Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weight Watcher: The Knowles Women

Tina, Solange, andBeyonce Knowles at Solange's recent birthday party. There is a reason why Beyonce gets all the press coverage because she is one beautiful woman! As a side note, the Knowles sisters look like they have gained some weight recently. They still look beautiful, of course. Just saying. I wonder what their sisterly relationship is like.

Nicole Richie Sighting!

Okay, so you really can't see her because she has supposedly sold the rights to some magazine to watch her "baby bump." Here she is with her rumored fiance Joel Madden. She is 12 weeks pregnant and is probably not showing yet. I still don't know if I believe all the rumors. Time will tell, I guess.

Fashion Watch: Fergie

I know that the "vest" look was resurrected by Kate Moss, but I am not a huge fan of this trend. The vests are always super tight and it makes you look like a tramp. Unless you are super thin and beautiful like Ms. Moss, no one should be wearing this trend. And especially not with rolled-up denim shorts singing at at the Live Earth concert, Fergie!

Fashion Watch: Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado's weight seems to fluctuate somewhat to me. One minute she's super thin and the next she looks like she has put on some weight. Unfortunately, she has a pear shape body so her weight gain is always most noticeable around her hips. Which brings me to her hides all the right areas. I am loving this color blue trend because most people look good in this color. I actually don't mind the ruffles in the front either. It works somehow.

Weight Watcher: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes' weight has stabilized to a good weight. Bikini season is so upon us. Who wears heels like hers to the beach?

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

Does anybody know if Britney Spears has a stylist? Does she look in the mirror before she leaves the house? I really want to believe that she's going to make a comeback, but I think that she's just enjoying her freedom right now. The man escorting her is her bodyguard and rumored new love.

Back to Work: Jennifer Garner

Whenever I look at pictures of Jennifer Garner, she totally reminds me of someone I know. She just has that "normal" look and not "movie star." I really like that she spiced up her drab outfit with a red purse. Totally cute!

My Favorite Supermodel: Heidi Klum

I don't know why I like Heidi Klum so much, but she just seems so down to earth. She said in a recent interview that she never starved herself to look skeletal like her "co-models" because she wants to feel good about herself. Starvation or not, I think she looks great! It's hard to believe that she's a mom of three. She also said that she will not be adding any more kids to her family for now. You can watch her and her cute accent on Project Runway!

Eva Longoria Gets Married!

They are officially married! I hope it lasts!

Felicity Huffman attends with husband William H. Macy. I am glad to see that Ms. Huffman's weight has somewhat stabilized. She has said in interviews that she struggled with bulimia.

Brenda Strong, Nicolette Sheridan, and Felicity Huffman.

Teri Hatcher

Of course, what would a wedding be without fashionable dresses? My pick is Nicolette Sheridan's dress because it just seems to scream "take me to a wedding!" However, I think it might be a little tight on her.

Who's Your Favorite American Idol?

This season's winner: Jordin Sparks

American Idol Season #1 Winner Kelly Clarkson

American Idol Winner #2 Ruben Studdard

AI Winner #3 Fantasia Barrino

AI Winner #4 Carrie Underwood

AI Winner #5 Taylor Hicks

Who is your favorite American Idol? Even though her newest album My December is not doing so hot, I still favor Ms. Kelly Clarkson. She's unique and definitely talented. I really like Carrie Underwood, too because I think she's not only talented but really pretty. For her, losing the extra 30 pounds since her AI days definitely changed her look. For the better, of course.

Weight Gainer: Sienna Miller

Any time you put a piece of crochet tablecloth on, it's definitely bound to add a couple of pounds.

I don't know what the deal is with Sienna Miller in this picture (she's on the set of a Valentino shooting), but you can see her slight weight gain here. Is it me or are her eye-brows in a need of some waxing?

Trend Alert: Extra Large Ray Ban Glasses

The sunglasses have had its share of trends. It started with enough shade to cover the eyes and it got larger and larger as the starlets got thinner and thinner. First it was the Jacklyn Kennedy style of the 50s, and then the Aviator shades made its debut with the size getting bigger as well. Now, the Ray Bans are back. Of course, if you want to get some, get some of the extra large ones like what Paris Hilton is wearing as she continues to shop and stay out of night clubs.