Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Fave In Casual Dresses

Is it really fashion disaster repeat Britney Spears actually looking cute for once?

My Fave: You can't tell too clearly, but I would totally wear this outfit on Ashlee Simpson.

Lisa Rinna's dress is actually cute, but matching it with this pair of shoes is not.

This dress is actually not too casual, but it would great for shopping or going to a soiree. Once again, Jennifer Lopez shines.

Fashion Disasters

I'm just not a big fan of wearing clothes that reveals your underlings. Claire Danes looks like she was caught red-handed in this picture.

It's either the shine or the one size fits all that makes this dress ill-fitting on Mischa Barton, but it just looks off.

Slits on the size of her pants is a style that I wore almost ten years ago. Michelle Rodriguez wants to be different, but she's too crazy for my taste.

Erika Christensen should have chosen a cuter dress to show off some pounds that's lost recently because she looks kind of cheesy here in this outfit with the white shades matching the white strip on her dress.

This dress isn't ugly per se, but Rose McGowan's lack of a bra under the dress makes it look horrible.

My Fave In Shorts

What is Sienna Miller wearing? Are those actually gold colored boots? I am not a fan of Miss Miller.

Lindsay Lohan's sister Ali is on the path to becoming like her sister. Already being followed by paparazzi, she seems to enjoy all the attention. I actually just bought the top of this outfit on Ali and am loving it. Couldn't bring myself to buy the matching shorts.

My Fave: Maybe it's because I'm a huge Reese Witherspoon fan, but I am totally feeling this simple outfit.

You can barely see it, but Kirsten Dunst actually has shorts underneath here. This outfit would have been okay if the shorts were actually visible. Otherwise, it looks like she was trying to wear this as a dress but decided to throw on the shorts at the last minute because it was too short.

Style Watch: Jessica Biel

These are all shots of Jessica Biel on her new movie set. What do you think of her darker hair look? It totally changes her.

Weight Watchers

It's the Hollywood pose - push your shoulders back and try to stick out your chest and see how thin you can really look! Lauren Conrad perfects it and actually does look like she has slimmed down.

Heather Graham definitely is starting to have the lollipop look (where the head looks like the lollipop and the rest is just a stick).

Clothing so matters when it comes to making you look thinner or bigger. In this outfit, Rihanna totally looks slim but just a few days ago, she looked like she had gained some weight.

Marcia Cross looks great! It's not easy losing 90 added pounds!

Victoria Beckham must be doing something right with the diet that she's put her fellow "Spice Girls" on because Geri Haliwell looks to be at the beginning of the scary skinny body.

Has Drew Barrymore gained a few pounds? And, why is she carrying the same purse as Cameron Diaz that drew so much criticism?

Whatever diet Posh put on Geri Haliwell is definitely not working for "Scary Spice" Melanie Brown.

My Fave In Dresses

Danii Minogue looks classy yet trendy in this animal print.

There's a reason why Michelle Pfeiffer finally got her star- look at her! She's absolutely beautiful.

Catherine Bell does look different with rumored plastic surgery and Erika Christenson looks great in white with some weight loss?

This Grecian inspired dress looks kind of drab on Rachel Miner.

Talk about using curtains for material - Sarah Jessica Parker dons the latest material here in this picture!

Maybe it's the pose and the lips, but Ashley Tisdale looks annoying in this picture and bubble dress.

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are BFFS? out of the office. Love Jenna's dress.

Kylie Minogue has been seen photographed in a ton of dresses lately. Not feeling this black one though.

The one shoulder dress is still in I guess because Shanna Moakler actually looks good here.

My Fave: Love this dress on Rihanna. The lenth and style are perfect! What happened to her cane?

Pregnancy Prediction: Debra Messing

Rumor has it that Debra Messing is pregnant with her second child. Not sure if I believe it or not, but she has been wearing dresses that are very loose in the front. I am a huge Debra Messing fan, so any news of her is fun to read about. I also like that she never reverted back to her skeletal frame after she gave birth. She looks great!

Fashion Disasters

Once again, the pucker and pouty lips are back. Mary-Kate Olsen continues to baffle me with her fashion style or lack thereof.

Are bathing suits like this style that Paris Hilton is wearing in? A lot of celebrities are wearing them. It is too weird for me. Also, I thought camouflage print was last summer's trend. Is that still in?

Love the color on Britney Spears, but I don't think she has the body to pull this dress off. What do you all think?

Lil' Kim is a fashion disaster. Period.

Not sure what the deal is here with Rosario Dawson's outfit, but the color palettes and prints are all off except for the yellow flats.

Somebody help Ms. Spears with her fashion because everything she wears ends up being a disaster.

Paul Abdul does not have the body to wear high-waisted pants and these suspender cut-offs are no exception.

Bump Watch: Nicole Richie

So, do you believe her? Is Nicole Richie really with child? I'm holding out until I actually see a baby. She does look like she has gained some weight though. Her face looks fuller.

Fashion Watch: Beyonce Knowles

What is Beyonce wearing in this picture? The pants look too short, the belt only draws attention to her bottom heavy part, and is that cropped jacket metallic?

My Fave In Casual Dress

My Fave: Nikki Hilton's black dress is totally cute!

The pattern on this dress on Kylie Minogue is just too crazy for my taste!

Ashlee Simpson looks really cute in this cute but funky dress.

If Mena Suvari is trying to channel Marilyn Monroe in this dress, she should have thought about it before she shaved her hair.

I don't know why I'm just not feeling the sheer sleeves or the sheer look in general even though Courtney Cox is one of those women that seems to be aging well the natural way.