Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Guess Who?

Guess who is sporting a cute striped jumper without her annoying boyfriend?

Fashion Watch: Long Dresses

Heather Graham donning a long pink dress with the trendy ring around the chest area. What's wrong with her face?

Jennifer Lopez looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress. I don't know why, but she's one of those celebrities that just fascinates me.

Weight Watcher: Angelina Jolie

I wonder if this articile is true about Angelina Jolie. She does look awfully thin and frail. I wonder how much longer they'll least we'll always have Shiloh.

A Letter to the Hollywood Starlet Moms

Dear Brenda Richie - now that your daughter is pregnant, please help her to eat healthily, stay sober and clean for the sake of her baby and her own health. Where have you been all these years that she's obviously needed your help? She claims that she doesn't have anorexia, but eating disorders come in many shapes and forms. Intervene on her behalf.

Dear Dina Lohan, I feel like you are trying to live in your daughter's fame and glory instead of nurturing and guiding your Lindsay. You can't be a mom and also party with her. You need to give up your own dreams of being a movie star and start acting like a mom. Otherwise, Lindsay will be out of a job and she will probably blame you.

Dear Lynne Spears, your daughter needs help and she probably needs you. Not to nag, not to criticize, but to love her. She made the wrong decision to marry Kevin and not all she wants is her freedom. You can help her have that freedom without being a partier. Don't give up on her.

Dear Leslie Panettiere, your daughter is obviously getting a lot of press coverage lately, but you need to remember that she is still 17. She needs you to set boundaries for her. Help her to become a woman of dignity and not just another Hollywood partier. I also noticed that you have been dressing pretty provocatively. Please don't pull a Dina Lohan and try to use this as a time for you to become famous. It's not about you.

Dear Tina Simpson, please remember that your were a Pastor's wife. You raised Jessica to remain a virgin until she was married and I applaud you for that, but I am afraid that you have forgotten to continue to "train them in the way that they should go so that when they are older they will not depart from it." Ashlee is off partying with her boyfriend and Jessica is a hot mess. Did you see that picture of Jessica in a towel talking to her ex-boyfriend John Mayer? What happened to all your "training?" And while you are at it, you should talk to your husband. He seriously needs to remember that he's a father first, and not a manager.

Just Because He's Asian

Since I live in Asia, Yao Ming is pretty big here. I read recently in the paper that Yao Ming kept his wedding to Ye Li very low key even though he obviously has the yuan (chinese money) to make it ginormous. They were applauding him for not making his wedding into be a media circus.

Fashion Watch

I am totally loving this dress on Ashanti. Tres chic!

Cameron Diaz' dress looks a little weird around the chest area.

Fashion Watch: Hilary Duff

Wow! Hilary Duff is really taking her sexy look to a new level. Lots of shine and a wee little bit of cleavage.

Fashion Disasters

Ashley Tisdale has been getting a lot of press coverage lately because she's been cavorting in her bikini on the beach. But, here she's getting photographed for bad fashion taste. High tops with socks? Just what kind of a fashion statement are you trying to make?

Gwen Stefani, you have talent. I actually like some of your music, but I am actually getting kind of tired posting you under the fashion disaster category.

Weight Watcher: Scarlet Johansen

Does it look like Scarlett Johansen just doesn't care about her recent weight gain?

My Favorite Trendy Dress

This is probably my favorite trendy dress right now because it looks good on almost any body type (okay, so maybe not overweight). Eva Mendes, Lisa Rinna, Rosario Dawson, and Petra Nemcova. I like it best on Eva.

My Fave in Shorts

Nikki Hilton looks cool and summery in this get-up.

Did Hilary Duff cut off these shorts herself?

Not many can pull off these shorts, but Rachel Bilson being petite and very thin looks sweet in them.

My Fave: This entire shorts outfit on Samantha Harris is absolutely adorable.

Kirsten Dunst must have seen Hilary Duff's shorts and improvised herself with her shorts.

The Next Hilary Duff

What do you think of Miley Cyrus? I've watched her on Hannah Montana a couple of times and she's not half bad and not as annoying as I thought she would be. What do you think? Will she be the next Hilary Duff?

Fashion Watch

I need some sun shades to shine from all this shine on Paris Hilton.

Tyra Banks, you are tall and talented, but you really don't have the body to pull off an outfit like this anymore.

Jessica Biel sporting the trendy leather cropped jacket as she tries to get away from the paparazzi. Guess she's still with him...

What is it about Nicole Scherzinger that always makes her look a little like a _____________?

Liv Tyler make-up less and really no fashion at all walking her dog.

Weight Gainer: Donald Trump

Glad he has a hat to cover up his weird hair/toupee, but he can't add his extra pounds with a suit in this picture.

My Fave in Party Dresses

Pasty white Rose McGowan

This dress reminds me of an 80s church dress worn here by Penelope Cruz.

If you've seen Paris Hilton in one dress, you've seen them all.

My Fave: Rebecca Gayheart's dress is totally trendy and yet classy. Pictured with husband "McSteamy" Eric Dane.

Shannyn Sossamon (the pretty girl in A Knight's Tale) looks like she's aged ten years!

Anne Hathaway and Sienna Miller - don't you just love it when celebrities are friends?

Jennifer Lopez looking uber cool and chic on Leno.

Kim Kardashian tries so hard to look classy...

With a little less weight on her body, Lauren Conrad actually shines in this dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker almost looks normal in this dress...

Fashion Watch: Olsen Twins

The healthier twin: Ashley Olsen

The skeletal twin: Mary-Kate. What do you think of their fashion styles? Yay or nay? I think that if I had daughters that were in the tweeny age, I am afraid to say that they would probably like the Olsen twins. I wish they would smile more...

Celebrity Runner: Geri Haliwell

Victoria Beckham must be cracking the diet whip because Geri Haliwell has been photographed on numerous occasions either working out with her trainer or running. I wonder if she'll drop down to Posh's size.

Weight Watcher: Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul takes us back to the 80s in this fashion attire with a little extra padding.

My Fave in Casual Dresses

Not sure if your bra sticking out of your dress is a good fashion choice seen here on Kate Hudson.

My Fave: Sarah Michelle Gellar rockin' this dress.

This dress would have looked so much cuter if Diane Kruger had added a belt.

Vanessa Carlton looks like the updated version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

The cut and style of this dress looks weird on Hayden Panettiere.

My Fave Look in Jeans

This look on Parminder Nagra just makes me want to cringe because it looks so uncomfortable.

You can't do wrong in my book with wide-legged jeans, but Jessica Alba looks like she's lost a ton of weight.

Haven't seen a lot of Mischa Barton lately, but she looks a little bit healthier weight wise.

Kirsten Dunst loves this pair of skinny jeans because she wears it with everything!

My fave: I love how Kate Moss put this ensemble together. Even the hat is kind of funky but cool.

Still don't understand the draw on why Hayden Panetierre is so interesting, but here she is on the set of Heroes.