Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker Brings Fashion Back!

After all these years, Sarah Jessica Parker still looks the same! Except, why is she wearing a curtain as a dress?

Women all over the world will now have inspiration for their wardrobes as Sex and the City returns on the screen!

Fashion Watch: CW's Gossip Girls

"Gossip Girl centers on the lives of young adults residing on New York’s Upper East Side as they deal with sex, drugs and other teenage issues. However, in the privileged prep school world lies an ultra-secretive girl known only as Gossip Girl who gives exclusive scoops and disseminates the latest controversial news through text messages. Of course, her gossip just complicates everything while leaving the mystery of her identity."

Of course I didn't watch the premiere of this show since I live across the ocean, but the buzz around this show is that the actresses are all pretty thin...some even rexi thin. What do you think?

Blake Lively is Serena van der Woodsen, one of the main characters. You might remember her from the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She has definitely lost weight since that movie.

Nan Chang (an Asian girl!) is Kati and Nicole Fiscella is Isabel.

Leighton Meester plays Blair Waldorf, Serena's good friend. You might know her from Surface and Blind Trust.

Taylor Momsen is Jenny.

Fashion Disasters

Nicolette Sheridan should stick to dresses because she looks weird in this "suit." The color totally washes her out and the fur hemline on the top look awful!

Maybe spending some time in jail has messed up more than Paris Hilton's reputation - she also forgot hot to dress!

Victoria Beckham's boys had a craft time with mom today: Let's glue mom with lots and lots of 3x5 green cloths!

I dare say that Kimberly Stewart's face actually looks good here, but her dress is too one size too small and the hole in the middle has got to go! And what in the world is outlining her pocket?

Avril Lavigne - please just stay inside because you obviously don't know how to dress for the outside!

Courtley Love who is currently 136 pounds wants to be 125 (that's extremely low for her height) looks atrocious here.

Now, where's Waldo? Oh, that's Drew Barrymore on a movie set.

Debbra Messing wore her maid's grandmother's miu miu to go out and about today.

Debbie Harry - how old are you? Why are you trying to dress like your tweenaged granddaughter?

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

Cute dress. I still don't like her though...and please tell me Milo has better and older tastes!

I don't know why Hayden chooses to wear such tiny and tight shirts. It only makes her look boxier.

Her Pre-Emmy dress is so much better than her Emmy disaster!

Because We Are Obsessed with Celebrity Weight

Christinna Ricci is one of those celebrities that fluctuates in weight a lot. Here she is on the lower end of her weight. What is the deal with the bowl cut?

Heidi Klum repeatedly says that she doesn't diet, but she is looking thinner and thinner. Here she is shooting some TV commercial with husband Seal. Maybe she just doesn't eat?

Kelly Osbourne continues to wow her fans with a some glam in a lower weight.

Reese Witherspoon seems to have stabilized her weight here. I hope she doesn't go rexi on us again. She tends to look super skinny during premiere time.

Pink's weight seems to have stabilized as well. Not sure why she's not eating that yummy sandwich in front of her.

My Fave Casual Dress

You can't really see Kirsten Dunst's dress, but she looks better here than her normal days.

I remember Keira Knightley wearing this dress before. Fun to see that celebrities actually re-wear their clothes.

Not feeling Kate Walsh's ginormous flower dress.

My Fave: I love the new spin of Kate Walsh's denim dress with the suspenders as straps.

Okay, so you really can't see what Natalie Portman is wearing, but doesn't she look super cool here?

Cameron Diaz on a movie set.

Diane Kruger going glam on a shopping spree!

Demi Moore's dress should really have been under the disaster post, but I think she's going for the retro look.

Is Dita von Teese going to a funeral?

Kate Bosworth's dress reminds me of a maid outfit.

Fashion Disasters: Sharon Stone

You know what I'm most afraid of when I'm wearing white? Yeah, and Sharon Stone went and bought a dress to make my worst fear come true. Is she trying to tell the whole world she's on her period?

The older Sharon Stone gets, the worse her fashion sense has become. She looks totally off here.

While Demi Moore is glowing in her new skin under the knife, Sharon Stone just looks really plasticky.

Beyonce Morphs Into Rihanna

All that talk about Beyonce being jealous of Rihanna is pure rubbish right? Then why has Beyonce morphed into Rihanna? The dark hair, the nose, the's all there.

Back to Rexi Angelina Jolie

Have you noticed that Angelina Jolie actually doesn't have any fashion styles? Why would she wear skinny jeans with a shirt that looks like it's being held up by the 80s shoulder pads? And why else would she only wear black all the time?

Nice shoes though!

Magazine Covers

Jenny McCarthy's hair looks almost idenitical to Victoria Beckhams.

Rihanna "Who Can't Dance" graces yet another magazine cover.

Poor Britney Spears! Check out the artical about Jessica Simpson's war with her weight. That totally cracks me up!

Chloe Sevigny is one of those actresses that begs me to ask, "Why is she an actress?"

Charlize Theron looking flawless here.

I don't know why they would photoshop a pregnant Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Jennifer Garner glams it up on this cover because we know what she really looks like when she toting little Violet around.

Fashion Watch: Britney Spears

Britney Spears has won this shirt/dress before, but this time she's wearing it with tights. Smart move, Britney. What's the deal with the glasses?

This outfit is pure disaster!

I'm not sure if this is recent or not, but I am loving her in this yellow dress!

Jennifer Aniston Movie Set Fashion

I love that long sweater on Jennifer Aniston, but why is she wearing three seasons ago Uggs?

Doesn't she just look like she could be your friend?

Cute dress. She must be keeping warm with the sweater and comfortable with the flip-flops.

I'm glad to see that she's not rexi looking anymore. Healthy and fit.