Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Maternity Fashion

Isla Fisher not looking bad for how huge she's getting. I need some sandals like hers. Celebrities everywhere are wearing them!

Halle Berry sporting a huge bump for 14 weeks!

Julianne Marguilles slims down her bump in LBD.

Salma Hayek still hasn't had her baby?

My Fave In Skirts

Ashley Olsen is resurrecting the 90s tight mini skirt. Watch for this trend!

Helen Hunt looking older in the typical skirt.

Kate Bosworth sporting the longer version of the tight 90s skirt that is making its way back.

Again, Michelle Williams in the 90s tight mini skirt.

Sophia Bush looks blue in a sea of blue.

Janet Jackson Loses More Weight

This is the old Janet Jackson that we all know and love. Original, cool, and classy.

Not sure about the ginormous hoop earring though.

Look how tiny Janet Jackson looks sitting next to Ashanti.

Very classy red dress.

Fashion in Pants

Some web site said that this is Kim Kardashian, but I think this is one of her sisters that looks a lot like her. I can't believe she's wearing this "suit." It's so out of style.

Mischa Barton refuse to admit that she has put on weight and still squeezes into tight, tight pants and short, short shirts.

Mary-Kate and her funky pants.

Washed out Sharon Stone.

Just another normal family in the day and life of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and baby Suri.

Another leather pant for Mary-Kate Olsen?

There's the punk rock look in Ashlee Simpson that we all adore!

Christina Applegate goes natural!

Carrie Anne Moss looks like she needs a nap!

Hilary Duff Dances and Parties!

Look at Hilary Duff move!

Her outfit is kind of strange though.

Love this LBD. She looks great! Not rexi thin but slim.

Looks like she's having fun! Do you think she's drunk?

Kate Bosworth Rexi or Not?

There is no doubt that Kate Bosworth is losing weight again. I'm not sure she's Rexi yet, but if she keeps losing weight....

Fashion Disaster: Avril Lavigne

These pictures speak for themselves. From her hair down to her shoes, she's a total mess. Not to mention she's got an ego of an elephant!

Another Rexi Day For Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie continues to frolic around New York with her toothpick legs and huge sweaters. If she was shorter, I would've mistaken her for Mary-Kate Olsen.

S.S.S. - Sarah Silverman Sucks!

I don't care how badly Britney Spears performed or whether she heard about Sarah Silverman's jokes before or after her show, but you NEVER, NEVER, EVER make fun of a mother's children! If Sarah Silverman had any heart, she would not have said that Britney Spears' boys was a "adorable mistakes." Sarah Silverman, you suck! Who are you to speak? You are fat and ugly! And besides that, you're dating Jimmy Kimmel! Shut up and go back to the hole you came from! Stop saying racist jokes!

Mega Fashion Dresses Post

Reese Witherspoon in LBD.

Sarah Michelle Gellar also in LBD.

Have you noticed how Sarah Michelle Gellar looks different recently? Maybe the weight loss is also causing her to lose some essential vitamins for the natural glow.

It must be cold where Uma Thurman is because this jacket and scarf with a floral dress looks ridiculous!

Beyonce in a gold dress for what else? American Express card, gold.

Tyra Banks looks homely here.

Tori Spelling proves that the NutriSystem diet does indeed work in her svelte figure. Lose that ugly pouty smile though.

Is Victoria Beckham trying to up the models at Fashion Week? She's working it with the dress, pose, and of course the non-smile.

Lauren Conrad and her Hills co-stars presenting Justin Timberlake with 'The Artist of the Year' award in which he declined to receive from them or to utter a word of thanks. They actually had to have a mysterious fourth presenter get up, take the award, give it Timbanland who then gave it to JT. What a dork! He's so full of himself!

Reese Witherspoon reminds us all that you can never go wrong with a strapless dress.

Rachel Hunter in strapless.

Not feeling the weird print and colors on Rebecca Romijin's dress.

If I lost all my baby weight and then some, I wouldn't show it off here in this dress as worn by Rachel Weiz.

Sarah Chalke takes us back to the 80s with this dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker reminds us that she's still got some Carrie Bradshaw style.

Nikki Hilton looks plain here.

Pamela Anderson's still got it!

How does Pamela Anderson keep in shape?

Did Paris Hilton forget to change out of her negligee?

Petra Nemcova working this dress!

Somebody forgot to tell Melissa Joan Hart that those pockets are for looks only, not for actually putting your hands in.

Not sure what the deal is with Michelle Rodriguez, but looks quite feminine here in this dress.

Not easy to pull off a dress this thin and tight, but Michelle Rodriguez does.

I can't wait for Mena Suvari's hair to grow out. I feel like everything she wears is ruined by her hair...or lack of.

No matter what Michelle Trachtenberg wears, she's just not the glamorous type.

Lisa Rinna definitely favors animal prints.

Haven't seen Leelee Sobieski around much. She's another one that I think has great talents, but I'm afraid she's a little too quirky for Hollywood.

Mya is bringing purple to people's minds.

Maggie Grace looks lovevly and sweet here.

Minka Kelly ruins her dress by wearing too dark of hosiery.

Future Heroes castmate Kristen Bell must have lost a lot of weight from fitting room to red carpet because it looks like it's too big for her.

Katherine McPhee shows us NOT to match brown on brown. Love the splash of color purple!

Kimberly Stewart looks normal?

Is Laura Prepon going back to the 70s Show in this dress?

Doesn't it make you feel nostalgic when stars like Leanne Rhymes are all grown up and married?

Blue and chic Emmy Rossum.

I had a dress like Helen Hunt's in the 90s.

Ivana Trump, dear, you are too old to be wearing a dress with lace.

This is much better, Ivana Trump!

Don't know why, but I have a feeling that this dress completely washed out any color in Jamie Lyn Sigler.

Ever wonder if Ciara thinks of herself as white or black?

Cate Blanchet almost always looks stunning, but I'm not feeling this weird assemble of colors and patterns on her dress.

Now this is the way to wear bows on a dress - thank you Carmen Electra!

I wonder if Carrie Underwood realizes that this dress adds ten pounds to her frame?

See the difference a dress that fits properly can do for you? Carrie Underwood looks thin and pretty here as opposed to the above picture. Same body different dress

I'm so used to Fergie's hair being parted in the middle that she looked weird to me at first in this picture. I'm totally loving the updated version of the 20s flapper dress.

The purple lips and weird cut-out on the side of Ashlee Simpson's dress only makes me want to LOL.

Alicia Silverstone in typical but classy LBD.

Brooke Burke is all ruffled out!

Love this dress on Ciara!