Monday, March 17, 2008

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Rumer Willis parades around town with a few extra pounds looking really ridiculous.

They say that looking good is the best revenge, and Shanna Moakler does look good.

Serena Williams has the buffest legs I know.

At 34, Kate Moss still got it.

Kate Osbourne looks like she's gained a few, but then again, it's probably just the dress.

Maggie Gylenhaal has lost all the baby weight and then some.

Has Mandy Moore gained some weight? Still, I'm a fan.

Mena Suvari looks cute with her short hair, but she does look like she's gained some weight.

Christina Ricci looking skinny but not rexi.

Fran Drescher in an unfortunate dress that adds ten pounds to her frame.

Has Gabrielle Union gained some weight recently?

Jennie Garth looks really frumpy here and the outfit is so outdated.

Jenna Jameson rexi skinny as ever with the ridiculous leg up pose.

Anna Kourkinova posing in her skinny body but not rexi.

Ana Ortiz has definitely lost a lot of weight since Ugly Betty debuted.

Cacee Cobb (Jessica Simpson's ex assistant) with Donald Faison. She's substantially bigger.

Courtney Cox Arquette thin as usual.

Charlotte Church pulls a Pretty Woman.

Fashion Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

I've noticed that Vanessa Hudgens dresses down most of the time and that she's hardly in the spotlight drunk or partying. She's usually just out and about running errands, working out, or with her mom.

Out and about.

Out and about. Walking her dog?

Out and about. Hiding?

Lisa Marie Presley Tries New Pregnant Look

I give Lisa Marie Presley credit for trying to look good while gaining all this weight with her pregnancy.

Call me crazy, but I like this dress on Lisa Marie Presley.

Lily Allen Gains a Few But Looks Happy

I never did understand the whole pocket look, but Lily Allen does not have the legs to wear these shorts.

Especially without tights. She obviously slept in her clothes?

Lily Allen does look happier here with rumored new love.

My Fave In Jeans

Carrie Ann Inaba is another example of a "healthy" woman.

Mariah Carey has "diva" written all over her.

Is there anybody out there that is a fan of Mariah Carey?

Pink in tight jeans.

Rebecca Gayheart doesn't look thrilled to have her picture taken (she's the one in blue).

Even though Ashley Tisdale also got a nose job, she's not generating as much coverage as Ashlee Simpson.

Has Cameron Diaz gained a few?

Ellen Pompeo accents her jeans with a basket.

My Fave: How can you not like anything Giselle Bundchen wears? She's flawless here. Love the boots.

I'm not feeling this outfit on Kate Walsh.

Skinny and Pregnant: Angelina Jolie

It's rare that skinny and pregnant are in one line, but in the case of Angelina Jolie, it all makes sense. Here she is with a "it's a small world" family. Finally glad to see Shiloh with her!

Shiloh looks chubby and adorable. Maybe it's all the Cheetohs she's eating? Why isn't Angelina Jolie getting slammed for toting her kids around with junk food?

Too much of a good thing always has its consequences. Shiloh is saying, "please pay attention to me, too!"

My Fave Celebrity Outfit

Audrina Patridge does yellow right in this outfit.

Kimberly Stewart looks out of it in an ugly dress.

I love this outfit on Lauren Conrad. She looks thinner here as well.

The only Asian American Idol contestant, Ramielle Malubay in a cute jumper from last summer's trend.

Meg Ryan looks so lost, doesn't she?

Jodie Foster is one of those women that has a "healthy" body size.

My Fave: I love this dress on Kellie Martin.

Vanessa Williams in elegance.

Nicole Richie dares to wear silk shortly after delivery. I have to say that I am impressed that she's not rexi skinny yet.

Jennifer Garner in the trendy "dress" (half and half outfit).

Christopher Knight looks thrilled to be taking a picture with Adrianne Curry.

Ali Simms does not have the body to wear this dress.

Andrea Bowen all grown up?

Rexi skinny? Audrina Patridge.

Helena Christensen looks washed out in this color.