Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weight Gainer: Tyra Banks

Doesn't it look like Tyra Banks has gained even more weight? What do you think? I still think she looks pretty good though because she's so tall!

My Fave In Skirts

Mary-Kate, smile with your teeth showing please! She's dressed too old for her age!

My Fave: Angelina Jolie looks great from head to toe in black!

Ashley Olsen actually showing some teeth? Leather skirt? What kind of pantyhose are those?

Fashion Disasters

Don't know what it is about Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, but I'm not digging their fashion. Oversized shirt over tights?

Britney Spears almost gets it right. Should have worn them separately and then it might work.

Am I Wrong?

I'm back to thinking that maybe Jennifer Garner isn't pregnant. Oh well. I'm glad to see that she and Ben Afflect are so down to earth.

My Fave In Jeans

Shakira always has a smile for her fans.

Anne Hathaway and her skinny jeans. She looks like she's gained a few pounds.

Alli Sims (Britney Spears' cousin and former assistant) looks cute and summery in this outfit.

Christie Brinkley will always be the original supermodel. She looks great!

My Fave: Diane Kruger makes the vest trend look good by matching in grey. It looks better on her than Kate Moss.

Weight Watcher: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was doing so well there for awhile, but it looks like she's back to being "Posh" skinny. I know a lot of people think Tom Cruise is crazy because of his scientology beliefs, but you have to respect a man who knows what he believes and stands up for it. I also think they make a cute couple!

What do you think? Is she too thin?