Friday, September 7, 2007

Rexi Watch: Angelina Jolie

Look at her legs. Angelina Jolie is getting more and more rexi thin every day!

My Fave In Jeans

Those boots have got to go, Sienna Miller!

Do you think her wrap/sweater will become the "it" thing?

What kind of vest is Jessica Simpson wearing? She is looking good still!

Even though I love the wide-legged jeans look, I'm not feeling the band vest on Kate Beckinsale.

Now, that's so much better Kylie Minogue!

Lindsay Lohan more than ripped at the jeans. Her life is in shambles right now.

Shakira favors the jeans with tank top look a lot.

Even Britney Spears has to use toilet that stinks! She should come to China! Every toilet you go, even in a five star hotel stinks!

Faith Hill beautiful as ever!

Gina Gershon extends her legs with pointy heels.

The shrinking Geri Haliwell.

My Fave: Love the layered look and funky straw hat on Heidi Klum.

Maternity Fashion

Christina Aguilera looks cool and sweet in this dress.

I always find it funny that after celebrities officially announce that they are pregnant, they instantly have a huge bump. Look at Halle Berry! She might need to find some better undergarments though.

Helena Bonham is not wearing maternity well. I guess she always looks kind of weird.

The scarf look again on Nicole Richie.

Doesn't Nicole Richie look like a cow at Fashion Rocks?

Fashion Dresses

Sophia Bush looks classy and beautiful in this navy blue dress.

Jessica Simpson tries to look clasy until you turn he around.

My Fave: Ruffles are totally in right now and I love how there's only a hint of it on Sophia Bush's dress.

I think Tyra Banks took the Fashion Rocks thing literally by putting "rocks" on top of her head. She is wearing the trendy heeled man's loafers.

Teri Hatcher sticks out in a sea of black with silver and pink shoes.
Elle McPherson looking beautiful in the trendy blue dress.

Emily Proctor looks slimmer wearing this dress that is more on the ugly side.
Why is Hilary Swank famous again?

Jessia Alba looking a little healthier here.

Jennifer Lopez, the ever changing fashionista in a very different dress
Alicia Keys is beautiful but in a boring dress.

Britney didn't make the fashion disaster! Yeah!
CariDee English in a cute pink dress.

Ciara takes the goddess look to whole new level.
Demoi Moore who never ages.

Fashion Disasters

Avril Lavigne - you just need to pick a look and stick with it. Get rid of the pink hair dye and chunky shoes if you want to look like a blond bombshell.

Jamie-Lyn Sigler is too plaid for me.

Julie Newmar, you are old. No one wants to see your bra.

Naomi Campbell looks like a bird here in this frock.

Normally, Sophia Bush dresses pretty well, but she totally chose the wrong shirt to go with these shorts. What happened to her neck? And, I'm not positive she's got the legs to wear these shorts.

Fashion Watch: Carrie Underwood

I don't know why, but Carrie Underwood reminds me of a bumble bee in this outfit. She looks really pretty though. I wonder how Kelly Clarkson feels when she sees Carrie around.

I would say that Carrie Underwood has changed the most since her American Idol days. Not only did she lose 30 pounds and maintain it, but she keeps getting prettier and prettier.

And, of course she's very talented. I see why Faith Hill is jealous of her. In some ways, she reminds me a lot of Faith Hill.