Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fashion Watch: Nicky Hilton

Don't ever underestimate the powder of fashion because what you wear really makes a huge difference. Here is Nicky Hilton out eating ice cream. She is obviously a thin girl, but this outfit does her no justice especially in the mid-section.

Weight Gainer? Janet Jackson

Wow! If this is really a recent picture of Janet Jackson, then I must reiterate again the pitfalls of going on restrictive diets because once you are off them, you definitely gain all your weight back and then some. Does she really look like this? Wow. I am speechless.

Weight Loser: Nicky Hilton

Have you ever wondered what Nicky and Paris Hilton's relationship is like? I mean, Paris is always in the limelight for every single thing. I haven't read of any sibling rivalry between these two. That is pretty amazing considering how much Paris is in the press. Here is Nicky Hilton celebrating the fourth of July on the same stretch of beach condos as Lindsay Lohan. She definitely looks like she got thinner

Another Bikini: Ashley Tisdale

What do you all think of Ashley Tisdale? Here she is in another bikini frolicking on the beach. Is she hot or not?


Weight Watcher: Jenny McCarthy

Looks love really is in the air. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey look positively in love. I would have never put these two together, but they somehow look right. Jenny is looking great in this bikini top. Her stomach is so flat! I'm not feeling the long hair on Jim, though.

When They Were Innocent

Lindsay Lohan used to look so beautiful with natural red hair and a body that was envied by most teenager girls. Then, she lost all this weight and is now known more as a party girl than anything else.

It was hard to find a picture of Paris Hilton that wasn't so scandalous, so I had to go way back to when she was really young. If you look really hard, Paris was once upon a time just another sweet little girl.

Before she went under the knife, Ashlee Simpson actually had an identity. Now she just looks like any other blonde Hollywood starlet.

Can you believe Jessica Simpson looked so innocent? She did wait until her wedding night to have sex with her husband.

Wow, Hilary Duff has changed a lot. She's lost 20 pounds and has new teeth, but I think she's probably the most grounded young Hollywood starlet.

Nicole Richie never looked that innocent, but at least she looked healthy.

Before the empire, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen actually smiled at the cameras. Don't they look so cute?

What do you all think? Who is your favorite young Hollywood starlet?