Saturday, April 5, 2008

Celebrity Maternity Fashion

Minnie Driver is glowing in black.

I have no idea who this is, but I liked her maternity dress.

Jessica Strohm is growing everywhere.

Jodie Sweetin aka Stephanie Tanner is going to be a mommy soon!

I love Tori Spelling's maternity outfit. This is the way to do maternity - chic yet slimming.

Lauren Conrad Shops and Shops!

It's the weekend and all the young Hollywood starlets are, of course. Lauren Conrad is out again in tights.

Lauren Conrad definitely favors loose blouson tops with tights. It's a good way to go because it hides everything.

And then Lauren Conrad steps out in a dress. Anybody out there like her?

What is Lindsay Lohan Up To?

Shopping, of course! Lindsay Lohan has gone and lightened her hair again. Doesn't she know that red heads are so beautiful and rare?

Here is Lindsay Lohan looking like Goldilocks.

Doesn't she have anything better to do than shop and be photographed?

It is good to see Lindsay Lohan at a healthier weight. Check out Samantha Ronson's shoes.

Who Didn't Love New Kids on the Block?

If you're 30 and over, you probably own a New Kids on the Block CD somewhere. I loved, loved Please Don't Go Girl with Joey McIntyre singing like a bird. He's my fave.

My Fave Celebrity Jeans

Alyssa Milano has grown up to be such a pretty woman since her Who's the Boss days.

My Fave: I know, I know, high waisted jeans are dubbed as the "mommy" jeans, but Kristin Cavallari is rocking the jeans in this look. I also kind of like Kourtney Kardashian's dress.

Single in the city, Pink.

I love how Rose McGowan always gives her outfit a "splash" in all the right places.

Former Charmed castmates and BFFs Holly Marie Combs and bad girl Shannen Doherty hanging out. Why didn't they invite Alyssa Milano or Rose McGowan?

Katie Holmes New Hair: Yay or Nay?!?

Everybody starts out with Victoria Beckham's inverted bob, and then they add the bangs, and finally the Rihanna haircut. What do you think of Katie Holmes' new haircut?

Megan Fox is Still Dating Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox has gotten a liot of publicity about becoming the next Hollywood "it" girl, but it looks like she hasn't abandoned her has-been boyfriend and former 90210 Brian Austin Green.

I love how she's so casual even though she's obviously so beautiful.

Megan Fox has also gotten a lot thinner since becoming more famous.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze Rexi Skinny?!?!

For awhile there, Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze was getting rexi skinny, but she looks healthier here. But the question is, why in the world is she channelling Lindsay Lohan in tights?

Why are all the Hollywood starlets drinking Starbucks?

The short leather jacket is very trendy right now as seen on Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze.

Movie Reviews

I am currently living in Asia right now, so my only form of entertainment is from buying cheap DVDs. I usually watch the chick flicks while I'm running on my treadmill and here are some that I've watched recently that I would like to add as a new feature on my blog. Rate of A is for excellent and F is failure to entertain.

27 Dresses starring Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, and Edward Burns. I am not a Katherine Heigl fan, so I had low expectations of this movie but was pleasantly surprised at how good Ms. Heigl in it. The gist of the movie is that Jane (Heigl) is a perpetual bridesmaid and is finally having to stand by her sister's side as she marries the man she loves.

Rating B + : Definitely worth the money and time if you want a good chick flick without all the cheese.

Juno starring Ellen Page, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman. As seen in the movie poster, it's about a 16 year old getting knocked-up. Even though some of the dialogue is pretty clever, it's not a "must see" in my book because some scenes are kind of raunchy for my taste.

Rating C: If you don't mind sitting through some awkward scenes of teens having sex (though it is not explicit), it might be okay.

Blonde Ambition starring Jessica Simpson, Luke Wilson, and Willie Nelson. Jessica Simpson is basically a country girl turned secretary in a really bad dialogue and storyline movie.

Rating F: Only worth your time if you really want to be reassured of how bad Jessica Simpson is at acting.

Enchanted starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Susan Sarandon. I was very surprised that Amy Adams did not come across as a cheeseball as a turned to real life princess in this movie. I am amazed at how much Patrick Dempsey has changed since his Can't Buy Me Love days and Susan Sarandon is amazing as the wicked stepmother.

Rating B+: I enjoyed it a lot as did my two young girls.

Stardust starring Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert DeNiro, and Sienna Miller. I was completely surprised at how much I liked this sci-fi movie. It has a great storyline and great acting. I've always been a Michelle Pfeiffer fan, so it's worth it just to watch her.

Rating B+: It's thoroughly entertaining and will definitely make you believe in magic again.


My Fave Celebrity Dress

My Fave: Kristin Cavallari's fun and flirty red dress is just the thing to take into the spring!

I understand the need to wear shades when the sun is out, but Jennifer Jason Leigh wearing shades with a dress on the red carpet is just a little over the top.

Kaley Cuoco wearing the trendy long and floral dress right now.

Marissa Miller reminds me of a younger Sarah Jessica Parker right here. Ms. Miller is a little on the rexi skinny side.

Melora Hardin is a little too old to wear this dress.

Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet's daughter) in ripped leggings? Oh dear!

Besides the clutch purse, Ali Landry looks like she should be back in the 70s with the tie dye dress.

I love the details and style of this dress on Naomie Harris.

Once a supermodel always a supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Ellen Page always looks a little uncomfortable on the red carpet.

Katherine Heigl Brings Spring In On Coat

Here is Katherine Heigl with new husband Josh Kelley wearing a normal coat.

Bam! It's spring time over night and it can be done with a switch of a jacket. What is that she's wearing?

Mariah Carey is Skinny and Demanding

Who signs autographs in this kind of pose? Oh, it's Mariah Carey. That explains everything.

Mariah Carey has definitely gotten thinner lately. Here's a funny excerpt from the Daily Mail about some of Ms. Carey's past and present demands:

She has 11 bodyguards surround her table in restaurants, so people can't see her eat
She booked every penthouse in Claridge's hotel, so she can have ultimate privacy
She insisted they install a $20,000 gym next to her penthouse suite
She keeps 20 humidifiers around her bedShe won't wear flat shoes ever! She said, "My feet repel them."
She likes being carried around, because wearing high heels all the time hurts her feet
She doesn't have a Birthday, "Honestly, I don't even have birthdays. I call them anniversaries."
She will never use public transportation again, "I've already been on the bus I don't need to go back on the bus."
She insists her dogs travel by private plane or private car only

What do you think? Diva or normal?