Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fashion Watch: Jessica Simpson

Hot in pink or not? Jessica Simpson showing off her svelte body!

There is no doubt that Jessica Simpson looks great right now!

Fashion Watch: Jennifer Lopez

I don't know what Jennifer Lopez sees in Marc Anthony, but he looks like a heroin addict.

What could have possibly inspired her to put this scarf as a dress? Jennifer Lopez, you are a fashion icon. Please dress like one.

Now, this outfit is more like it. Jennifer Lopez looks fierce as she performs.

Love the metallic coat!

Kate Bosworth Has Changed!

This is Kate Bosworth in 2002. Innocent, cute, healthy, fresh, and unique.

The bottom two pictures are taken from Fashion Week recently. She looks just like all the other Hollywood starlets: rexi, ugly dress from some designer, hair pulled back. Innocence all gone! This pink dress reminds me of a bridesmaid dress gone wrong from the 80s.

What in the world is she wearing here?

Fashion Watch: Mischa Barton

Not sure what is wrong with this dress, but it looks horrible on Mischa Barton. Maybe it's too big? And why is she wearing flats?

She's losing her fashion sense because the silver one looks bad on the back. She has a "pear" shaped body, so a dress dipping that low only adds more pounds to her frame. The funky yellow and brown dress on the right looks like curtain materials to me.

Is Madonna Rexi?

If you like at pictures of Madonna from the 80s, she looked much healthier. I know that she's known for her crazy work out routines and eating habits, but she looks extremely thin in these pictures. Usually, sweaters tend to make you look bigger. Maybe she's hiding her rexi frame?

My Fave Casual Dress

Is Britney Spears finally getting camera shy? Can't really see the dress, but it looks classier than usual. Not sure if I'm feeling the rose flowers as a hem line. And is her friend holding onto the same purse?

I feel like Reese Witherspoon usually looks great, but something is a little off with this dress. Her sandals are also quite ugly.

Rachel Ray is one of those women that wears her bigger frame well. I wish she wasn't so annoying on her show. Have you noticed how she screams when she talks? And she's horrible at interviews. She either cuts her guest off or she rambles out the question without really asking it.

Vanessa Minnillo's dress is a little on the quirky side, but the pink bra strap showing through is just tacky.

Fergie looks good here, but it's probably because she's looking kind of rexi.

Katherine McPhee on the set of her new movie House Bunny. This movie sounds horrible. Are multi-colored vests the next "in" thing? First, Jessica Simpson and now Katherine McPhee.

In so many ways, Kelly Ripa lucked out on her morning show with Regis Philbin. She was a soap opera actress for Pete's sake! Cute dress though!

My Fave: I love this dress on Mena Suvari. She's wearing the big floral pattern well.

I almost bought some gold chains like what Paris Hilton (hers are silver) today but decided it looked kind of skanky. Thanks goodness I didn't buy it! Who wants to look like Paris?