Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Star Jones sheds her fat look well.

Elizabeth Hurley is an example to women out there who can't get rid of their belly.

Does Aunt Becky aka Lori Loughlin ever age?

Lindsay Lohan is slimming down rather quickly.

Renee Zellweger looking a tad bit healthier.

Are my eyes deceiving me or is Rachel Zoe looking better with a couple more pounds?

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is pregnant, but I don't see it. All I see is a rextremely thin body.

Cindy Crawford although looks great for her age looks like she's heavier than in recent past.

Has Christina Ricci lost some more weight?

Geri Haliwell is almost as thin as Victoria Beckham now.

All that dancing has actually helped Jennie Garth lose the weight.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

When will Paris Hilton learn that she can't wear costumes like this because of her reputation?

Steven Tyler posing as Johnny Depp in Pirates.

Can't see the rest of Kate Hudson's costume, but she looks good with that wig.

Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson's step dad also dressed as a sailor. How cute! Barf. Corny.

Ashley Olsen wearing an actual costume, but who is she supposed to be?

Nikki Hilton probably picked this costume so that she can show off her rextremely thin figure.

Can you believe this is Doogie Howser aka Neil Patrick Harris.

Tacky and ill-fitted costumes on Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

Adrianne Curry dares to go skin tight.

I didn't know that Avril Lavigne dressed as herself for Halloween.

Jamie Lee Curtis looks good for her age - 48.

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gylenhaal. No idea who they are supposed to be.

Celebrity Runners

Obviously, Felicity Huffman's legs are photoshopped, but she is a runner. She is a recovered bulimic also.

George Clooney is a man that likes to keep in shape because he doesn't want to be overweight. There was a time when George looked like he was anorexic.

Fashion Watch: Sarah Michelle Gellar

I wouldn't have put this ensemble together, but it works on her tiny frame. I wonder if she's afraid people will say she'll look like her mother when she grows older.

Looking slightly healthier weight wise and sleek in LBD.

I love this attire. Very bold statement by choosing brown boots insteada of black.

Fashion Watch: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is not known for her fashion sense, but she has been looking rather cute lately. Not many people can look good in this dress, but LC pulls it off well. Perhaps it's because she's on the lower end of her weight.

Wearing a simple and casual LBD, she shops at America's #1 store: Target. I love it when the sale has an extra 50% and 75% store.

Wearing the very trendy white top with black skirt look.

Skinny jeans with leather jacket and of course, the scarf pulls it all together.

My Fave Dress

Not exactly sure what look Diane Kruger was going on here, but this dress looks very ill-fitted.

Even though she's crazy and rude, Naomi Campbell looks pretty flawless in this dress. No fat or rolls anywhere.

Seriously, is anybody watching Lucy Liu on Cashmere Mafia? She's trying so hard to be eccentric like Carrie Bradshaw.

Green is in right now, but definitely not this shade of green, Alison Sweeney!

For some reason, instead of looking like a Grecian goddess, Diane Kruger looks like another overly dressed Hollywood starlet.

Has Kathy Griffin lost weight? This dress looks good on her minus the prom hair.

My Fave: I love how Portia de Rossi looks in this dress. Chic and trendy without being funky.

That's a whole lot of blue fabric on Rihanna "who can't dance."

WWTT Fashion Post

While Bai Ling is ALL covered up in this get-up, Asians should not wear orange because it completely washes them out. It also looks like a bathrobe and definitely clashes with her red hair.

Kelly Rowland wanted to show off her smaller than Beyonce frame.

Kim Kardashian does not have the body to wear a dress/shirt like this.

How does Paula Abdul walk in this dress? If you are going to wear a dress like this, then you shouldn't have a gut protruding out.

Rachel Griffith already has the homely face look, but when you add it to a homely dress, it's pure disaster.