Monday, August 27, 2007

Fashion Disasters

First of all, Kylie Minogue looks like she just stepped out of a concentration camp except she is dressed like a giftbox. What happened to her? Did she lose 30 pounds overnight? What kind of dress is she wearing? I won't even mention her hair...

I am beginning to see why Kirsten Dunst always gets negative press coverage - she's a horrible dresser! Her hair is almost always unkempt and this dress she's wearing, if you can even call it that, is simply ugly.

Tara Reid is either photographed in a bikini or very drunk. She is neither in this picture, so she felt like she had to get someone's attention by dressing horribly. She got it.

Rexi Watch: Angelina Jolie

I'm not exactly sure how skeletal skinny Angelina Jolie is able to carry Zahara and Pax Thien on her bony arms and hips, but she definitely looks like she could use some extra calories to help her out. Look at her thigh protruding through her skirt...if you can call it that. It's pencil thin. Brad Pitt, do you like your women rexi-like? Please tell her to eat!

More Teen Choice Fashions

Fergie looking normal for once? Look at the muscles on her legs!

Miley Cyrus reminds me so much of Hilary Duff. I hope that she will stay out of the party scene and continue to act and sing!

Not exactly sure what Eve is wearing here, but she's looking rather thin in this picture.

Who's Your Fave "It" Boy?

Pretty boy, Ken doll look-alike Zac Efron or Shia LaBeouf? My personal choice is Shia because he has so much talent. Plus, he doesn't dress so gay. If you haven't watched him in Holes, you are missing out! Who's your fave?

Reese Witherspoon and Her Sweaters

Have you noticed that Reese Witherspoon wears a sweater a lot with her clothes? Maybe she's proned to getting cold easily? Or she wants to hide her weight loss and gain?

Mena Suvari Bikes

Celebrities are biking everywhere these days....ha, ha. Mena Suvari looks fierce riding her bike with one hand.

My Fave In Jeans

Rihanna "who can't dance" in purple once again.

Vanessa Hudgens looks kind of sloppy here. Her jeans are too long and the loose top is all wrong with this pair of jeans. Maybe if she wore it with the skinny jeans, it would have flattered her more.

Charlize Theron looks serious and a few extra pounds as she runs her errands.

Doesn't Eva Longoria just look annoying simply with her face?

My Fave: Are my eyes deceiving me, but is Mary Kate Olsen smiling and looking a tad bit healtheir? Cute outfit for a change!

Mandy Moore donning the scarf trend.

Michelle Rodriguez favors the 80s light colored jeans. Ugh!

My Fave Dress

Is that a cigarette Paris Hilton is holding? Her necklace looks like it's choking her.

Emmy Rossum favors red because I've seen her in a lot of them. Simple and classy dress.

Dita von Teese looks like she's going to a funeral in this get-up.

Gina Gershon wearing a trendy dress but the print is totally ugly!

Paris Hilton looking, dare I say, classy in this dress? But we know she's not.

Jessica Simpson Looking Skinny

Same jeans, same hairstyle, gaunt-looking face, but different color tank top. She definitely knows she is looking good now, so she's going to show off her body!

Those arms look buff, Jessica! Whatcha' been doing?

Jessica Alba's in Jeans

I don't get what the big deal is about Jessica Alba!?! Her looks are so average and boring. She looks like a lot of girls I know except they eat!

Katherine McPhee is InStyle!

Not sure I like her sweater/wrap thingy. She's got some long legs, so skinny jeans look good on her.

Cute outfit for work. Love the jacket.

Is grey the color for fall? This picture cracks me up because who wears this kind of outfit to walk their dog? In China, people literally roll out of bed in their pajamas wearing their slippers to walk their dogs.

I love anything wide-legged, so these pants look awesome. The side buttons are a unique idea.

Not a fan of orange...

Cute party dress.

Funky outfit. I tried on a shirt very similar to this at H&M and even though it looked weird on a hanger, it looked great on. I didn't buy it though because it was too expensive for a fun trendy shirt that will probably go on style soon.

What do you think of her photoshoot in InStyle magazine?

Fashion Disasters: Britney Spears

What was she thinking when she put on this marshmallow vest with a bubble skirt?

She really should stop wearing short shorts. It only makes her look bigger than she really is. The hat totally doesn't go with this outfit. Her hair is absolutely horrendous.

Kate Bosworth Continues To Look Healthy

Besides the ugly floral arrangements around her bust line, Kate Bosworth is looking healthy these days. Her weight seems to have stabilized and she is no longer on Rexi-Watch.

Teen Choice Awards Fashion

Update: Sophia Bush arrives looking sleek and slender in this strapless number.

Emmy Rossum looks like a sweet girl and she almost looks perfect in this dress sans the big floral pincher on the side. last, there is no perfection in this world. (I'm totally being sarcastic).

Lauren Conrad and her co-star of The Hills. She's got one funky belt on her dress. It almost looks as if a snake is wrapped around her waist.

Kelly Clarkson looks great from her neck up, but her dress (which Ashley Tisdale wore recently) is not a fave of mine. I'm just not feeling the side panel curtain drapey thing.

Jessica Alba does WII (yeah, right!) to look anorexic. Cute yellow dress with the twice wrapped around gold necklace.

Avril Lavigne's oxymoron fashion disaster. Her hair is styled nicely and chic except for the pink highlights, but her outfit is screaming "but, I'm still a punk rocker" (who is standing in the official Hollywood pose).

I'm so glad Vanessa Hudgens picked up four awards, but she shouldn't receive any accolades for this dress. Doesn't she look like she should be a teepee? What is that purse she is holding? The colors are totally off.

Megan Fox dresses down to be like the teens in leggings. Don't get the blow kiss pose.

Hilary Duff Does Teen Choice Awards

Hilary Duff really shouldn't wear dresses that cut off her neckline. A v-neck or lower neckline would have been much more flattering on her body. This dress makes her look like a rectangle box.

Tights are definitely still in! Hilary Duff's blue and black top has been worn by many other celebrities. Nothing new. Come on, Hil. Where's the orginality?