Friday, August 17, 2007

Rank 'Em Batman

4. George Clooney is my least favorite Batman. I know a lot of women out there find him attractive, but I just don't see it.

3. There is something sweet about Michael Keaton as Batman. I'm sure Mr. Keaton would be appalled to be described as "sweet," but I enjoyed watching him as Batman.

2. I know Val Kimer doesn't look like this anymore, but I have to honor him by showing how he looked as Batman. He played his darker side so well and he was so darn mysterious.

1. But, I have to admit that since Christian Bale donned the black cape, he outranks them all. Christian Bale's good looks and incredible acting wins him the #1 spot. Not to mention that Batman Begins is the best Batman movie of all even if Katie Holmes was in it. I just couldn't believe that she was assistnat district attorney. How would you rank them? Who's your favorite?

Maternity Fashion Watch: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is trying to stay slim (lol) while pregnant. Here she is entering a gym working out. I'm all for staying healthy and working out during pregnancy, but Nicole Richie working out just makes me chuckle.

I have to admit that her maternity fashion is super chic. She obviously has room to grow into this dress. How sweet that she and Joel match.

Once again, Grandma Floral makes another appearance in the form of a dress on a Hollywood starlet.

Fashion Disaster

If you look closely, you will see that Neve Campbell is bra-less which means tasteless. And the color is totally wrong on her pale and fair skin. Her haircut? Looks more like a little boy. The bunched bottom also isn't doing her any favors. If I were trying to make a come-back, I would not have chosen this outfit to wear. Or the haircut.

Because Sarah Jessica Parker wore so many eclectic outfits on Sex and the City, she is supposed to be some fashionista. I, for one actually do not like her fashion styles. Take this outfit for example. I get that she wants to be comfortable running errands, but ballet flats with capri sweat pants? Even I know these don't go together.

Uggs have been out for awhile now, but every now and then, you see some celebrity wearing them. Geri Haliwell is trying to bring it back with a vengeance. She also favors these long shirts. It does not flatter her short frame even though she's lost a ton of weight.

This style of this dress is not half bad, but the print of little swirly ivy plants or something like it makes it look tacky. She could also do something with her hair.

I get that Hayden Panettiere is getting popular because of her TV show, Heroes. I get that she is getting photographed a lot. What I don't get is why she thought this shapeless dress which is actually a T-shirt would endear her to more fans. As a side note, I recently finished watching Heroes and thought that it was craftily filmed. I hope the writers, producers, and director can continue their success without getting us all lost in the plot.

Weight Watchers

Kelly Rowland looks great! Totally thin but not skeletal and toned. I always thought that she got overshadowed by Beyonce. Of the Destiny's Trio, Kelly's weight seems to be pretty stable. Beyonce yo-yos a lot and Michelle Williams is too thin and getting only thinner.

I really hope Mandy Moore is happy with her weight. I think she looks great even though some people would say that she's "got some meat on her bones."

Looks like Pamela Anderson has been able to keep her Baywatch body. Look at her arms!

Rexi-Watch: Yes, that skeletal frame behind the shopping cart is Sarah Michelle Gellar. I remember seeing photos of her when she first started to resurface lately that she looked a little bit "healthier." She obviously did not like that version of herself and decided to jump on the Hollywood wagon of skeletal skinny.

Has Amanda Bynes gained some weight? She still looks super cute sporting her affordable fashion line, Dear.

Anne Hathaway looks slimmer here than she did in the Devil Wears Prada. I still can't believe they chose her to play the role of a homely girl. Yeah, right. Her bikini is super cute though even though she is kind of annoying. Always trying to be the "naughty" girl instead of her innocent, down to earth characters in the big screen.

Finally, Amy Winehouse goes to rehab again and cancels her tour. I always wonder how people who are starving themselves have the energy to perform. She is proof that you can't starve and still perform.

Eva Longoria has always been thin, but she is starting to be on the rexi-watch. Look at her arms. Does Tony Parker think this is sexy?

Has Katherine McPhee gained some weight? Or is she one of those people that just have bigger thighs? And if she is one of those with the bigger thighs, why is she wearing pants that accentuates that area?

My Fave In Jeans

Natalie Portman has caught the Rachel McAdams play to stop polluting the air one bike at a time.

Even though I'm not a Ben Affleck fan, I have to admit that Jennifer Garner's down to earth style has rubbed off on him and it makes them look so normal. Almost. Guess she's not pregnant?

My Fave: Nikki Hilton must have hired a new stylist or something because everything she's wearing lately looks great. Love that aher flats match her shirt.

Long shirt over jeans is a great look for the long summer nights. Charlize Theron is on a movie set, but love this look. She could take out the jeans for a more dressed-up look.

Jessica Alba and her myriad of layers to cover her frail and thin body.

Anybody out there like Vanessa Hudgens? I'm keeping an eye for this color purple. I've seen it a lot lately.

Ginormous Belly: Salma Hayek

She must be so uncomfortable. I'm surprised she's wearing those wedged heels. She could easily lose her balance with that ginormous belly. Gotta hand it to her though. Salma Hayek still managed to wear a pretty and feminine dress even though she's obviously HUGE!

Weight Watcher: Kirsten Dunst

Has Kirsten Dunst put on a few? I'm not saying she's fat by any means, but her face and arms look fuller.

She's probably one of those women that gains weight in the upper body first because her legs still look pretty thin. As for her fashion sense, she doesn't have any sense of style.

Fashion In Pants

Please tell me Amanda Bynes is not wearing a turtleneck in August. Either way, I'll take her over Lindsay and all those other Hollywood spoiled brats.

I'm not sure what role Charlize Theron plays in her upcoming movie, but she is looking great.

Nicole Richie wears a transparent tank top to insure the world that she is not pulling a Katie Holmes. Wait, Katie did have a baby? And she looks half Asian?

Wife-beater tank with wide-legged trousers. Only a former cast from Married With Children would think of it.