Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Celebrity Weight Obsession

Kate Bosworth was looking so good with a little more meat on her bones, but it looks like she's back to being rextremely thin in an ugly dress.

Drew Barrymore usually looks a lot thinner in her movie roles, but she looks to be about her normal and healthy weight here.

What happened to Ali Larter? Looks like she's joined the Rextremely Thin club.

Isla Fischer is losing her baby weight pretty fast, but her belly is still not completely flat (as it shouldn't be).

If my face was as round (and pale) as Kelly Osbourne, I would not style my hair this way. Can't tell if she's gained or lost weight. For all I know, she's got a corset underneath.

Keri Russell is looking more anad more thin lately. Wonder what's causing the weight loss.

That's Penelope Cruz with a thinner body.

Eve has definitely lost weight as well as Zoe Zaldana.

You gotta admit, Sharon Stone looks good for being 49 years old.

Alicia Keys looks really thin here.

Amy Winehouse is a mess all the time.

Mel Brown looks good - not too thin and definitely not fat.

Fashion Watch: Hayden Panetierre

Hayden Panetierre is too short and "chunky" to wear this style. It makes her look even more stocky.

Cute that she matched her boots to her jacket.

Different dress but same shoes?

Hayden looks more like a teenager like this.

Random Fashion Post

I don't understand why Keri Russell won't let down her hair. She's getting really thin lately.

I actually like the different colors on Kimberly Stewart's dress. She's got Victoria Beckham's hair and now she's posing like her.

Minka Kelly's shoes are very unique. It makes the outfit.

Too matchy matchy for my taste - Nicole Scherzinger.

Pink has been dressing more "normal" lately instead of her fashion "don'ts."

Gabrielle Union wearing the pant look - not an easy one to pull off.

I like the casual T-shirt over Jessica Alba's grey skirt.

I rest my case with Jennifer Garner. This woman cannot dress for the life of her.

Funky shoes with an otherwise boring outfit on Kylie Minogue.
Everybody's been saying that Blake Lively is not pretty enough to be on Gossip Girl. What do you think?

Pretty conservative for Demi Moore.

Kristin Davis is way too old to be wearing this dress.

I love Elizabeth Hurley's boots.

Fashion Watch: Brandy

Brandy is supposed to be a recovered anorexic and I have to admit that she's looking better.

Love this outfit on her except for the Cleopatra hair.

Fashion Watch: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton mix matching different prints is too wacky for my taste.

It's total hilarity how people start reporting pregnancy rumors once a celebrity starts wearing looser dress. I don't believe for a second that Paris Hilton is pregnant.

Nikki looks like a "mom" in this sweater and Paris Hilton wearing the popular dress that Katherine McPhee wore recently in green.

Not sure what look Paris Hilton was going for here, but she looks ridiculous.

I'm actually kind of feeling this gold lame vest for some reason.

Call me crazy, but I love the brown and magenta colors together.

How tacky is this?

Fashion Watch: Ashlee Simpson

Avril Lavigne can a learn a thing or two from Ashlee Simpson. While still remaining true to her punk rock side, she manages to add some feminity to her ensemble.

I have to admit that Ashlee is getting prettier and prettier every time she's photographed. Maybe even better than her sister Jessica now even though she had some help.

Why Nobody Likes Avril Lavigne

She obviously can't dress, but she's also kind of rude.

"You messing with me?"

Maternity Fashion: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera needs to wear dresses more because she not only looks pregnant, but she's positively glowing.

She could almost pass for Lindsay Lohan here even though her bump is increasingly larger.

For once, Christina Aguilera looks like a glowing pregnant woman. Maybe it's because she's posing with trannies?

Wow, that's really brave of her.

Jessica Biel Is So Normal

Jessica Biel reminds me of Jennifer Garner in that she really doesn't have a sense of style. Does it really help to take pictures of the paparazzi?

She loves this pair of sweat pants because she wears it a lot.

Who's On Magazine Covers

I love the little caption under Ashlee Simpson's name on this magazine cover: "how she finally got the life and love she always wanted." My question is, why couldn't she have gotten that before she went under the knife?

Rihanna is so marketable right now. Kind of like Beyonce a couple of years ago.

Renee Zellweger actually looks human after a lot of photoshopping.

Call me crazy, but I absolutely adore this 20s inspired dress on Renee Zellweger.

Tia Mowry looks about the same as she did when she did Sister, Sister. I loved this show because it was so wholesome.

Angie Harmon doesn't deserve to be on this magazine cover because Shape is suppose to be about people who work out to stay slim. This is one of the reasons why I don't like this magazine because they put a whole bunch of celebrities who don't work out (they probably just don't eat) on their cover when the magazine is supposed to be about working out to get/stay in shape. What do you think?

Beyonce looks pretty here, but I'm afraid she's been over "marketed."

This is what Cate Blanchett normally looks like (I personally think she looks emaciated) and that is why I knew she was pregnant when those pregnancy pictures first surfaced.

It's so rare to see Keri Russell with her hair down nowadays. What is she ashamed of?

At first glance, I thought this photoshopped picture of Nicole Kidman was Claudia Schiffer. They sure took away a lot of her wrinkles.