Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Weight Loser: Janet Jackson

Again, I ask. How in the world do celebrities lose weight so fast? And how in the world do they do it so fast? Janet Jackson looks fab!

Weight Watcher: Tyra Banks

What do you think? Does Tyra Banks still have the body to wear this?

What do you all think?

My Fave In Casual Dresses

Claire Daines looks a little too shiny in this shirt dress in my opinion.

Lollipop-head Ellen Pompeo tries to cover up her skeletal frame with a lot of layers in the front of her dress.

My Fave: Sarah Michelle Gellar looks totally cute in this black dress. Love the style and length.

Reese Witherspoon trying to hide under this hat.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt continues to hide her weight gain.

Fashion Watch: Beyonce Knowles

High-waisted trend is for the slim and tall and Beyonce Knowles although very beautiful is neither.