Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Fave Coat

If celebrities like Jessica Alba keep denying that they don't have eating issues but look pin thin even in a coat, then they need to look at themselves more often.

I'm beginning to see why Jessica Simpson is not a fave with the paps because her face is in the "O" shape is kinda perpetual.

My Fave: I love the print and style of Kate Hudson's jacket.

Ghostly pale - Nicole Kidman.

Making sure to keep her gapped teeth closed - Vanessa Paradis looking a lot like Christmas.

Fashion Watch: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson always manages to look stylish.

I find that I am very attracted to the way Rachel Bilson dresses. Chic without being wacky yet always well put together.

Now, this is an outfit for walking your dog. Love the scarf free flowing style.

1.3 Billion People Had To Watch Paris Hilton

Okay, so not all of China tuned into watch Paris Hilton in Shanghai, but I don't know why she chose this Ostrich dress to present an award.

Shake and bake Paris.

This is one ugly dress. If I were Nicholas Tse, I would be embarassed that I had to present an award with Paris Hilton. By the way, I grew up watching Nicholas' parents on TV. It's weird to see him now as an entertainer.

Fashion Watch: Rebecca Romijin

I haven't always been a fan of Rebecca Romijin, but I kind of like her on Ugly Betty even though I find that story line absolutely ridiculous.

She's so stinking tall!

Kirsten Dunst Out and About

I don't know why Kirsten Dunst is not a fave with the media, but here she is out with her trainer.

I will say that she has awful taste in fashion. This dress is 80s-ish and granny-ish.