Friday, August 10, 2007

Weight Watcher: Nicole Richie

Looks like Nicole Richie is gaining weight!

My Fave In Jeans

Those are some funky shoes on Ashley Olsen. You can't really see her because she decided to use her ginormous bag as a cover-up.

I feel like Tisha Campbell couldn't decide which decade of fashion she wanted to wear by choosing this outfit.

Calista Flockhart jumps on the wide-legged jeans wagon.

My Fave: Charlize Theron looks totally cute in this outfit. Love the jacket.

I wonder how many pairs of wide-legged jeans Katie Holmes owns because that's all she's wearing nowadays.

Sneakers Alert?

Gwen Stefani just came out with these wedged sneakers. Is this a trend you would wear? Call me crazy, but I kind of like it. It's just so funky.

My Fave Casual Dress

I am a huge fan of Debra Messing, but I'm just not a fan of the bra-less look on anybody. It just looks so trashy. And, I'm not sure Debra has the body to pull it off anymore. What do you think?

My Fave: I love the ruffles on Thandie Newton's dress because it adds a little feminity to it. Ms. Newton also recently came out and admitted to being bulimic in her teens and well into her 20s. From the looks of it, I'd say she probably still struggles with it.

Kate Middleton looks like the future princess in this dress. She looks like she's gained a few pounds and is most noticeable in her arms. Maybe from all that rowing?

Sharon Stone actually looks sane in this dress.

Hayden Panettiere looks cool and chic in this black number.

Fashion Disaster

I'm all for looking sexy at any age, but this dress just isn't appropriate even if it is the day you turn 55.

Mary-Kate Olsen's back view of her horrendous fashion. Do you really need to see the front?

Maybe it's all the accessories, or the tights, or the scarf in the summer time, but this outfit just screams "I just threw it together" on Hilary Duff.

It's actually a step up for Bai Ling because it covers her body, but it's Bai Ling so it's always a disaster.

My Fave Dress

You really have to have a nice body like Megan Fox to be able to pull this dress off. Love the lavender color.

I'm usually a fan of the one shoulder dress, buI'm not feeling this one on Kate Bosworth? Maybe because it's long sleeve?

Seriously, this dress that Paris Hilton is wearing is almost like one she wore recently except it's in a different color and pattern.

My Fave: I love this color blue on Gillian Anderson and the ruffles are very trendy yet unique.

Boring and drabby dress on Emmy Rossum.

My Fave Dress

Haven't seen Hilary Swank in awhile, but she's looking classy in this black dress. Anybody else agree with me that she looks kind of like a man?

Jennifer Lopez definitely favors the 70s inspired mod dress because she's worn a lot of them lately in different styles and colors.

Good thing Amanda Bynes has the legs to pull off this short black dress.

I am definitely a fan of Michelle Pfeiffer because she looks so young and beautiful!

My Fave: Maybe it's the trendy color green, but I am totally feeling this dress on Charlize Theron.

Weight Watcher: Diane Kruger

It could just be that she just ate some lunch, but her stomach looks a little flabby.

Here is Diane Kruger on the beach. Does it look like she's gained a few pounds? What do you all think?