Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Britney Spears' Comeback?!?

Here is typical Britney Spears - kind of out it in an atrocious looking outfit.

Here is Britney Spears being surrounded by people and I'm assuming paparazzi.

Here is Britney Spears spending time with her sons dad?

Here is Britney Spears in How I Met Your Mother still shot. Did she lose 30 pounds overnight? Other than that, she looks super cute.

Doesn't she look a lot thinner in these shots?

Miley Cyrus Jumps on the Starbucks Bandwagon

You know you've arrived when you are photographed with a Starbucks in your hand. Isn't Miley Cyrus only 15? I didn't start drinking coffee until I had to pull my first all nighter in college. Then again, she's probably drinking soymilk. : )

I have absolutely no idea what Miley Cyrus is wearing here let alone her friend's red boots and mismatched outfit.

Tara Reid No Longer Rexi Skinny

You can see from her double chin (anybody can have a double chin at this angle, I realize) that Tara Reid is healthier these days.

My only question is why is she using a curtain as a bikini cover-up?

Hilary Duff Thinner

I love Hilary Duff's whole look here from head to toe. Her blonde highlights looks healthy and she's looks good, too albeit on the thinner side. Not rexi skinny...just saying that she looks thinner.

I want these sandals.

Doesn't she look happy?

Because They Are Asian: Men

Most people know who Chow Yun Fat is because he's been in several blockbuster movies (namely Pirates III), but Americans only get to see a fraction of his acting ability. He's been acting for as long as I can remember and he's awesome in his cantonese speaking roles. He'll make you laugh and he'll make you cry. He's THAT good. He's also been married forever.

You all probably know Jet Li, too, but I am not a fan. He can't act in American and Chinese movies.

Tonly Leung Chiu-Wei is another Hong Kong actor that deserves high recognition, but he's a playboy. He's dated so many Hong Kong starlets.

I love Sean Lau Ching-Wan. He's not very well known, but this boy can act!

My Fave Coat

Molly Shannon is very happy to have her picture taken.

I love the scarf on Paula Abdul, but the long coat dwarfs her even more.

Jenny McCarthy stole Katie Holmes' bowl haircut.

It's good to see Julia Roberts with her husband, Danny Moder.

My Fave: Even though I can't stand Keira Knightley, I love the print and style of her coat.

Liv Tyler reminds me of my day today - running to and fro with my kiddos.

Monica Bellucci is another celebrity that screams "movie star" to me. She has beauty that is rare and unique.

My Fave: How can Charlize Theron look this thin and good in only a trench coat? Love the yellow pumps.

Glad to see Emma Watson looking like a teenager.

Why is Gwyneth Paltrow hiding?

Gwyneth Paltrow was meeting with Madonna. Maybe to give some marital advice about Madonna's rumored marital problems with Guy Richie?

Ivanka Trump looks fierce. Just like daddy.

Paris Hilton Showing Off Skinny Body

Rexi skinny Nikki Hilton with boyfriend David Katzenberg and dress down Paris Hilton with new boyfriend Benji Madden. Doesn't it scream photo-op?

Not only is Paris Hilton taking the limelight back from sister Nikki for being skinnier (for awhile), she's also "dating" Benji Madden. Maybe she's jealous of both Nikki (for being skinnier) and Nicole Richie (for being a mom?).

What in the world is Paris Hilton wearing here?

I like this whole ensemble.

What is she wearing here? She's so unpredictable.