Friday, July 27, 2007

Guess Who?

Can you guess who is channelling Marilyn Monroe on this magazine cover?

What's In Star...

Ever wonder how these gossip magazines get their "news?" How do they choose what to cover? In related weight news, Jessica Simpson is accused of lipo and Valerie Bertinelli's weight gain?

The Magic of Photoshopping

What happened to the punk rock Kelly Clarkson? She looks different in this August issue of Self. What do you think? On a side note, I am totally feeling her purple top.

Your Fashion in Dresses

She must be doing something right because Catherine Zeta-Jones is looking great these days. Totally slim and fit.

Not feeling the white stitched dress on Emmy Rossum.

Paris Hilton Will Never Be Accused...

of slouching. If that girl arched her shoulders any further back, she would be able to complete the circle with her body. The Hilton sisters are looking a lot slimmer these days...

Fashion Disasters

I don't think I've ever seen Kimberly Stewart in any outfit that isn't a disaster.

Rachel Hunter, you used to be a supermodel! Please don't pull a tank top over your lingerie and call that an outfit!

Twinkie Fashion: Anna Chulmsky and Liv Tyler

Anna Chulmsky all grown up.

Liv Tyler dresses down the dress with flip flops.

Your Fashion In Casual Dresses

Nicolette Sheridan brings a little feminity to this white dress with pink satin heels.

This style of dress really flatters Paula Abdul's body because she's short and kind of...frumpy.

Shopping at one of my favorite stores, Target, Rachel Bilson dons this summer's trendiest dress.

Sienna Miller wearing basically the same dress as Rachel Bilson's except she added a belt and last summer's gladiator sandals.
Amerie wearing the trendy ruffled shirt dress.

Glad to see that Catherine Zeta-Jones got her glam back lately as seen here again looking chic and fabulous.

This dress would have looked trendier if it was longer on Kristen Bell.

I am amazed that Kate Hudson was able to lose her 80 pound baby weight gain and keep it off as she shows it off here in a casual gray dress.

Fashion Watch: Eva Longoria

I've seen many people wear this capped shorts, but it is not an easy trend to wear. You have to be thin to pull these shorts off, otherwise you will look like MC Hammer. What's the deal with two bags, Eva Longoria? Great idea to put some pazazz into her outfit with those tiger shoes.

Just Because She's Asian

Lucy Liu could be the next Sarah Jessica Parker in her new TV series Cashmere Mafia as already seen here in this dress.

Bonnie Sommerville (doesn't she look so excited to be there?), Miranda Otto, Frances O'Connor and Lucy chatting it up on their ABC tour.

Celebrity Working Out: Madonna

When is Madonna not photographed working out? I guess she didn't get her muscle toned body by sitting around watching TV.

Weight Watcher: Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo reminds me a lot of Calista Flockhart for some reason. Maybe they both are alarmingly thin and are on popular TV shows? Either way, Ellen looks like she's back to her "rexi alert" frame.

Your Fashion in Dresses

Jaslene Gonzales - amazon woman in a dress that looks like it was sewn together by a poor tailo who couldn't afford a sewing machine.

Not bad for a waitress - Luciana Damon looking elegant and classy.

Penelope Cruz wearing basically the same dress but in different colors. Please tell me Bono is not dating her.

Beyonce overdoes it with the yellow color trend and ruffles.

Luciana Damon does clean up well looking chic in this black number.

Maggie Grace looking uber thin in this short dress.

Country maven Martina McBride sporting the formal dress the short way.

I always feel like models should do no wrong in any kind of outfit, but this dress on Christy Turlington does not flatter her at all.

Even though I am not a fan of Halle Berry, I think she also has one of those Hollywood glamour look minus the fish scale dress.

Heather Graham tries too hard to be sexy in this lingerie inspired dress.

Jennifer Lopez braves the fashion trendy bubble dress. I guess it does hide her assets.

Jennifer Lopez definitely favors off the shoulder dresses because she's worn a lot of them! And, this one looks great as well.

Fashion Watch: Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth continues to look healthy and fit as seen here in this black and white ensemble with a splash of red! Keep it up, Ms. Bosworth.

Weight Watcher: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff looking quite thin in these pictures taken with her new boyfriend. What do you think? Not feeling the lingerie dress over leggings.

Your Fashion in Jeans

What in the world is Dakota Fanning wearing? I really hope that she will buck the Hollywood trend of getting into drugs as she grows up like many child actors.

Claire Danes looks like a breath of fresh air in this trendy ruffled shirt with jeans.

I guess skinny jeans are not going out any time soon as seen here donned by Kate Bekinsale.

Not feeling this washed out jeans look with boots and bright pink shirt worn by Paris Hilton.

Rachel McAdams biking in her jeans. Where has she been hiding?

Are They The Same Person?

This picture is obviously Haylie Duff...

but who is this? Anybody know? I am loving her long white summer dress especially with that chain necklace (top picture).

Fashion Watch: Julia Stiles

This dress would have been okay if only she ironed it!

This dress totally slims her especially in that sideway pose!

What happened to the slimming pose? She needed it with this boxy dress.

This outfit reminds me of her Prince and Me movie.

I am totally feeling this outfit. I would wear it!

She needs to not slouch so much. Cute outfit as well.

Too much shine for me in this dress.

And, the ugly dress. She had to have at least one. Her stylist called in sick that day, so she had to dress herself.