarette break the morning after at the Ivy in L.A.

Kerri Russell must be loving mommyhood. Look at her smile!

Mariska Hargitay's sweater looks too mommy-ish to me.

Maternity Fashion

Why won't celebrities come out and just say they are pregnant? Christina Aguilera is obviously with child (rumored to be a boy). Would she rather be called fat?

Courtney Thorne-Smith also with child.

Again, Nicole Richie's dress can also be worn by a non pregnant lady. Cute and sweet!

Emmy Fashion In Other Colors

Anybody out there actually like Kathy Griffin? I can't stand her. It's probably good that she's wearing an ugly dress.

When you wear a dress as long as Elizabeth Perkins, you probably should pick a print that's not so busy. She looks like she's been hung by a lot of Christmas lights.

Plain and normal dress for Minnie Driver.

I understand wanting to stand out and look different on the red carpet, but Vanessa Williams looks like she's ready to be plucked!

I'm feeling this dress on Joely Fischer because while it's different, it still looks elegant.

Emmy Fashion In Pink And Purple

Looking like a bag of bones, Felicity Huffman.

Sara Ramirez's dress would have been perfection had it not been for that ridiculous ring. I know it's trendy right now, but on a bikini!

Nothing too extraordinary here on Teri Hatcher. Typical of her.

I'm totally feeling Julia Louise Dreyfuss' dress. Purple is definitely a color to watch!

The one side boob dress is always a little weird looking on a person. It's almost like you can't help but stare at Kimora Lee's boobs.

A Note From Me

Hi all! I'm sorry that the posts have been slow in coming. I'm not really sure why, but the blog is not allowing me to post a lot of pictures at one time. Please be patient. I have a lot more celebrity fashion coming! Thanks for reading my blog!