Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

Those are some fierce boots on Hayden. Check out mom's look behind her.

She loves these grey boots. They do look rpretty cool.

Wearing the trendy look for this season, white fluffy top with black pencil skirt.

She looks like she should here - a carefree 18 year old girl.

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Is it me or has Serena Williams been looking good lately? She also seems to be slimmer.

What a shame to waste all that money on getting your body back to hiding it under sweats - Britney Spears.

Ashlee Simpson looks the same weight wise. Slimmer but not overly so.

Eva Longoria looks so tiny next to her ginormous husband, Tony Parker.

Has Heidi Klum gained some weight? Nah, she's in her ski attire.

Looking thinner than usual - Nikki Hilton.

I believe Naomi Watts still has some baby weight to lose, but it is so good to see that she's doing it the slow way.

Rebecca Gayheart looks like she's gained a few pounds here. You can see it visibly in her arms.

Gaining some of the weight she lost recently and adding an ugly wig - Rumer Willis.

Salma Hayek looks great for having given birth not l ong ago.

Ali Larter continues to whittle down.

Why is no one intervening on behalf of Amy Winehouse?

Has Jennifer Hudson gained some weight recently?

Showing off her size 2 body - Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Kelly Clarkson has definitely gained weight since she won American Idol.

Fashion Watch: Paris Hilton

Having more misses in fashion than hits - this one is a definite miss!

Love the white trimming on her coat.

Another miss for sure!

Do men actually find her sexy?

Her thighs look wide here.

Still Rextremely Thin: Jenna Jameson

Looking a tad classier here.

I adore this dress.

She looks a little healthier, but she is still rextremely thin!

Jessica Simpson's Love Style

Is it me or does she look like the old Jessica Simpson again since dating Tony Romo? She looks thinner, healthier, and glowing.

Sporting Tony Romo's jersey at his game didn't help him win that day!

Kristen Bell Shops For the Perfect Holiday Dress

How annoying is it to have every outfit your try on photographed? It's a good thing she looks good in almost all of these dresses. This is one is my fave.

Too much gold for my liking.

Okay, this one is not great.

"Just checking to see if they are still there."

Fashion Watch: Tara Reid

How did Tara Reid lose so much weight so fast? Cute dress.

Tara Reid has never given birth, but her stomach looks like she's had triplets.

She really needs to give up her tweeny look. She's freaking 32 years old!

For once, Tara Reid looks presentable.

Fashion Watch: Katie Holmes

Cute and matching hairstyles with daughter Suri.

I thought color jeans were out of style.

The perfect family.

Katie Holmes has been looking rather thin these days. Maybe that's why she's looking a little downcast here?

That's One Way To Get Attention

Seeing how her new movie The Golden Compass tanked at the box office, Nicole Kidman decided to take things into her own hands...or rather her own clothes. That is one atrocious outfit.