Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Kate Bosworth as rexi skinny as ever?!?

I am a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson, but she really needs a stylist. She looks the same in almost every concert picture.

Is it natural for Mischa Barton to have cellulite at age 22? Because she's pear shaped, she should not be wearing anything to wear shorts that show off her "thunder thighs."

Do you think Renee Zellweger is hiding behind those black shades because her face can no longer not make a "sour face?"

Mariah Carey must have read that she looked good in this outfit because here she is wearing it again. She really has lost some weight recently.

Angie Harmon has always been thin, but this outfit is atrocious.

Courtney Cox Arquette no longer looks rexi skinny.

Maybe Drew Barrymore is happily dating "Mac Guy" Justin Long and that's why she looks to have gained a few pounds.

Crazy and wild Janice Dickinson looks pretty good for a 52 year old. Love those flats.

Jenna Jameson used to look so much better with a little weight on her body.

Celebrity Working Out: Anna Friel

Finally, a jogging stroller being used as a running stroller. Anna Friel captured working out recently.

Ashley Tisdale Wants Another Nose Job?!?

There's a rumor that Ashley Tisdale wants another nose job for her "deviated septum."

Maybe it's because it didn't catapult her into super stardom like she had hoped?

Here she is rehearsing for High School Musical III.

My Fave Dress

My Fave: Victoria Silvstedt is perfection in this dress.

Jodie Foster surprises me sometimes. Here she is looking very matronly.

Check out Avril Lavigne's flats with this dress. I guess she gets some credit for trying to keeping her punk rock look in a prom dress.

Audrey O'Day and Jenna Jameson out and about.

Giselle Bundchen has a body that most women would kill to get.

Did Kate Walsh forget to style her hair before going out the door?

Vivica A. Fox has finally learned how to dress for her age.

Ali Lohan Dresses Like a 35 Year Old Woman

Why are these young Hollywood girls trying so hard to look older? Ali Lohan is 14 years old and she's dressed like a 35 year old. She has on way too much make-up.

Dinah Lohan seriously needs some lessons in how to be a good mother.

What's Wrong With Katie Holmes?

Katie Holmes has been looking rather haggard lately. Is it true that Katie Holmes is cracking under all the pressure of being married to Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise once again "helps" Katie Holmes down the steps.

Paris Hilton Still With Benji Madden

For some reason, Benji Madden looks more like a prankster to me than his brother Joel. I guess it's because he's "dating" Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton wearing the same dress as Gwen Stefani?

When Paris Hilton is dressed casually, do you think she picked out her own clothes or is she trying to fit into Benji Madden's world?

I really want to know what goes through Paris Hilton's mind sometimes.

Amy Winehouse Used to Be Pretty and Healthy

Here is Amy Winehouse now with her rexi skinny body.

Check her out on the right. She looked healthy, pretty, and normal.

Kate Hudson Movie Set &Safari Fashion

I still think that bangs do not flatter Kate Hudson's square face, but the trendy long cardigan is super cute.

I am still amazed every time I see Kate Hudson because she lost all her baby weight (80 pounds or so) and has kept it off.

The following pictures are of her in Africa for some ad that she's promoting.

This orange dress is beautiful.

It must be cool to pose with lion cubs.

She looks either really bored or deathly afraid of this lion cub here.

Doesn't it look like she's afraid to touch it?

The finished product.

Christina Aguilera Losing Weight Slowly

While some bloggers are commenting that Christina Aguilera has lost all her baby weight, I beg to differ. I personally think she looks great at this weight, but she obviously still has some ways to go.

I hope that Christina Aguilera won't go crash diet to look fellow new mom, Nicole Richie.

Rihanna "Can't Dance & Can't Dress"

I understand that Rihanna can sing really well and that she's incredibly popular right now due to her catchy song, "Umbrella," but she can't dancer or dress! Example one.

Example two: purple corset with purple pants?

I guess this dress is okay, but I'm not liking the short hair on her. It doesn't look awful, but it doesn't look great.

Hayden Panetierre Still A Cheerleader with Award

I haven't watched any more Heroes shows since the strike ended, but here is Hayden Panetierre on set.

It's funny how she's been out of the press lately since Miley Cyrus is all the rage right now.

Hayden Panetierre got an award for trying to save the dolphins.

Audrina Patridge Everywhere These Days!

My friend bought this dress in Thailand for $4 USD recently. It's very easy to wear, but I personally prefer to wear it with tights and flats.

Leather jackets are all the rage for the spring and I love this short sleeved leather jacket on Audrina Patridge.

Audrina Patridge looks like she's getting close to the rexi skinny look here. Her make-up is awful.