Friday, November 2, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

I'm confused with Tori Spelling's weight because one minute she looks like she lost all her baby weight, the next she looks like she cheated on her diet.

I guess Rachel Hunterr did lose ten pounds recently. She looks good!

Nikki Hilton should have given sister Paris some help in the Halloween costume department.

Pink is another celebrity that fluctuates with her weight a lot. She looks to have gained a few pounds here.

Serena Williams looks buff and fierce here, but somehow I doubt she was going for this look.

Tyra Banks is brave to wear this outfit. Even with her supermodel and 30 pounds less weight, I still wouldn't recommend her walking arround in this get-up.

Rextremely thin Thandie Newton wearing the trendy stapless dress over T-shirt look.

I'm impresed that Fergie has managed to maintain her weight and showing off her abs!

This is Igbi from Gossip Girl. Looks like she's joined the rextremely thin club.

Rextremely thin and age denyer - Jane Seymour.

Kelly and Jack Osbourne both showing off their thinner frames.

Elizabeth Hurley with a few extra pounds.

I wonder why America Ferrera has a trainer because she has often said that she's proud of her curves.

Alicia Keys has continued to lose weight. Looking good.

Brittny Gatineau out of the rextremely thin club for now.

Bar Rafaeli looks good for a supermodel. She was once rextremely thin, but now looks healthier.

I'm glad Christie Brinkley is proud of her body, but this outfit is ridiculous!

Go to Starbucks Instead!

In between his karate movies, Jackie Chan has decided to open up a cafe in Beijing, China. I live here and promise never to go. He's so fake!

Matenity Fashion

I was beginning to wonder when they were going to post about Nicole Richie hating being pregnant because she obviously has weight issues. I knew a girl once who was rail thin but was crying her eyes out because she had gained weight. And I knew another girl who would eat carrot sticks and had a weight limit to gain (she ended up only gaining 19 pounds). Girls who struggle with their weight ultimately have a hard time being pregnant because every pound, or ounce gained is their greatest fear actualized.

Reports are saying she's looking healthy, but she's supe tiny for being seven months pregnant. Nicole Richie will definitely be freaking out about her weight once her baby is born.

Christina Aguilera is definitely eating for two. She has all of sudden ballooned up! Her thighs and arms have gotten a lot bigger, but her face remain somewhat unchanged.

She could look so cute being pregnant, but she just looks sloppy. Christina Aguilera, admit that you are pregnant and start looking like one instead of a fat lady.

Of course Cate Blanchet has not confirmed her third pregnnacy, but I'm calling it because she's not known for wearing loose dresses.

Cate Blanchett would never let her bully burgeon this big.

Who's On Magazine Covers

Something about Carrie Underwood on the cover of this magazine looks old. Maybe the color combination? It's good to see that she's not rextremely thin anymore.

Hilary Duff continues to mature with dignity.

Why would they put Paris Hilton on a magazine?

What is the draw with Sienna Miller? Not a fan.

WWTT? Fashion

Avril Lavigne forgot that it's 2007 and not the 80s.

I usually like what Kylie Minogue wears, but this dess is absolutely atrocious.

Do you think Pamela Andeson will eve admit old age? She dresses like she's still a teenager.

I don't care how popular Sarah Jessica Parker is in the fashion world, but the men's XL trousers with the Wal-Mart vest is a definitely no-no in my book. I see why she was voted as the most unsexy celebrity.

Celion Dion Resurfaces

She's releasing her new album, so she's been out and about lately. She looks about the same after all these years. She's one of those women that look a little awkward in clothes because the whole package somehow doesn't jive well together.

Like I said, something is a little off with her. Time to get a new hairdo as well. She and Mariah Carey are definitely a little stuck. She also kind of reminds me of an older Haylie Duff.

Paris Hilton Didn't Learn Anyting in Prison

Even afte prison life, Paris Hilton is pretty much the same. Walks around being photogrpahed for doing nothing.

What in the world is she wearing here? It looks like something Victoria Beckham would wear.

She definitely looks better in skinny jeans than wide-legged ones because her thighs are pretty big.

She scares me with her crazy eye.

Basically the same dress but different theme.

My Fave LBD

My Fave: I'm really into the ruffled trend now, so anything with it is an automatic fave. This is what Liv Tyle wore to promote her perfume - 'Very Irresistable.'

What happened to Sharon Stone? It's like someone took 20 years off of her face.

This outfit on Brooke Burke is a close second because I love the loose top cinched with a belt, tights, and boots.

Not a fan of Dita von Teese and her pale body.

Seeing Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise is one of the reasons why I was never attracted to short men. She has to wear flats and do the "hunch over" so that he looks a tad taller. This dress has also begun the rounds of her second pregnancy. I think it's just the dress.

No matter how popular Kelly Ripa maybe on her show with Regis, I can't stand her and I won't watch Regis because of her. She can't interview worth a lick.

Leighton Meester reminds me so much of Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's got movie star quality for sure! He dress, on the other hand is not a fave.

Random Fashion Post

For a second there, I thought this was Jessica Alba, but it's only Shannon Elizabeth (what's up with two first names?). Dressed in the trend of tights that won't go away.

It's hard to look good in a long shirt dress, but Cameron Diaz pulls it off without a glitch.

I love this jacket on Sienna Miller. It's a re-creation of the 80s dress that has a short hem and longer hem in the back.

That's Sting's wife, Trudie Styler. Long and tight T-shirt-ish dresses with belt on the hips is definitely very "in" right now.

Good to see Victoria Beckham wearing a dress that coves up her plastic boobs, but what's with the shoulder hemline?
Katherine Heigl looking slimme in the trendy striped sweater for the fall. She has been very vocal of her loyal friendship to T.R. Knight. I wouldn't be surprised if she had something to do with ABC getting rid of Isaiah Washington.

How can Kate Moss stand with those twiggy legs?

Natatie Portman strikes me as a celebrity that really just wants to live and have a normal life. My advice? Quit acting and you will!

Nicole Scherzinger rocking the tights with the very trendy men's loafer with heels. I've been looking for these in China, but I don't think it's hit the silk alleys yet.

Why would Ashley Olsen choose to wear fur when she knows how much attention she'll get by wearing them? Peep-toe heels are still very in.

Helena Christensen looks really bad naturally, but maybe it's just the glasses. My three year old daughter has this dress.

Hilary Duff showing off her normal and healthy body.

How can anyone not like Heidi Klum? Her fashion choices are almost always flawless.