Monday, November 5, 2007

Jennifer Lopez Is Ginormous!

Well, she would be if she's NOT pregnant.

It doesn't seem like she's gaining weight anywhere else but the belly.

She's positively glowing though. Can't say the same about her skeletor husband, Mark Anthony.

Fashion Watch: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is not wearing the scarf trend well. Her scarves are too wide to look good on her. It makes her look messy all over. Her boots, however are awesome.

Not tights and no big scarves. Not bad.

The tights and big scarf is back. Ugh.

I think her sister Ali Lohan is going to be so much prettier if she isn't already.

She really needs a splash of color as well. Very drabby.

A better scarf improvement.

Celebrity Runner: Katie Holmes

Looking radiant after her New York marathon run but still being "held up" by Tom Cruise.

Rumor has been circulating the internet that Katie Holmes was training for the New York marathon and she put all of that to rest and finished it in 5:29:58. It's not bad for a first time but not great. I ran my first marathon in 3:46:29. I wonder if she'll run again. It really is that addictive. I was training to run an ultramarathon (50 miles) but decided against it because it would take time away from my family too much. It's one of my goals in life, so it'll still be there.