Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trend Alert: Yellow Color

Many celebrities have been wearing yellow this spring and will continue through the summer. Yellow looks good on very few people and Asians especially do not look great in it. If you do want to wear this trendy color, you can just buy a yellow camisole under your low-cut dress or some yellow shoes, purse, etc. as accessories. You can be trendy but still look great! Here is Penelope Cruz wearing the trendy color. I am loving her dress!

Weight Loser: Katherine McPhee

I never watched Katherine on American Idol, but I have seen pictures of her during the show. She has definitely lost a lot of weight. I watched her on some random talk show awhile ago and she looked really pretty but a little ditzy. It was like she couldn't really comprehend what the host was asking her. I know that that is a big part of her growing up years - that she was always the pretty one without the brain. I haven't listened to any of her songs, but I do think she has a pretty face. I hope she won't be skeletal skinny like all the young Hollywood "it" girls. She did admit to having been bulimic before she was on AI.