Monday, November 19, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Marcia Cross really looks great for having twins! Love that sweater, too!

Nikki Hilton is a lot slimmer these days, but she seems to have gained a few back.

I'm waiting for the day when Renee Zellweger officially comes out to say that she struggles with an eating disorder. How can she not? Her weight changes faster than my five year old daughter's mind.

Glad to see Selma Blair with some meat on her bones. Is she wearing Pocahontas shoes?

Solange Knowles is supposed to be the thinner but uglier sister, but she looks bigger than Beyonce here.

Audrina Patridge has always been slim, but she looks a tad healthier here.

Next thing you're going to hear about Ellen Pompeo is that she's pregnant. She does look healthier, weight wise.

It's probably just the poor choice in clothes, but Helen Mirren looks to have gained some weight since her Oscar win last year. I know, I know. She's old. Her metabolism probably stopped working all together.

After four kids, Holly Robinson Peete still looks great!

I'm beginning to see bones protruding out on rextremely thin Keri Russell.

My Fave Dress

My Fave: Helena Christensen usually looks a little weird to me, but I love this dress. The colors are awesome even though her face looks a little stiff.

I'm going to blame it on the dress, but Maggie Grace looks boxy here.

With all the years of modeling on her belt, you would think Naomi Campbell would know how to pick a dress that doesn't look like it's choking the life out of her.

Eva Longoria looks horrible here. I find it creepy that her hairstylist (also Jessica Simpson's) hangs out with his "clients."

Fergie wearing the same dress as Anne Hathaway. Didn't like it on her and don't like it on Fergie either.

Brittany Snow, Fergie, and Jennifer Esposito all should get a new stylist because none of them look good.

Now this is the way you wear gold - Isabelle Goulart.

Give it to Kim Kardashian for not being insecure to wear body hugging dresses.

Ana Ortiz must have stopped eating empanadas because she looks quite thin here.

Amy Adams wearing what I would call an "ugly bridesmaid dress."

Beautiful in yellow - Blake Lively.

Not feeling this weird pink cotton candy dress on Carrie Underwood.

Elisha Cuthbert's dress is a little wacky and wrinkled, but she looks good with this short do.

Why Brittany Murphy's Career Tanked

I seriously don't know why Brittany Murphy was suddenly in the lead role. You only have to watch Clueless to know that she's the sidekick role.

Oh, I remember. She lost a lot of weight. so she got some attention.

Random Fashion Post

If tweens and teens are watching Gossip Girl and hoping to get some fashion tips, I sure hope they don't dress like Leighton Meester here. What kind of top is that? And that is one UGLY purse.

I love this look on Leanne Rhimes for some reason.

Mary-Kate Olsen in her usual pose - hiding. Love the boots.

Nicole Kidman has the perfect body for a pencil skirt, but she really needs to add some color to her wardrobe.

I guess Pink is still together with punk rocker husband, hence the punk rock outfit?

Jessica Simpson would have looked a lot better with a wide belt.

I'm going to predict that Kate Bosworth will break up with her boyfriend soon. Look at that body language. It is SO over.

Kristen Bell in casual attire.

Love this blue on Katherine McPhee.

One minute Eva Longoria is all bundled up the next she's in a strapless dress. Magenta purse?

Gwen Stefani does not look horrible for the first time in a long time.

Hilary Duff out and about in sweats.

I'm so glad that Julianne Moore has stayed true to her red hair color.

American Music Awards 2007 Fashion

Even though Christina Applegate's dress is very common, I love the shiny blue color.

I would have never expected for African Americans to look good in yellow, but Ashanti looks great. She also looks like she's been able to keep off the weight that she lost recently.

Why in the world is Monique Coleman (from High School Musical) standing like this?

At first glance, I thought Nicole Scherzinger was Queen Nefertiti. The dark skin, the high hair, and the long straight dress.

I'm sorry, but I find Rihanna's dress absolutely atrocious. It's one thing to be unique but another to look ridiculous.

Sweet and cute - Jordin Sparks.

I wonder how Kaycee Stroh feels about sharing the red carpet with so many rextremely thin celebrities.

Trailer trash dress on Kellie Pickler.

What is the deal with the leg on the side pose? Miley Cyrus - you are 14 years old! Stand like one!

Mary J. Blige looks a lot like Eve here.

It's probably just the glare, but Ashley Tisdale looks like she's sporting a bump here.

Beyonce Knowles in one of her overly formal dress.

Carrie Underwood looking a little thin in an ugly dress.

Pigeoned toe Fergie. Not feeling this dress.

Wow - Jennie Garth basking in her Dancing with the Stars glory. Cute dress. She really has lost a lot of weight. She said that she went from a waist size 29 to a size 27. I believe it's a size 4 to a 2.

Vanessa Hudgens sparkles in gold!

Amanda Bynes is totally cute, but this dress is not the most flattering.

Sparkling in black, Alicia Keys.

Ew and double ew on Avril Lavigne.