Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Maternity Fashion

Milla Jovovich looks pretty worn out through the security line at the airport.

Cute dress for Halle Berry. I bet her baby will be beautiful.

Halle Berry definitely favors short and flowy dresses.

Please Tell Me No...

...Shia LaBeouf...why are you with Hayden Panettiere? I thought you were seeing Rihanna. Ah...the drama of Hollywood. It's no wonder it's insane in L.A.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Justsweet

Is that a baby bump or too much enchiladas?

I'm loving this dress for some reason. It's kind of funky with an edge to it.

Check out her shoes! Are they futuristic or what?

Keira Knightley Not Rexi... all. Yeah, right.

She looks awfully skinny...

...or just plain awful?

What is the deal with her hair?

Fashion Disasters

Gwen Stefani, I don't get why you are a designer because you sure can't dress yourself. Bright blue strap? Yellow flip-flops?

Jena Malone actually looks okay from her head down to her...well, the bottom of her dress. Red tights with a medicine bag?

Liv Tyler, my mom has that exact same sweater!

Sienna Miller, you should not be designing clothes. Maybe you and Gwen should get together and help each other out.

"Look, guys. I didn't get to go to my high school prom because I was busy playing Donna on 90210."

Thandie Newton Mad and Rexi

Thandie Newton's expression is priceless. Whatever the airport security lady is telling Thandie, she looks mad.

For someone who claims she is no longer bulimic, she sure looks really thin.

Look at her arms through her long sleeved shirt. Is that thin or what?

My Fave Casual Dress

Ashley Judd looks cute in this dress. She's always at her husband's races. It's nice to see a wife who is supportive.

Britney Spears immediately following VMA. Black go to go with her mood? Yes, I know she's going commando. Why would anyone want to do that? That's just gross!

My Fave: Elisha Cuthbert looks very femine in this white dress. Love the look.

Evangeline Lilly slips on this dress over her bikini at the beach. Is she doing yoga?

Mary-Kate Olsen, what in the world are you wearing?

Crazy and Rexi: Courtney Love

Instead of looking pretty in blue eyes, Courtney Love reminds me of some freaky girl in a horror film.

I don't know what she's on, but Courtney Love's pants look like they are about to fall off of her.

Angelina Jolie Explains She's Not Rexi

It's just another day in the life of Angelina Jolie. She has had many excuses for her emaciated, rexi frame. First, it was work. Then, it was her mom's death. She was stressed, grieving, etc. Now, it's because she's busy. Whatever! Look at the pictures below. No matter how busy one gets, there's always time to eat. I hope she realizes that children pick up on their parents' eating habits. If they never see mom eat...

S.S.S. - Sarah Silverman Sucks!

Look at her pathetic self. I don't know why she thinks she has the right to trash Britney Spears. Sarah Silverman sucks!

Jessica Simpson 'Fo Sure Got Work Done

Look at her before picture and compare her to now:

She doesn't even look the same!

While I agree that puberty does change a person, I don't believe that change is THAT drastic! What do you think? New and improved or bring back Texas girl Jessica?

Where Are The Models On Magazine Covers?

Remember when supermodels used to grace magazine covers? Now, all I see on the covers are actresses! I guess they sell more, but the models are probably having a hard time finding a good gig. Bring back the models! Because as you can see, all the celebrities are photoshopped on the covers. Yes, even Oprah! I guess she can grace her own cover.

I am a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon, but I wouldn't mind opening the magazine to read the article about her.

Julianne Moore doesn't look this thin in real life. Her cheeks are completely sunken in.

Cate Blanchet tan? Please? She's as white as a ghost in real life!

Keira Knightley looks completely airbrushed here. By the way, if you have been reading her interviews lately, she sounds like the stuck-up girl in your high school.

Mary-Kate Olsen actually smiling?

Mandy Moore looks totally thinner here than in her recent pictures.

Not to harp on the real "Queen of Media," but she looks almost flawless here.

My Fave In Jeans

Good thing Vanessa Hudgens has some clothes on this time, but why did she choose such an ugly hat to cover her face?

Natalie Portman is someone that I would love to see more on screen. She doesn't do the party scene.

Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansen both sporting the rolled up jeans look.

I know Sienna Miller is dressed like a hippie for some movie, but you ever wonder what people would say about our fashion today in the future?

Britney Spears shortly after the VMAs. Chin up, Britney, you still have people rooting for you. Yes, you should have prepared yourself better for the VMAs, but forget about it now, and forge ahead. Your single "Gimme More" is still rising in the charts.

My Fave: Love the dainty look of the white blouse over dark denim on Claire Danes. I need a purse like that!

Has Drew Barrymore put on some weight? She looks a little bigger here.

Katherine Heigl all plaid out.

Kelly Preston still looks good!