Monday, October 29, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Even though I'm sure Marcia Cross would like to lose a little more weight, she's looking good for having delivered twins.

I believe Val Kilmer is a tad thinner from this past summer. I wonder why he doesn't care that he looks so....

It's probably just the oversized sweatshirt, but Amanda Peet looks like she's got a few more baby pounds to lose.

Jennifer Love Hewitt continues to slim down and looking cute in a dress.

Rikki Lake's diet and exercised helped her to slim down to a size 4!

Why do women with flat chests insist on wearing dresses that do not flatter them? Olivia Wilde shows off skin and bones.

Rihanna looking healthier here and not giving her boobs any chance to breathe.

Star Jones has stabilized on her weight. What's the deal with her husband listening on his Ipod at a party?

I can't believe I'm going to write this, but Thandie Newton looks to have gained one or two pounds.

Forever rextremely thin, Angelina Jolie.

Halloween candy must be getting the celebrities because even Carrie Underwood looks a little thicker around the thighs.

Catherine Zeta-Jones laughs off eating disorder rumors. She has lost a lot of weight lately. She was supposed to be a curvy size 8, but I'm sure she's down to a size 2.

Jessica Alba who repeated said that she does not having an eating disorder is reading the same book that Victoria Beckham also read who also deny having an eating disorder - Skinny B****.

Nicole Kidman is suppose to be gaining 20 pounds for her movie role, but where did she put it?

Maternity Fashion

Nicole Richie knows how to splash up a boring outfit, or rather deflect an outfit by adding a colorful scarf with a bright yellow purse.

Maybe this is a maternity dress Christina Aguilera has on. LOL about matching her shoes to her lipstick.

Now I see why Christina Aguilera wears red lipstick because without it, her face kinda blends together.

I'm going to call it and say that Cate Blanchet is pregnant. She looks heavier (even though super slim) and there is definitely a bump there!

Pregnant bablady - Helana Bonham.