Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weight Loser: Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the model that started the "waif" look in the 90s. She looks like she's bringing the waif look back. At 34 years of age, she shouldn't look this skeletal. What do you all think?

New Mom Weight Loser: Kerri Russell

Some women are just born with it. Seriously. While most women take at least a year to lose their baby fat, Hollywood moms are losing it at a rapid weight. The latest celebrity to lose the baby weight fast is Kerri Russell. She is best known for her TV role in "Felicity." She just gave birth to her son two weeks ago. Look at her! I don't think she is doing anything crazy to lose her baby weight. Some women don't gain very much during pregnancy and look back to their normal size after giving birth. I lost 26 pounds after giving birth to my second daughter almost immediately. It does happen. The question is, how much more will she lose?

Jenny McCarthy's Dress: Love It or Hate It?

Here is Jenny McCarthy in an usual dress sporting the "posh" hairstyle. She's currently dating Jim Carrey and has a four year old son who is autistic. I used to think she was so crazy on that MTV show "Singled Out" but she seems to have really mellowed out. I don't know what to think about the dress. I really like the top part but the balloon part on the bottom is kind of fugly. Not many people can pull off a dress like this in white and still look slim. Which makes me ask another question, does she also fall under the "weight loser" post?

Weight Loser: Ashlee Simpson

It seems that both Simpson sisters are losing weight! I probably shouldn't say this, but Ashlee looks so much better with plastic surgery. I remember watching an episode of "7th Heaven" one time and looking at Ashlee and thinking something's just not right with her face (of course it was her nose). I still think Jessica is hotter, but Ashlee is not looking bad! By the way, she's wearing the trend alert color that I wrote about in the previous post: magenta/fuchsia.

Weight Gainer: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan used to be so sweet in that movie remake "Parent Trap." Then, she got popular and became totally rude. I've seen her on several talk shows and she sounds arrogant. I wonder if she knows what she sounds like when she is being interviewed. She is currently in Rehab, but she has been photographed going to the gym and now at a beach. If you notice, she looks like she has gained some weight. She's not fat by any means and I'm glad there is some meat on her bones.