Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weight Yo-Yo: Jessica Simpson

As stated in a previous post, the fashion trend is to be skeletal skinny, but poor Jessica Simpson can't seem to catch a break. Since her divorce from Nick Lachey over a year ago, her weight seems to move faster than a yo-yo. She's now on the low end of her weight, but my prediction is that she'll keep losing the weight. After all, isn't that another trend? Break up with boyfriend lose a ton of weight?

The Shorts Outfit

I didn't know how to label this outfit, so I'll just call it the "shorts outfit." Jamie Lyn Spears aka Britney Spears' look-alike is wearing this outfit pretty well, except she's too young to be wearing. It probably makes her look ten years older. Isn't she only 16 or something? Anyway, I'm not really feeling the outfit, but Nicole Richie wore something very similar in black awhile ago.