Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Emmy Fashion In Silver and Gold

Sarah Chalke's dress is actually kind of a light brown, but I'm totally feeling the ruffles. I think she needs to stop conforming to the Hollywood skinny though or should I say rexi?

Pretty tame dress for Eva Longoria.

I don't know what Hayden Panetierre was thinking when she chose this dress. She looks pregnant and wrinkly. Please, please tell me that she will not start dating Milo. They sat next to each other at the Emmys.

Jenna Fisher looks like a Christmas present in this dress.

Mindy Kaling does not have the bod or height for this dress.

Patria Heaton is much too old to be wearing gold.

Emmy Fashion In Blue

I really like this dress on Rebecca Gayheart because the trendy "poof" helps in her rexi frame.

Beautiful America Ferrera kind of boring.

Midnight blue and sparkling, Chandra Wilson steps on the red carpet.

Matching together, Ellen Degeners and Portia DeRossi.

Helen Mirren grows old so gracefully and "Emmyly."

Kristen Bell's dress is just like Ali Larter's except hers is red.

Emmy Fashion In White

I am loving Rebecca Romijin's 20s inspired dress. Love that it's longer in length as well.

Why is Lisa Rinna famous? She looks like a washed up plastic has been.

Jamie Lynn Sigler is wearing a shade almost white and it looks good on her.

Beautiful and flowing in white, Marcia Cross graces the stage.

Angela Kinsey's dress looks like it's about to fall off. Maybe she forgot to eat in the last ten days?

Poor Alicia Silverstone. Maybe her vegan diet has stolen her sense of style. Poofy hair and dress from the 80s?

Love this dress on Debra Messing. She looks great! What happened to her rumored baby bump?

Katherine Heigl looks like a mermaid here. I'm not sure why she won an Emmy because she's annoying on GA.

Emmy Fashion in Black

Paula Abdul's dress reminds me of my three year old's cut out papers.

Something is a little off here with Rachel Griffiths dress. Bows on weird places and hem line looks unfinished.

Simple and classic, Sandra Oh steps out with prom hair.

I'm not sure why Kelly Osbourne chose this disaster to show off her slimmer body.

Kyra Sedgwick livens up the black with ruffles and tiers. She's looking rexi here.

I wouldn't have chosen to wear this dress if I were Mariska Hargitay. It accentuates the wide waist too much.

Kind of boring for Michelle Pfeiffer.

Good choice for Patricia Arquette. Flattering to her healthy body.

Edie Falco forgot to take off all the cotton balls off her dress before she went to the Emmys.

Ellen Pompeo poofs up her hair to add some pounds to her rexi and rail frame.

Looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt lost a lot of weight to get ready for the Emmys.

Jamie Pressly also looks like she's been starving just to get into this dress. Good thing because she had to get on stage to receive her statue.

Emmy Fashion In Red

Simple and elegant, Ali Larter looks like the perfect "lady in red."

It's hard to wear a dress this tight and still manage to look good, but Mary-Louise Parker looks radiant despite a small bulge in the belly. Probably just the angle.

Heidi Klum favors the high slit in the front to show off her long legs.

Stunning and flawless, Kate Walsh shows us how satin should be worn.

For some reason, this red seems too bright to me even if Queen Latifah is the one wearing it.