Monday, September 10, 2007

My Fave Casual Dress

Kylie Minogue's dress is very cute and unique, but she's looking a little rexi.

Victoria Beckham in her signature short dress.

Tori Spelling must own a lot of dresses in green.

Rachel Hunter in typical LBD.

Nikki Hilton looking good in white.

Lauren Conrad and her Hills posse.

Kelly Brook reminds me of a clown in this dress.

Who but celebrities like Mischa Barton would wear a dress like this to walk their dogs?

Whatever people say about Britney Spears, I still like her.

The Beauty and the Beast - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.

Ashton Kutcher looks older here with Demi Moore. Maybe she's sucking up all his youth.

My Fave: Don't know why I really like Fergie's combo of a mod dress, big purse, and hat here.

Goldie Hawn still holding onto her youth by refusing to dress and look her age.

Rexi Watch: Jaslene Gonzales

If Jaslene Gonzales doesn't have rexi, then I don't know who does. She looks horrible! People were not created to be rexi thin! She definitely needs help! On the other hand, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is glowing in her second pregnancy, but she looks like a whale standing next to rexi Jaslene.

My Fave In Jeans

Kate Beckinsale looking chic and casual in jeans with a splash of animal print in her wallet/clutch.

I'm assuming Marcia Cross still has some bulge in her belly area because of the outfit she chose.

Rachel Bilson finally comes out of hiding. Here she is out to lunch with her mom (who looks really hip by the way). Ms. Bilson looks like she's got some added weight on her thigh area. Still very slim. Just saying.

When the glam is off, it comes ALL the way off. Jennifer Garner, the ever doting mom to 21 month old daughter Violet with Ben Affleck. Hasn't she heard of a stroller? I swear, she's always holding onto Violet.

It's good to see that Jennifer Love Hewitt has embraced her fuller figure.

My Fave: Jessica Simpson looks sweet and summery here. I almost bought a shirt like hers once, but seeing how I'm a mom now, I thought I should probably not walk around with my belly showing.

Love the wide-legged jeans on Kate Beckinsale.

Poor Lindsay Lohan all alone in Utah working on her alcohol and drug problems while the world parties away.

Has Jennifer Aniston stopped caring about how she looks? She's looking rather drabby here.

Amanda Peet jumps on the wide-legged jeans look.

Charlize Theron reminds the world that skinny jeans still rule the world.

Either Courtney Thorne-Smith is pregnant or she has gotten uber fat.

Jessica Biel should switch hair colors with Nelly Furtado ASAP.

Maternity Fashion

Even though Christina Aguilera hasn't officially with her pregnancy announcement, Paris Hilton has done it for her. It is obvious that she is with child, otherwise she's totally letting herself go.

That's a short dress, Christina! I hope she didn't have to bend over for anything!

Nicole Richie looking kind of pale here. I hope she's still eating.

I'm going to enjoy watching Halle Berry get big! She strikes me as someone who's going to get ginormous because she probably had to watch her weight all her life. And like all Hollywood moms, she'll probably starve herself back to pre-pregnancy weight.

VMA Fashion Dresses

Shanna Moakler goes a little casual in this dress. Why is she still with him?

Nicole Scherzinger shows up at the VMA as a solo artist. Do you think the other Pussycat Dolls are jealous?

Channelling the 50s buffant look, Paris Hilton shows up as a tiger.

Rihanna "Who Can't Dance" looks "material girl" hot in this dress!

Rosario Dawson in LBD.

Why was Shar Jackson invited?

Lil' Mama knew she wouldn't get photographed unless she came in a fashion disaster outfit. I pity her!

Melanie Brown looking good in white!

It's probably just the angle, but Megan Fox looks kind of rexi here.

Mary J. Blige looks good in brown sans the blonde wig.

Nelly Furtado needs to change her hair color back. She's not looking good.

Ashanti shows up in more curves.

Alicia Keys wearing the dress that Nelly Furtado almost wore.

Ashlee Simpson proves she's the better Simpson sister even though she's looking rexi here.

Has Beyonce been eating more lately? She looks bigger here. That dress isn't doing her any favors either.

When Jennifer Garner glams up, she definitely glams it up! Is that a pooch I see?

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panettiere

I had to laugh when I saw this picture of Hayden. Wearing a trench coat with Ray Bans, flip-flops, and holding a purple purse - the epitomy of "I've arrived in Hollywood" look.

Excuse me, Hayden, aren't you too old to be sitting on Milo Ventimagalia's lap?

I hope nothing romantic evolves between Hayden and her Heroes co-star Milo.

She reminds me of a Solid Gold dancer here. Except she's short.

Looks like she lost a few pounds just in the for last night's Video Music Awards. Her dress is all right, I guess.