Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trend Alert: Scarfs in the Summer?

Christina Aguilera wearing a scarf to hide her orange face.

Cameron Diaz wearing a scarf to hide her communist slogan on her purse in Peru.

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a pink scarf to lighten up her outfit.

Nicole Richie wearing a scarf to hide her skeletal frame.

Angelina Jolie wearing a scarf to hide her whittling bodyl

I don't know where all the celebrities are when some of these pictures are taken, but the trend lately is to accessorize with a scarf. I remember a mom telling me when I was a sophomore in college that she liked to accessorize with a scarf because it took away the "fat" of her bulging belly. Sure enough, every time I saw her, I noticed her beautiful face first and not her increasing stomach. If you have a hard time covering up that growing bulge either from pregnancy or just some extra snacks, wrap yourself up with a pretty scarf. Color ones are best.

Fashion Watch: Cameron Diaz

I think Cameron Diaz knows that she has a nice body. Everything she wears is either very tight or very short. I guess if I had legs like hers, I would probably show them off, too. Since her break-up with cocky, arrogant Justin Timberlake, the paparazzi seem to like her better. At least she's smiling in most of photos. Here she is in this weird looking dress. The style actually looks good, but the patterns and color is a little off.

Grade: C

Weight Gainer: Lindsay Lohan

What are they serving in rehab? Here is Lindsay Lohan out again of rehab. She is apparently going on a hike. However, doesn't it appear as if she's gained some weight? It is most noticeable in her belly. Girls her age should not have a gut yet. She's not fat by any means and I would rather have this Lindsay than anorexic any day, but it just begs the question: what are they serving in rehab? in prison? (Paris also gained weight in prison)

Fashion Watch: Gwen Stefani

For a long time, I couldn't stand Gwen Stefani. She seemed so to try to hard to make herself different from everybody else. From her song choices to her fashion wardrobes, it was almost like she was screaming "look at me, I'm different!" Then, I listened to some of her music and started changing my mind. I really like her song "Underneath It All." The tune is catchy and it makes me kind of smile when I listen to it. Since she's had Kingston (her son), her fashion choices have gone awry again. This time, however, she's screaming, "look at my body; I'm still hot after having a kid!" Most of her shirts are literally torn in half and what is up with the jeans rolled over? I do that to my girls because they are either too long or too big. You make a lot of money in your music career, Gwen. Buy clothes that fit.

Grade: E

Pregnancy Predictor: Jennifer Garner

Several weeks ago, I did a post on Jennifer Garner and said that she is pregnant. Then, I saw some pictures of her vacationing in Hawaii and thought, "hm...maybe not." And, then today, I come across this picture of her and thought, "hm...maybe so." What do you all think? Is that a baby bump or just too much for lunch?

Fashion Watch: Mandy Moore

I know all the celebrities in Hollywood are trying to set themselves apart from others, but I have to question some of their fashion choices. And, an evening gown is usually pretty easy to pick. Something nice and long is usually a good choice. But, nice and long with cuts in between? Not so much. Here is Mandy Moore in that kind of dress. I do like the color green that she chose, but the style is absolutely horrendous.

Grade: D-