Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Who knew that Katherine Heigl had such a flat stomach? She looks fit and healthy, but she really should quit smoking.

Katherine Heigl has a healthy but fit body.

Katherine McPhee looks to have lost some weight here.

I love how Mandy Moore has really evolved into a mature woman is content with her healthier body.

Sandra Bullock looks to be about the same weight wise.

Has Beyonce Knowles gained even more weight? She really needs to lay off the skinny jeans. Fierce shoes though.

Jojo is another young celebrity that has a healthy body.

Rextremely thin and tanned Jenna Jameson.

Julia Roberts looks healthier these days.

Kim Kardashian really needs to cover up even more.

You can't really tell if Adrianna Lima has gained any weight, but her face looks totally bloated.

Poor amy Winehouse in her ratty ballet slippers and malnourished body.

Brooke Hogan is a "curvy" woman.

Ellem Pompeo looks really skinny from the side view.

Hilary Swank has said that she has "high metabolism" and that she would rather sleep six hours a night and save that hour for working out. What kind of dress is that?

Fashion Watch: Ashley Olsen

She has to wear heels this high because she's so stinking short.

Interesting scarf. She does tend to dress better than Mary-Kate.

Who Does Paris HiltonThink She Is?

I know I'm contricting myself when I ask "who does Paris Hilton think she is?" when I am posting about her, but she's a horrible example to society yet she's everywhere.

This is her promo shot for her champagne ad. What in the world? Who's going to buy it?

This is an ugly suit. Those band buttons on her pants are ridiculous!