Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weight Watcher: Sophia Monk

Is that Joel? No, it's Benji, his twin brother with finacee Sophia Monk. She is looking rather thin here. Maybe Nicole Richie is giving her diet tips?

Celebrity Working Out: Ali Larter

September 24th can't come soon enough. Ali Larter and her fellow Heroes return to prime time TV with it's new season. Is everybody else just as addicted to this show as me? It's a good thing Ali Larter keeps in shape by hiking as seen in this photo. She's not too thin and definitely toned.

Weight Watcher: Gillian Anderson

Can you believe this is Agent Scully? Gillian Anderson is looking rather emaciated in these pictures. She's almost on the rexi-watch. Do you think she's too thin?

My Fave Casual Dress

Rumor has it again that Halle Berry is not pregnant. Poor thing. She probably really wants a kid, but has problems conceiving. Nothing is harder on a woman than infertility. I'm actually surprised that so many celebrities are able to conceive because of their weight fluctuations. Like Nicole Richie. That completely took me by surprise.

Kelly Ripa is wearing this summer's favorite trend, the lantern sleeved dress in yellow. She looks really thin. There is no way that she is this thin by taking care of her three children.

My Fave: I absolutely detest Paris Hilton, but I have to confess that I love this dress.

Not sure who this chick is, but her name is Nadine Coyle. Her dress looks comfortable and cute. Not a lot of people can wear horizontal stripes and still manage to look this good!

Jessica Biel rocking the mod dress. Rumor has it that she has been completely different since dating cocky and arrogant Justin Timberlake. I called it. She needs to dump him and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Could It Be Finally?

Halle Berry has been in the news a lot about a possible baby bump. Based on this photo, I would have to concur. Cute dress. I have one very similar to it, but I always wear it with jeans or shorts.

Weight Watchers

Is it me or does it look like Isla Fisher just balloons up after she announced that she is pregnant with Sasha Cohen?

Joan Allen is one of those older women that looks to me like she's trying too hard to stay young. I would guess that she probably has some eating issues.

Isn't it so sweet to see that Pierce Brosnan loves his wife even though she has obviously packed on the pounds? Keely Shaye Smith is one beautiful woman though.

Rihanna showing off her assets. She looks to have gained a few pounds here.

Cameron Diaz and her amazon legs. She looks a lot thinner here than usual.

Celebrity Working Out: Lindsay Lohan

Rehab does Lindsay Lohan good because she's active, working out, and out of the party scene.

Her body looks to be in great shape.

Fashion Watch: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl's outfit is pure perfection. Wide-legged trousers with a ruffled shirt tucked in! Not sure about the pleats though.

My Fave Dress

My Fave: Kerry Washington looks cute and chic in this dress, but she is looking rather emaciated here. She definitely has lost some weight.

I am actually impressed that Danii Minogue has a camisole underneath her dress. How very conservative of her.

What? Kimber Stewart not in the disaster post? Her dress is pretty cute albeit a little on the shorter side.

Sophia Bush looks flawless here!

I don't know why I don't favor any dresses with a big bow in the front and this dress on Beyonce is no exception.

Sarah Chalke looking simple and sweet in this blue dress that is very similar to what Jenna Jameson is wearing below. Ms. Chalke has definitely lost a lot of weight since her Roseanne days. Do you think she's too thin now?

Jenna Jameson actually looks good in this dress that Rachel McAdams first wore.

Weight Watcher: Debra Messing

Debra Messing looks about the same weight-wise. I really think she looks good at this weight rather than her skeletal skinny during her Will and Grace days. Not sure, however if I like her dress. It feels and looks too starchy. What do you all think?

New Beach Cover-Ups: Dogs

I kidd, I kidd. Carmen Electra frolicking on the beach showing off her toned and fit body. Like her cover-up. The dress, not the dog.

Weight Watcher: Pink

Maybe Pink is slimming down these days because her husband is rumored to be spending some time with another woman.

My Fave In Jeans

Mena Suvari without hair in jeans.

Christina Aguilera still wearing skinny jeans even though she is rumored to be with child. She has yet to confirm.

My Fave: Helena Christensen looks cute and trendy with a jacket and a splash of color.

I'm really confused with Kate Hudson's fashion choices. Sometimes she's very mainstream opting for classic looks and then other times, she looks totally bohemian. Glad she's happy with her new love, Dax Sheppard. And will someone tell her to cut her son, Ryder's hair? He will have many opportunities to grow out his hair when he gets older.

Celebrity Runner: Adrien Grenier

Long pants for running? What's the matter with your legs, Adrien? Trying to hide something?

Fashion Disasters

Ciara has lost a ton of weight! She looks super slim here. Too bad she chose wore this pirate/shirt/dress over skinny jeans with her belly showing. Bad taste!

Now I realize Sandra Bullock for a film role, but it still doesn't excuse the atrocity of the ensemble.

If I was marketing my new perfume, I would not choose this 80s inspired dress to launch it especially with my black bra straps poking through. Ironic that her perfume is called Pleasure.

Rexi-watch Jenna Jameson showing too much plastic boobs and wearing the wrong shade that completely washes her out!

Zachary Quinto (Heroes Sylar) should have taken Kristen Bell's brain out for wearing this horrific dress.

It's hard to pick the wrong bikini as there really isn't much fabric to it, but Kimberly Stewart manages to pick a granny bikini bottom to scare the public with her flabby body.

Mira Sorvino forgot to change her pajama top as she went out to walk her dog. Her peasant skirt is so last season.

Oh, Avril Lavigne - you are trying too hard to be different. Yet, you still come across as a mean and arrogant little girl. A T-shirt with suspenders printed on it? Only someone like you who has no taste and class would pick out this shirt to wear.

Bjork once again commits a fashion disaster simply by wearing clothes. Anything she puts on is an automatic disaster.

Anybody out there believe that Bobby Trendy is screaming for attention?

Debra Lee Furness, Hugh Jackman's wife commits the fashion mistake of adding fur to her already large frame.

I believe Miss Emma Watson is trying to set herself aparat by wearing these high tops. Do you think she was trying to channel Kate Moss with the vest?

Ugly Betty Season Two

Look at this cast. Aren't you dying to figure out what all these people are about? I can't wait for this show to begin.

Rexi Watch: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Her dress looks like it's about to fall off her skeletal frame. What happened to Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Look at her collar bones. When she first starated resurfacing, she looked healthy and happy. Maybe she read some where that said that she had gained some weight and she freaked out? Either way, look at her emaciated face!

Maternity Fashion: Nicole Richie

Isn't amazing how fast her stomach has grown? She's probably about five months along now.

Scarf? Check. Big purse? Check. Long flowy shirt? Check. Tight pants? Check. Father-to-be holding shopping bags? Check. Paparazzi? Definitely! Nicole Richie continues to stay in the limelight for doing nothing and having a child out of wedlock.

"Do I look fat?" Nicole sighs.

"For the last time, you only look fat in the belly, sweetie." Joel mumbles for the millionth time that hour.

"I just feel so huge." Nicole whimpers back.

"Have you seen Salma Hayek?" Joel retorts.

"I feel much better. You always know what the right thing to say is. That's why I stole you from Hilary Duff."

Nicole Richie never leaves the house without her animal print scarf.

Big scarfs are always a good way to hide any body fat.